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proxima centauri
26 May 2002, 05:53 PM

I'm starting a new D20 SW game taking place just before the AOTC, the separatist movement is just starting to get the senate's attention. The Jedi haven't yet realised how this is a broader threat and that it is the beginning of the end. One or two systems have declared independance, but right now it is only seens as a sign of protest. My PCs will be 1st level and at least two of them will be Jedi.

I want to strand my players to a remote system and while they try to get home (Coruscant), make them find adventures and do some missions.

My idea for stranding them is to have them go for a diplomatic mission to a republic planet near the outer rim aboard a consular flagship. It gets attacked by pirates and hijacked, but mainly, the pirates just want to block the mission so that negociations can't take place. Of course, this diplomatic mission is very important, but I want my player to feel the urgency to do their mission, but I want them to feel that their life is threathened and that they have a long way to go to get to the planet.

For the sake of believability, there has to be a couple of Jedi Masters with them.

My question is: how do I make my players leave the ship in near "panic"? They are Jedi after all.

I will probably blow up the ship after they leave so that they can't even try to retake it.

Thanks for any plots ideas and ways of dealing with them!

26 May 2002, 06:40 PM
Unless you want the pirate attack to be a major action hook, you could always have the pirates destroy the flagship. Have the Jedi and their friends jump into a few escape pods, which conveniently land on this backwater world you want to strand them on.


proxima centauri
26 May 2002, 06:52 PM
I guess I could also make the Jedi masters use a different escape pod due to the urgency and confusion and make my players go on their own for a while... :D

I think I want the players to think they can pull it off (save the ship) but when explosions will begin, they won't have any choice.


Wedge in Red2
26 May 2002, 08:39 PM
I tend to bend the starship rules a little to make the storyline work.

For example, in a recent game I had the PC's playing a diplomatic mission going to a small backwater system that was vitally important due to it's supply of metals. However, once there they were attacked by the remnants of the Empire that had (unknown to the New Republic) taken over the system. I wanted to keep the game in system briefly (it's no fun if they could turn tail and jump into hyperspace at the first sign of trouble).

What I did was pretty much just get descriptive in terms of the damage the PC's ship took. After they took a couple of solid hits I told them (among other things) that a there had been a power surge in the Nav Computer. It added some drama when they went to calculate the jump to hyperspace and found their Nav Computer no longer had any nav co-ordinates in it as they had been wiped by the power surge. It was a bit like the Millenium Falcons many failed attempts to go to hyperspace in Empire.

For you scenario, perhaps once the ship takes some hits, tell the PC's they notice the main reactor is overheating, and that it's going to blow. They might try to shut it down (a la Tantive 4 at the beginning of A New Hope), but perhaps by the time they try this it's too late and the reactor is already going critical. This gives non-pilot PC's a chance to do something while the space battle is on, plus has the benefit of giving the PC's enough warning that "now's the time to bail out". Or, instead of a reactor overload the ship could be "Dead in space", and the PC's have no option except to bail out or sit there while the pirates pummel it.

Alternatively, you might want to fudge the rolls in the space combat. Let the PC's know that their hull points are really low, and that one more decent hit and the ships gone. Hopefully your PC's get the message that this one can't be won and nows the time to make a run for it.

Hopefully that helps. {Babble mode off}


Wedge in Red2
26 May 2002, 08:51 PM
Sorry, quick footnote.

If you've got players that don't like beingt railroaded, my approach might not work. The guys I was playing with realised that it was a plot hook and rolled with it.

Some players prefer to have a transparent system that is unbendable. Others will tolerate this bending of the rules for the betterment of the story. You need to assess whether the approach is going to sit okay with your players.

proxima centauri
27 May 2002, 11:38 AM
They will accept what I tell them, but if I mainly only dictate what happens and they don't feel they can attempt anything, it is not fun for them.

From your insight, I got an idea that might work though... have a saboteur in the ship plant some detonators in critical places while the PCs are occupied defending the ship. It will be too late when they realize the ship is actually blowing up... when the flames start on the corridor, the choice for the next move will become obvious, RUN and LEAVE the ship!.

27 May 2002, 04:26 PM
The pirates board the ship and send modified R4's after any armed resistance. They have sheild and blasters. The jedi tell the players to get the crew to the escape pods while they hold back the pirates boarding after the droids. After helping the crew to escape pods they hear droids coming. They are in a long hallway with a door at each end, but can't tell where the droids might be coming from. The only obvious place to hide is in one of the large life pods off of the hall. You may make it so that they hide in one and a droid goes by unable to notice them and or unable to get over the lip of the door due to being on treads. They are able to leave freely, but find themselves returning to the pod in a matter of second. Either more droids coming, the pirates, an explosion or an unusual idea that may cause panic and some really wild things to happen:
As the players exit the pod they look at the remains of their attacker on the floor only to be startled by an explosion rocking the ship. They hear the sounds of weapons fire along the hull getting closer to them. Suddenly BOOM the window in the pod is hit. (It might be more dramatic to make it shrapnel hitting the view port and they see spider cracks spread out from the point of impact) The widow is gone in shards of transparisteel. The air rushing out the window pulls the characters toward the gapping hole into space. just as the characters are about to be pulled out the window the droid (or pirate if you like) slams into the wall and rolls over the opening causing the characters to drop to the bottom of the pod. Just as they sigh a big sigh of relief the ships systems blurt out a warning of an air leak and lock the pod doors trapping them in the pod with the only thing between them and space being a droid with gaps caused by it's being shot down by the players slowly leakingair out. a quick player might try to manually open the doors but the controls were damaged. The only hope is to eject the pod and aim for the nearest planet. Hence you get them their. Their may be added tension as they enter the atmosphere with the droid in the window. Will it stay now that their is air on the other side? Will the leak let the reentry heat in? and if you want the droid might just come back around. That wouldn't be good. it'ts got sheilds and blasters and their is no place to hide.