View Full Version : The scope of your campaign

4 June 2002, 08:28 AM
I was just curious what kind of campaigns you have found work best. What era do you play in? Is it a single planet/single sector campaign or a galaxy spanning quest? Do the heroes save the galaxy or something more mundane?

4 June 2002, 10:12 AM
I ran a game where all pc's were human, military trained (with higher skills + starting points to customise) They were sent on various missions. Nothing had to make sense or connect with any other assignment, It was some great cloak and dagger, with a lot of shoot first ask questions later. Great Fun.

4 June 2002, 03:47 PM
Im running a old republic campaign , that takes place starting just before episode 1 and now is just before episode 2... its a very action packed (almost comic book amounts of action) jedi centered storyline.

its pretty much a campaign where the characters are doing things while the movies happen , the events the characters go through have all the gravity, scope, and urgency of the movies without touching or being bothered with whats "cannon " or not.

ill be breaking my cannon rule however when i have the jedi show up to help at the Battle of Geonosis.

evan hansen
4 June 2002, 04:33 PM
I think that it largely depends on the PCs in your group. In groups that I've played in, the players tend to *want* to be large-scale players. They want to interact with the big names from the big sources: movies, books, etc...

so, of course, if your players like that type of thing, put them in a game where they interact, on occassion, with big names. Something to consider is whether or not you're comfortable with altering the timeline. If you are, this is really easy. Players can do whatever they want, and you can let them be as powerful as you want. But if not, then you should consider keeping them in a bit.

Obviously, the opposite is true. If your players have no idea what they want, or if they enjoy small scale adventures, then leave them be.

There is no right scale to run your game on. Just run what your players like the most, and you'll be prone to having success as a GM.