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Matt Richard
24 May 2002, 03:02 PM
I felt it would be appropriate to ask this of you guys first before going ahead.

Are you guys planning to...or have you guys already done conversions for the old 20 stats to the new d20 stats (ie starships, armor, characters) that were included in the old d20 supplements, but wernt in the RCRB (ie the A-Wing, stats from Secrets of Tatooine)?

If not, I am planning on doing said conversions and either sending them to Submissions, or DLOS (probably submissions), and wanted to check with you guys first as to not "compete" with you guys.

25 May 2002, 08:18 PM
Well, here's the scoop on that. Basically it boils down to the fact that it would be very difficult to do such a thing and not bring down WotC lawyers upon us. The reason being that it is VERY easy to do the conversions...you simply add a movement rating to the ships or use the conversion guide in Gamer #10 for characters. Not to mention the fact that said conversion guide is soon to be given away for free...There would be too small a difference between what is in the WotC books and what would be on the site. It's just a can of legal worms that I don't want to open, and I doubt Ryan over at DLOS wants to either. A conversion from D6 to D20 and vice-versa is one thing, but within the same system when the changes are so easy is something quite different. We walk a fine line legally as it is (all sites that use trademarked names, images, etc. do) and I'd rather not tempt WotC into taking too close a look at us.

So, to sum up: converting from standard d20 to the Revised rules is such a small change and within the same system that it could be construed as copyright infringement in the bad, bad way, and we'd rather not even attempt to post such stats on the site.

Matt Richard
25 May 2002, 09:31 PM
Ok, thanks for the response. I was kinda thinking about that too, but decided Id ask you guys anyway. Do you know when this "free conversions" will be given? I agree, I dont want WotC on anyone, especially these SWRPGNetwork or DLOS (wouldnt that make for an interesting news headline: "Top Two SWRPG sites on the web shut down by WotC lawyers" ;) ) Again thanks for the response:)