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3 June 2002, 08:47 PM
G'day all, I'm hoping some of you can give me some good suggestions on how to flesh out or improve my campaign. This will be a bit of a marathon post, but please bear with me.

Okay, my campaign is based in the Rebellion era, somewhere between the events of Episodes V and VI. The PCs are as follows:
- Tyrin Entir, Human Male Soldier2/Noble2: Leader of the small Rebel squad that the campaign is based around. Cousin of Dack Entir.
- Elo Nimon, Elomin Male Scoundrel2: Stealth expert and good with computers, potential slicer.
- Kelko Neeata, Rodian Male Scoundrel2: Gangster working for Durga the Hutt, infiltrating the Rebels to find out information that the Hutt can sell to the Empire.
- Jace Wanti, Human Male Scoundrel2: Smuggler who gets involved with the Rebel group and starts working with them.
- Vor'en Untar, Human Male Soldier2: Mercenary working for the Alliance who goes along with the group on missions.
- Tal Dakar, Human Male Scout2: A Force Sensitive Scout from Corellia.
- Dack Entir, Human Male Fringer 2: An exceptionally skilled Pilot from Tatooine. Cousin of Tyrin Entir.

The basis of my campaign is that an Imperial Officer, Admiral Rolleyn, has been granted permission to resurrect the Dark Trooper Project. A Twi'lek Noble who lives on a private mansion/estate somewhere (undecided) is housing a secret research facility where genetically altered Humans and Aliens of all sorts are being altered specifically so they are excellent pilots of the Phase Three Dark Troopers.

The characters' first mission is to investigate an attack on a small Rebel Outpost. The attack was, of course, a test of the Phase One Dark Troopers, and when the characters arrive there are a few Stormtroopers investigating the ruins. If they are quiet and listen, they will hear the troopers talking about how "it was a successful test" and other such things.

The Alliance has learned that the Twi'lek Noble is involved with this in some way, but his exact purpose is unknown. The players are to join the fight circuit and gain reputation enough to fight in the Twi'lek's prestigious private arena. Once there they are to infiltrate his research lab to find out whats going on.

Obviously it will be a while before the players get to a decent reputation on the fight circuit, so there needs to be fillers that both link into the mission at large and some that are just one-offs. So far I have the following ideas:

- A bounty hunter (I'm thinking Snoova), or multiple bounty hunters, come looking for Kelko (the Rodian Gangster) because he has become sympathetic to the Rebellion and hasn't completed his mission at all for Durga the Hutt.
- A thug that one of the characters beats in the arena gets rather upset, and there is an encounter between the players and the thugs smuggler/gangster/thug friends in some way.
- The PCs are present somewhere when an attack by Phase Two Dark Troopers occurs.
- Tal Dakar (the Force Sensitive Scout) finds a Rebel or sympathiser that recognises his Force abilities and starts him on the path to being a Jedi. Perhaps he gives him a lightsaber.
- Through luck, the PCs encounter and manage to piss off a Dark Side Force user, who is a member of a Dark Jedi/Adept cult. They learn of Tal training to be a Jedi and try to turn him to the Dark Side.

Obviously the campaign will end with some sort of attack/assault by the Alliance/PCs on both the research facility and the Dark Trooper base in some way. After that I am thinking that they could be involved in stealing the shuttle Tyderium (thanks whoever posted that idea on these boards) and being involved in the Battle of Endor somehow.

If anyone has any opinions on this, please let me know, in particular on the following things:
- The fight circuit, likely arenas, any information at all.
- Hooks for while the PCs are on the fight circuit.
- Any suggestions to get each character involved in their own way to make the story personal for each player.
- Anything at all :)

Thanks in advance everyone, I have little doubt that you will all assist me in making this an excellent campaign.


4 June 2002, 10:22 PM
Give the crew a npc ally, either an outside contact or a new memeber to their group. Make him well liked and then do a whole locked room murder mystery.

Have the characters cross the wrong person and become slave gladiators. organise an escape. Or something else.

In genetic alteration for the tooper they discover a technique that all but garuntees force sensativity. So the Twi'lek is breeding force adepts to start his own religion or military order. Do some unexpected force adepts but also the rejects that may hate the Twi'Lek or worship him, but may be indifferent to the players. Maybe they pretend to be greatful for the players for freeing them from the slave pens, but try to turn them in for the favor of their god only to be killed by a pettty and fickle person playing at god.