View Full Version : Alright. D6 Game in the works. Volunteers needed.

4 June 2002, 05:30 AM
I am currently working on a D6 IRC campaign...I am unsure of how many sessions I am running, but I offer the following:

A storyline that occurs in the time period two years before the incursion of the Yuuzhan Vong;

Exotic locales and areas(not just your standard movie systems);

No "War against the Empire," or "Time to take out the Remnant" sessions;

A session limited in the use of the Force(one, perhaps two, Jedi slots are open)

All those interested in this campaign please respond here, as well as those who would like to volunteer to assist me in my work, and, believe me, I have a lot of it to do. =-)

I will post the IRC server/channel that I have chosen probably this evening.

I would like to see a good turnout for this, as I believe this to be the best online area to meet SWRP players.

4 June 2002, 07:58 AM
I have begun work on the site design..it's location is at:


I'm also accepting any help for the site.

5 June 2002, 08:30 AM
Bumping, and a new update for the site...

I'm slowly getting the code done, and I've picked up a form for discussion and submissions, please check out the site and tell me what you think, drop me an email, what not...

Also, I have changed from IRC to the Open RPG program...go to www.openrpg.com to pick it up.

I'm looking forward to running this.

10 June 2002, 03:30 PM
I've never played the SW RPG game, either live or online, but I've had most of the WEG books (and a few of the WotC books) for almost seven years now and feel more than competent with the game mechanics.
I'm not interested in playing a Force character, but would like to submit a character idea for your consideration if you're willing to be patient with a newcomer for a few rounds till I get the feel of it.

10 June 2002, 03:38 PM
Might be interesting to play... if you don't mind a good old fahsioned gunfighter in your midst. E-mail me at eterneltraveler@hotmail.com, and we'll talk. If you're still interested in players.