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27 May 2002, 02:35 PM
Ok, my group is starting to play the d6 SWRPG again after a brief trip to D&D (We're back b/c SWRPG is more about "role playing" not "roll playing"). We came upon a problem when trying to refresh ourselves. Is it possible to have two blasters out at the same time (1 in each hand)? Are there any penalties for using two simultaneously? Also, can you then take two shots at a time? (Counting it as two actions, but doing them both in the "first acton phase"). Thanks!


27 May 2002, 03:37 PM
This question first arose in my campaign when a young jedi wanted to use two lightsabers at the same time. How we solved the question was to apply the penilty for multiple actions, plus increase the difficulty by one rank for each action. We also came up with the house rule that you had to have a DEX of 3D+2 or greater to be ambidexterious. So if you had a DEX of 3D+1 or less you could try it, but would fail with the off handed weapon although it would provide suppressing fire. We also came up with a new skill as an (A)dvanced skill called Duel Sabers(A),
Maybe you could make Duel Blaster(A) or Off handed Balser(A)? Just a thought. It worked out ok, but we never really got in to using two weapons much so its still a grey area in our game.

27 May 2002, 05:15 PM
I think it depends on whether you have house rules on "handedness" or not. I make my players roll for which hand their character is dominant in. 1D12 and 1D6. If the D12 is higher, they're right handed. If the D6 is higher, they're left handed. If both are the same, they're ambidextrous.

So, assuming you've got an ambidextrous person, I'd say weilding two weapons is no problem. Firing both at the same time I would put as a multiple action, therefore -1D. That's also assuming that both shots were at the same target.

If you don't use "handedness", I'd give a -3D penalty for off-hand use (with that hand only), and another -1D for firing both blasters at the same time.

27 May 2002, 06:18 PM
what about battle masters whom are trained to use two lightsabers at one timee?

27 May 2002, 07:13 PM
Well, since there isn't any particular rules that I've seen, I think it would be up to the GM to decide whether a person could be trained to weild two weapons or not. I would allow it, since there is a precedence for a person that can weild two weapons. I figure it would certainly take some training.

27 May 2002, 08:13 PM
I agree with Gimace, it would indead take some training, and (imho) should be reflected in the characters background and/or skill list. Since this sort of training would be rare, most military units train soldiers for using two hands for one weapon, no matter what it is in most cases. The above mentioned battle masters would be an exception, and i am sure there are others. Of course there has always been a historical presidence for the "Two Gun Outlaw".

28 May 2002, 02:19 AM
One of the characters in the group I'm running carries two blasters. On the occasions when he uses them both at once I let him take two shots every time his turn in the attack queue comes around, with normal multiple action penalties applying (-1D for every action past the first). I can't recall any official SWRPG ruling on handedness right off the top of my head, but I'd consider giving another -1D penalty for using a weapon in the off-hand. Of course since I never applied this to the character in question we can just assume he's ambidextrous.

28 May 2002, 03:10 AM
I would say, instead of making it an advanced skill, just make it a side, skill, with a base requirement. Say, blaster at 5d, min, will let you get (ss) twin blaster use......

28 May 2002, 05:05 AM
It seems to me that all the character would need to use two blasters at once is a relatively high blaster skill. The standard multiple action penalties come into play pretty heavily when using two weapons, making a high blaster skill a necessity for this sort of thing to be very effective. For example, the guy in my group whose character uses two blasters misses a lot, as his blaster skill isn't all that high. A lot of times he'll end up taking only one shot per round so he can actually hit his target. Then again he's a Wookiee, so his preferred method of combat is getting in there and brawling with his opponents. He doesn't really try that when the blaster bolts are flying around, but he usually makes short work of his foes when he does get ahold of them.

28 May 2002, 06:08 AM
For simplicity's sake, I just use the Multiple Action Penalty as per standard. I figure it balances itself out by making those with low blaster skills less likely to hit while allowing those with high blaster skills the chance to do something cool and cinematic. I don't put any restrictions on the use of two at a time because it seems to me like it is exactly what the MAP was designed to handle.

28 May 2002, 10:23 AM

although what you're doing haunting a SW gaming board if you're not enough of a geek to have seen the film already escapes me...

On the 2 lightsabers question, I'd say there is some evidence to support that Jedi recieve some basic training in this. In the arena scene, there is at least one "NPC" in the background doing it. Also, why on earth would Obi-Wan toss a second lightsaber to his apprentice if there weren't some precedent for 2 lightsabers being used simultaneously? I know if I'm in for the fight of my life, I don't want to choose that exact moment to try to figure out how to use 2 weapons at once! Oh, and there are shots of Dooku holding 2 lightsabers (it's in the d20 revised book. A deleted scene?). Maybe it's a defensive maneuver and there would be no penalties for Parrying, but standard -1D for off-handed use penalties (or higher) apply for attack. Or maybe it is one of the fighting modes Evan was working on? Just a thought.

28 May 2002, 03:04 PM
Hey! thanks all! I liked the suggestion of having an (A)dvanced blaster skill to handle it only because it would be pretty difficult to fire and aim two different weapons at the same time. I'll have to talk it over to my GM, I forwarded him the link for this thread. Thanks again!

The Admiral
30 May 2002, 05:56 PM
You think two blasters is a problem? heh. My party of include four characters who have four arms apiece. The only thing worse than facing a Kamarian with four MerrSonn DeathHammer heavy pistols is facing a Kamarian with four MerrSonn DeathHammer heavy pistols plus a Pho'Phenean with a pair of PLEX2 Concussion missile launchers. (Especially if the Pho'Phenean in question still has his skull space-taped together).

Anyway, I swear blind I've seen the Advanced 'dual weapons' skill somewhere, darned well ought to be on my system still, but apparently not. Instead, here's a snippet from the Teepo, which might be helpful.

Teepo Paladins have perfected blaster use to a fine art, and thus have developed a few tricks with their favorite weapon. First and foremost of these is the use of two blasters at once. Hereís how it breaks down:

Teepo Paladins are able to fire two blasters simultaneously (one shot from each blaster counts as one action) with the following difficulties:

The blaster in the Paladinís off hand suffers a +10 difficulty (unless heís ambidextrous).
If Dexterity is 3D or above, ambidexterity costs 10 CP (or 1D worth of skill dice at character creation). If Dexterity is below 2D, character cannot become ambidextrous without increasing his Dex to at least 2D. If Dexterity is between 2D and 2D+2, ambidexterity costs 20 CP.
Single target (a point on the body), +10 difficulty to each shot.
Single large target (a humanoid sized target; shoot a spot, any spot), +5 Difficulty to each shot.
Two separate targets, first target = no penalty, 2nd target +10 difficulty.
The player rolls either their blaster skill, or the Advanced Skill "Double Blasters". (A)Double Blasters has a prerequisite of 5D+ in Blaster. This only applies to pistol-type weapons (e.g.. Blaster Carbine and smaller).