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26 May 2002, 08:11 AM
Okay, I'm trying to get one of my players to come up with a secret goal, but I'm having problems...
The idea is that this thing will become a part of the adventure every now and again, but will mostly be unnoticeable. A mostly compatible goal, but not always...

So, the scenario is that the PC's have been 'enlisted' into helping Thrawn as he explores the unknown regions. They wanted to play an exploratory team (a.k.a Stargate) so I relented. Currently we're just about to start the campaign...

They're being 'minded' by an imperial officer who's secretly a dark side force adept also, a couple of nogrhi and storm commandos and a protocol droid that's really spying on them as it helps them...
There's also another NPC, which is really a foil to keep them from just escaping. The idea is that she's the daughter of a starship captain, and she's their pilot. (My PC's can't fly...) She's being persuaded to help by virtue of her father who is near death... If they abandon her or the father, I figure a couple of DSP's might go around... And besides, they need her ship...

So the question is, what more plot twists can I add in. :)

26 May 2002, 10:45 AM
First, a couple of comments:

1. Why are there so many people "spying" on the PCs? Have they done something to illicite such a watchful eye by the Empire?

2. Although you might have some consientious players, I'm not sure if simply handing out some DSPs for leaving people behind will make your players worry. They ARE playing Imperials, aren't they? Also, you'll really have to the make the NPC pilot a person they wouldn't want to leave behind. If the NPC is a pain in the neck, or only helpful in flying, I don't see a reason to give the PCs DSPs. Lousy people get left behind quite often. :p

Now, as far as "other" subplots, I'm going to suggest some things based off of ideas you've already mentioned. If you get too many subplots going on, your players will probably never catch them all, and things may be stacked too steeply against your players.


1. The reason the Empire is so closely watching the PCs isn't because they are suspected of being disloyal, it's because someone high-up thinks that they could be worthy of a special mission. Loyalties may be tested, but that's all simply to see if the PCs would be capable of infiltrating the Rebellion (or some other hostile alien culture) and clearing the way for the Empire to come in and wipe out the problem forever! (insert evil laughter)

2. The NPC pilot only THINKS that her father is near-death. Secretly her loyalty is being tested by her OWN FATHER. He is heading up a top secret military installation that is working on a new weapon (new ship, new technology, whatever). Obviously, if they find her to be a traitor, they will want her dead, which could very well implicate your PCs. They could be "in the way" or they could be blamed for her death. Or, if she discovers the truth, it might be a concious choice to go against her father, with the PCs help (she might talk them into taking out the installation) and thus sending the whole group against the Empire in a rather "unwilling" sort of way. They're faced with, "he could kill millions of people with this thing he's working on, and we don't think that's right...so we have to go against our own people to stop him."

This might also lead to an adventure where they have to get evidence that they weren't actually against the Empire, just against a megalomaniacal person that happened to be working for the Empire. Can they clear their name and stay in the Empire? Or will they discover even more dirty things about the Empire in their searches and be forever pushed to fight against their former employers?

3. Also, when is this taking place? Perhaps the Nogrhi (sp? ) has learned something that makes him want to defect, and sees enough "good" in the PCs that he wants to use them to help him escape. This could lead to a very interesting battle between him and the Storm Commandoes, with the PCs trying desperately to help and not get gutted in the process.

That's all I can think of now....hope it helps.