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1 June 2002, 03:24 PM
I'm writing a campign for the new Star Wars games based after the clone war when the emperor declares himself so.
The group will be a squad of local planetry army being intergrated into the empire. I won't have them becoming storm troopers but I want them to at the end of the campign to become members of the storm commandos just before the battle of yavin.

Basically it will be a very linear campaign with set missons to be completed. I want to show the other side of the coin as everyone seem to run rebels or smugglers. I also want to show the rebels as terrorist so hopefully it would take them a while to figure out the terrorist are rebels.

Can you guess give me some short adventure ideas, I'm running out fast.

1 June 2002, 03:32 PM
well if you wanna get em really into it, have the local rebel cell.. somewhat extreamist. real hard core willing to do anything, have em launch a few attacks on civilan targets and try and make the guy as despised as osama bin laden is in the US... once your PCs start to really hate these terrorists, slowly start having em get involved in.. less black and white affairs.

evan hansen
2 June 2002, 04:10 PM
I am a *huge* fan of playing the other side of things. There's a huge universe out there, so why not take full advantage of it?

Here are some ideas for you:

1 - Start your campaign with some sort of briefing for your first "mission.' It will be a powerful way to begin if you have some higher-up in the Empire explaining how people have been mercilessly attacking Imperial manufacturing facilities. maybe even throw them off by saying that the main suspects are University students known as anarchists and rabble rousers. Tell them it's just a routine mission to put down this little problem, et cetera -- even that they might simply be backing up local police. When things get a little hairy, have the PCs discover these students are actually part of a bigger group planning a major attack. A second session could simply be escaping from getting captured by these people. A third session could be in response to this major attack getting carried off. A fourth session could be the Imperial response. Then in the fifth or sixth session, reveal the Rebel connection (though it may be somewhat obvious to them at that point).

2 - Just to make sure your PCs don't start getting sympathetic to the Rebels, make sure that the news and briefings are reporting Rebel attacks in a *really* negative light.

3 - really focus on the fact that mid-level to low-level officers have NO IDEA what the Empire is really about. Make the Empire seem as grand and as important as possible. Only the Empire can maintain order, et cetera.

4 - As these commandos get promoted down the line (depending on the length of your campaign), have them become experts on the Rebellion (maybe they were sent in on the first ever Rebel attack or something) and then you can travel them around the galaxy trying to deal with Rebel situations. You can also have them meet some Imperial higher-ups and let them do a few special underground missions.

Just some thoughts...

Talon Kane
3 June 2002, 02:46 PM
All of these are great ideas. If it was me, first thing I would do is put them through some "boot camp" army stuff. Have them go through training, give the characters a chance to bond, and send them on a training exercise of sorts.

Then, you follow it up with having them deal with some small local stuff for the Empire. No rebel activity yet and maybe have the characters hear some rumors and talk of some type of group fighting against the Empire.

After, you hit them with something big. The Rebels destroy a base, ship, spacedock, or something where some of their NPC friends were staying. Give the characters a reason to hate the Rebels for what they did. Of course, that is assuming they are pro-Empire. From that point, you can have them sent on missions to hunt down Rebel cells.

After that, it is up to you and them to decide whether or not they will switch sides after learning more about the Empire. I like the whole "Rebels killed my friends" idea because it gives them a reason NOT to be sympathetic and keep it a true Empire game.

5 June 2002, 03:39 PM
Luckly I have a very good group to run a miltary campign, they are quite good at following orders given buy the powers that be, also it would most likly take something like being ordered to fire on a protest (or something like that) to make them do different.

9 June 2002, 07:33 PM
Some ideas to present the Empire's side:

Perhaps the planetary force they are being recruited from could have just survived a planetary disaster...famine, flood, meteors...whatever. The Empire is bringing bacta and provisions to the infirmed and suffering. This is public knowledge and could involve their (PC's) family, friends, love interests. These might serve as good hooks to get them sympathetic to the rising Empire....now true to Imperial form, those that provide for the refugees are probably running some sort of other agenda there too....Perhaps its a facility for the construction of the Hypermatter Reactor control rods for the Death Star.:p

Moff Neomen
10 June 2002, 04:56 PM
Perhaps have the characters deeply involved in the fallout of some Rebel attack. Perhaps they follow a trail of a Rebel plot to blow up a major financial building. Of course, the Rebel plan is more along the lines of the one in Fight Club...blow up a building when noone's in it to destroy the records. However, the characters barge in on the people setting bombs throughout the building, and some accident happens where a bomb goes off early. Now the characters have to arrest the "terrorists," save civilians, and get out of there while before the now on-fire building collapses.

Maybe you could have the characters part of a raid that attempts to capture the early leaders of the Rebels just as they sign the first pact that officially creates the Rebel Alliance. They'd fail of course, but it would be a cool way for them to interact.