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27 May 2002, 01:52 AM
I have put this here because at the moment it is prety much genric to any sytem but when i have finished compiling all the full adventure info ill be posting it in d20 forum i am useless at d20 to d6 converstions

I was wondering if anyone else has any home brew pplots and adventure outlines. if you do please put them here i promise ill try to read them all.

well heres my bit warning lots of text

Thirteen years prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion Joras Issard was spurned by his father as the next Lord of Sith. Hurt and angry with his father choosing Luke Skywalker as his apprentice, he stole as much information on the dark side and Technology he could get his hands on, and set of to the planet Naboo. Upon hearing the news of his fatherís death he immediately started to formulate plans, plans that he could not possible put into action if his father was alive. The Sith will be reborn but with him as the Master.

Adventure synopsis (Overlay)

The PCs finished training as an experimental counter Yuuzhan Vong intelligence unit. Theyíre primary role as intelligence, commandos and star fighter pilots of the co-alliance task force. They will then be ordered to investigate Naboo for possible peace brigade activity. When they arrive they will find that several known peace brigade ships are now in the command and control of King Joseph Dizeck. On further investigation of the planet Naboo it is also reveled that the gungans are under oppression by the Naboo government.

After several missions against the Naboo government the PCs group has a bounty placed on their heads. As bounty hunters and pirates increase in numbers searching for the PCs, the PCs missions get more and more deadly with a mission to the Naboo ship yards computer core to find out who is in control the peace brigade or Naboo. They find out that King Joseph Dizeck is building a substantial fleet somewhere in the near by space sectors. With the revelation of the build up of ships that could be working for the peace brigade, Admiral Seerdon orders the PCs to find a way to infiltrate the Peace brigade and find out where the ships yards are.

After infiltrating the Peace Brigade as Mercenaries hired to protect their convoys from pirate attacks (the PCs). Eventually they are permitted to one of the sites but are unable to get the proper space coordinates. Returning back to their base, they feel even worse when they find out about the 4 star destroyers that have turned up in the Naboo system and seem to taking orders from Naboo. They receive an emergency transmission to an account on the holonet from Naboo requesting their services in taking the planet Umgal.

When the PCs arrive in the Umgal system Yuuzhan Vong vessels are detected behind a group of comets heading in system. At the same time Admiral Seerdon's counter force to Naboo's fleet enters the system. After a commutation with Umgal the commander of the Naboo task force orders all units to attack the Yuuzhan Vong and accept orders from Admiral Seerdon. After a long engagement the Yuuzhan Vong forces withdraw to the furthest planet of the system and receive reinforcements. After a strange demand that The Yuuzhan Vong shall send 6 elite warriors to the moon of the 3rd planet in system. In an honor duel against Seerdons best.

The PCs are the chosen warriors, after a weeks wait the battle commence on the moon the PCs are victorious and so is Seerdon's fleet. Unable to prove that the Naboo ships came to attack Umgal. The PCs set of in search of some rest and relaxation, while traveling back to base there ship was brought out of hyperspace and disabled by Ion blasts from a group of bipedal spacecraft (Mecha). Suddenly another group of shipís drops out of hyperspace but are more prepared and a battle commences, from ship transmissions the PCs discover that the other ships are pirates that have been preying on this system.

After gaining new allies with the people of the Styílth system the base is moved there as part of a military deal for there protection. Once again they find themselves looking for the other Naboo shipyards. It appears that the force is with them as they find both the mayor shipyards of the Naboo. But to their horror they are building a SSD at one site and a torpedo sphere at the other. As Seerdon attacks the SSD shipyard the PCs are to infiltrate and destroy the torpedo sphere. It was a trap as the Bothan ForíLar seals them in a chamber. After an almost suicidal escape the PCs destroy the Torpedo sphere and the trap that Naboo set for them failed but now the PCs know that the Naboo government are on to them.

After appealing for the fourth time a sector ranger joins the group on behalf of the New republic to investigate their claims of atrocities. When arriving on planet all the PCs have the feeling of being watched, After landing they are attacked by giant frog creatures and a force user of amazing power barley escaping with there lives they realize they have been trapped again who is the spy that keeps revealing there plans.

End of part one of the Shadows of Deception campaign

Thanks for reading