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26 May 2002, 11:51 AM
I'm a new gamemaster and i'm wanting to know, how do you deal with troublesome players? I have two players that always disagree with me. I have three players. Two of them have problems. They say they can do anything they want when they can't. I tell them they can't control the gamemaster. But they just don't listen. So in conclusion, how do I deal with troublesome players?

26 May 2002, 02:12 PM

This thread should help you slot, another Gm with a similar problem.

But in short, the Gm's word is law. If they cant respect that and are being ridiculous and no compromises can be met. Kick them out of the group. All in all, no matter how much you want to play starwars and these are your only players, youll have more fun writing a stroy on your own character you roll up.

Rule number 1 in SWRPG is the Games Master should be just that the Game Master, if they cant respect that then see if they are willing to Games Master.

27 May 2002, 12:22 AM
Emporer-Palpatine hes right if its not fun for you whats the point in runnig thats the way i would see it anyway

spot on korris

evan hansen
27 May 2002, 08:27 PM
One of the things I always try to stress to new GMs -- or any GMs having trouble with their players -- is to figure out how to make it fun for everyone. As has been said already, that's the ultimate goal: having fun.

So if your players want to do whatever they want, let them. But make realistic consequences for them. If your solution is -- and I'm not saying it is; i'm simply giving an example -- to drop an I-Beam on their head that falls, magically, from the sky, then you're extending your role as GM beyond what's reasonable.

The link Korris mentioned will give you more conversation on this topic than anyone could possibly ever want :-D But it's good stuff.

If you're already really trying hard to accomodate your players regardless of their attitudes, you may just have some guys that need to stick to playing video games instead of RPGs. Good RPGers both adapt to a situation and create a situation, and that rule applies to both PCs and GMs.

Try to make them into good RPGers if you can, I suppose. The easiest way to do that is to let them create their own situations. Run a game where you set them loose and you have *no* plan whatsoever. Let them determine what they're doing. Make the adventure up as you go along. See what they choose to do, then begin to create missions that both be enjoyable and mentally challenging. Easier said than done, I know. But, hey, what isn't? ;-)

27 May 2002, 10:31 PM
i agree with all of the above....

if it's not fun for everyone then you are wasting your time....especially if you are not having any fun


Lord Diggori
28 May 2002, 06:16 AM
The above advice and references being excellant I dont have much else to offer you Emperor accept the following.

Remember, and subtly remind them, that you are providing a service for them. Whenever they debate your ruling dont get upset or foster the argument by responding in kind. You're role as GM is paramount, players come and go though quite often they're our friends. Look off, take a deep breathe, and repeat you're ruling in a calm voice then continue where they left off. This show of quiet dignity will stop most gamers cold.

If it doesnt, begin packing up you're notes and screen and invite them to run something. People often GM in style they would want to play under as a player. By seeing how they GM you can get an idea of what their idea of fun is. Adjust you're style based on this or find another group if you cant accept their ideas.

31 May 2002, 06:15 PM
That is good advice. One of my players threw a temper tantrum becauae he didn't get things his very own way. And he also tore up someone else's character sheet. So I said he could NOT play anymore. He also said he quit playing. 20 minutes after he acted like an enraged wookiee, he said "can I play?" and I said no, and he tore up his own character sheet. And then 10 minutes later he does it again. Well, now he doesn't have a character sheet to play with! So I was glad I not gonna play with him anymore!