View Full Version : Echo Base? Old Compuserve E-mag

29 May 2002, 11:25 AM
This is a strange request. Several years ago (pushing 5-10, most likely) I was very active in a Star Wars section on Compuserve. I believe it was part of their Science-Fiction Forum.

That group put together an e-magazine, formatted with object-embedding, I believe, of fan fiction and other related Star Wars articles. The group even got together at several conventions - one in Tulsa, OK in the fall 1996, where KJA joined us in a party room, if I recall correctly - to meet and greet.

I'm curious if anyone knows of former members of that group or of the name of the e-magazine. I believe it was called Echo Base, and I thought it had developed into a web site some time back.

I would like to reunite with anyone from that group. This seems to be a logical location for some of them to have ended up. If anyone knows of this group or where I could find the said e-mag or web site, I'd be very grateful for that information.