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1 June 2002, 08:18 AM
How much money do you give your players and for what?

Like, I dont want to give them too much money too quickly. Its not really a problem for 2 of them, but the one kid can be greedy. And I do swindel them out of money to keep them in line. (I let my scoundrel pay to have some battle droids, that he intended on using, repaired. Later after the game he realized they had remote processor.) I was just want to keep the amount of money I give them fair but reasonable.

1 June 2002, 08:53 AM
The amount of money given should be directly (or at least closely) proportional to the amount of money you charge for everyday things. Answer these questions to yourself to help determine how much money to give them:

Do you charge for them to get rooms on every planet? If so, how much?

Do you charge for every meal that they eat out, or for every drink they have at a bar? If so, how much?

Do you charge for them to dock at all high quality docking facilities?

Do you occasionally hit them with inspections and a random fee for this or that? (Weapons permits, shipping documents, etc) If so, do they have to pay right away, or can they pay later when money becomes available?

Do they have to purchase all of their equipment or replacement gear themselves?

If at least some of the above answers are yes, do the characters travel a lot in the game, thus making resupply of the ship and other travel expenses increase?

After you have answered these questions, and you may think of some others that you feel are appropriate, you should have a general idea of how much money it takes for your player's characters to "get by". The costs from above will be their base operating costs. The amount of money you give out in an adventure should be a number that's in relation to the final sum you totaled. If you really want to make things tight for them, you give them a little less than their operating costs...or just slightly above. If you know they want to get some nifty toys (weapons, droids, new ship, etc) you can give them enough to pay for their basic costs plus some. The amount you give will depend on whether they can afford the things they desire quickly or not.

Say they just want weapons, but each costs 5,000 credits. If you've got six characters, they need 30 grand to each get equipped with the weapons. Add in the cost of normal operating (for example, 4,500 credits) and then decide how quickly you feel they should get the weapons. Is it important to the game for them to get it sooner rather than later? Maybe you've figured something out and the new weapons might help out in the coming adventure. So decide that maybe giving them 22,000 credits would be a good "reward". It gives them some money to play with, but doesn't hand them all their new weapons on a silver platter. If your players started getting enough money to always buy everything they need right away, they'll lose interest. Same applies if they can NEVER seem to save enough money to get what they want. Keep things balanced.

Oh, and if you discover that you accidentally misquoted a price and the end result would make your player characters multi-millionares, don't be afraid to "wing" things a little. I'll give you an example:

A GM I played under once quoted us a price of 200 credits per ton shipped to a place within a certain time. Well, our ship could carry 100 tons, so that equated out to 20,000 credits. We loaded up and discovered that there was another 500 tons of stuff that we could pick up later. The problem was, the GM hadn't done his math, and didn't realize we'd get 20 grand a trip. So we ran a trip, got 20 grand, and went back for a second trip (another20 grand...woohoo!). By then, the GM realized his problem and he made the material available to anyone else with the capacity to carry. So rather than having another 5 trips of 20 grand apiece, we only got a partial second trip, as someone else in a bigger ship had grabbed 450 tons of the stuff already.

So if you realize you've done the same, don't be afraid to tweak things to cover your tracks. Hit the PCs with safety fines or "time sensative" fines (cargo needed to be there YESTERDAY!) or what have you.

That's all I can offer for now. Hope some of it helps.

5 June 2002, 08:33 AM
You know how some sadistic people keep their attack dogs hungry and thus they are real good guard dogs becuase they're always looking for something tasty? I've found the same works with players.:D

Keeping their bank account under control is a highlight of me being a GM. I love the "Cowboy Bebop" mentality- the characters are always on the head of something big, only to have it melt away... drift with the rest of the garbage...

With monetary rewards being low, often the rewards the characters really prize are the informational rewards and tech rewards- making their starship a x1 (instead of x3) can be a great impetus for a group of players running against an NPC timeline (the imperials aren't twiddling their thumbs waiting for PCs to show up).

5 June 2002, 09:47 AM
Another idea is to give a few extra skill points or an extra feat at the end of an adventure, or small things that turn into big things, like an antique blaster that doesnt work, so they throw it into their bags, in case they find a really good repairman, but say, on Corellia, there is an antique blaster collector who will pay 6,000 credits for it to have a complete brand of blaster collection.

5 June 2002, 10:29 AM
hmmm i kinda like that method nightninja... ill have to work that in somewhere

5 June 2002, 10:34 AM
Grimace, you also bring up a good point... I havent even really given much though whether to charge them for EVERYTHING or not. Generally our group's GMs charge the players for certain things but not everything... I'll have to work out what im gonna hold them to paying for