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28 May 2002, 09:17 PM
It there any interest or possibility of starting a homebrew section on this site? Right now to make an offical submission everything must be in D6 and D20. I'm fortunate enough to find the time to write up a complementary system let alone convert it into a system I know little about and have less interest in learning.

If we could have a place for such systems, including some crossover material that complements Star Wars it would be wonderful. Currently a great deal of material gets lost in the shuffle. While I realize that this is a Star Wars forum I believe that many people have related Sci-Fi affinities be it sci-fi anime or other programs.

For example Donovan Morningfire's Gundam rules are a great benefit for combat and idea design. Yet they are not archived anywhere on the site.

Such an area as "Cross-Over" or related material would be wonderful.

Thoughts? Comments?


29 May 2002, 05:15 AM
Well, that's exactly what the Holonet is for. This is the place where people can come share and discuss anything and everything, and is the free-for-all section of the site. We hold our Submissions section to the same standards we hold all our own content to, which is design to provide a place to find Star Wars content for all systems. We try to appeal to the largest number of people possible, and we know we can do that with Star Wars material, not crossovers.

Some people, like me, don't like crossovers. I play the Star Wars RPG because it immerses me in the Star Wars universe, not because I want to use Gundams or Wraiths or anything else. I am also very adamant about providing stats for both systems because we have many fans from each system. These are the standards of quality we have. I have been told many times that it is the quality of the material on this site that makes it so popular, not the quantity, and for that reason we are committed to providing high-quality Star Wars content without diluting it with divergent or single-system work.

Remember, the Holonet is the best place to share any ideas with fellow community members. You'll reach a large audience, and can discuss your work.