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4 June 2002, 08:32 AM
What's your best red herring or false clue you've ever given to your PCs? How did you "sell" it? Did your PCs know about it afterward or are they still clueless?

evan hansen
4 June 2002, 04:46 PM
Well, in one campaign that I had, I had a new rising of the Sith. this was well after TotJ but also well, well, well before TPM.

In this campaign, I had the players track a lost ship. It looked as though the Hutts were responsible. however, the sith were secretly responsible. Then, naturally, a Hutt-Republic war broke out. this war continued for many missions. The Sith, in fact, helped the Republic. No one in the republic knew that they were dealing with the Sith, but, nonetheless, the sith helped.

As the campaign unfolded, the hutts became stronger and stronger. Behind the scenes, the Sith were helping the hutts. But, of course, the players had zero clue what was going on.

At the end, the Sith were revealed as the true problem. The entire Republic went into panic as the PCs lead the assault against the Sith.

The only disadvantage here is that post-TotJ is still an obviously ripe time to use the Sith. So the players had some idea they might have been involved. But, regardless, the concept was good, and, really, the fake out worked pretty well.

The Admiral
5 June 2002, 11:59 AM
For a one off game I ran a while back, I set the party up good and proper. They were ordered to transport 'with all possibly urgency' a certain box, to a sympathetic agent, named Ackbar, who would be found at a certain mansion on Ralltiir. The box was about two feet long, with interesting controls at one end and completely sealed. They were under orders to NOT touch the controls.
Now, add to the fact that Senator Leia Organa was amongst the guests, as was Lord Vader AND that I offhandedly mentioned that this was set just before ANH, AND that Leia's ship was the Tantive VI, and you can guess what they assumed was in the box.

Over the course of 21 hours, they raced pell mell through the sector, destroying two starships and a Star Destroyer, hiring and subsequently accidentally killing some Gamorrean mercenaries, welding the blast doors of a docking bay onto the front of their starship by way of blowing it off it's hinges with enough detonite to partially melt it, and bluffing their way past Lord Tion and Vader himself, to finally, meet Ackbar in a small room off the main kitchen. With some lack of ceremony, Ackbar tapped the controls, the box opened, and Ackbar excitedly picked up the large red fish kept on ice in the box, and rushed back into the kitchen muttering how the fish course had arrived.

Two minutes later I was under a pile of eight very irate players getting pummelled senseless :-)

They calmed down a little (not much, but a little) after i explained that Ackbar's ability to get a very rare fish indeed in time for the banquet convinced Tarkin to buy him from Tion, and therefore, allow Ackbar to get himself properly rescued from Tarkin's shuttle,,,

But there y'go, the best red herring I used? Was the Death Star Plans to deflect attention from an actual red herring :-)

5 June 2002, 12:17 PM
I once ran an adventure where the characters and a few familiar npcs were in search of a crime lord of a very extenisive criminal network. After much searching and investigating they finally discovered the whereabouts of the crime lord and discovered a comely female running the organization. They had assumed for a long time that the person was a man. Anyways they ended up fighting the lord and killing her. What they didn't realize at the time (not until criminal thugs arrived) was that this was not the true crime lord, in fact one of the familiar npcs that had been travelling with the characters for a very long time was the true crime lord. Only one pc survived. They were shocked and the game ended in silence. Though they died they liked it very much...they never trust my npcs the same though.

6 June 2002, 06:58 AM
Originally posted by The Admiral
But there y'go, the best red herring I used? Was the Death Star Plans to deflect attention from an actual red herring :-)

Now that IS good!!! I love it!!!
If you don't mind, I'd like to modify that scenario to fit my campaign and use it on my players.
Using an actual red herring as the punchline for the adventure...BRILLIANT!

The Admiral
6 June 2002, 07:20 AM
Do feel free :-)

Moff Neomen
6 June 2002, 10:32 PM
I had a great time when I had my players convinced for a long time that they were working for a shady businessman. He had them under the idea that they were spying on a rival organization staying at the same mega-hotel as they were. Finally, he had them try to assassinate one of the rival businessmen (who they hadn't seen). After an elaborate subterfuge plan and tension, the characters spring the trap...only to find themselves smack in the middle of an inter-Black Sun peace conference, with their old boss as their target! The businessman was actually under the employ of a rival Vigo, who was trying to upset the balance of power. Of course, all hell breaks loose as the Vigos cry bloody murder and their gangs of thugs each Vigo secretly brought into the hotel start fighting one another in a huge hotel war. The characters and their Vigo boss have to fight their way out, confused as hell.

Either that, or a different but similar situation. They were working with another Vigo's lieutenant who was trying to set up a coup on his boss. After an elaborate assassination scheme (involving a bomb that would go off in the Vigo's office as soon as the characters walk out of his office), the characters walk in...only to find themselves smack in the middle of a trap with their former boss and allies caught by a scheming Vigo leader. They couldn't leave without killing their boss with the bomb, and they were weaponless and surrounded by troops. Luckily, two other characters were involved in other parts of the building (though both ran into troubles), and the players were highly ingenious in their solutions.

6 June 2002, 10:51 PM
I tricked my players into openly allowing the main villian to come aboard their ship, where he got the command codes, then later he used them to shut down life support while they were in space and they were forced to leave there beloved ship(which, through a lot of good roleplaying, they retrieved from him)

7 June 2002, 09:55 AM
Quick setup- the heroes had been working in a repair shop in the Nebraska of the Galaxy (Oz) for about three scenarios. One day, Elmer (the owner of the shop) goes fishing while the heroes are out doing their adventures (rather than working on the combines). Well, Elmer takes the group's repair droid EOR.

4 scenarios later, Elmer is arrested by the ISB for crimes against sentients for his past with a group of pirates during the clone wars. The characters tool around, investigating Elmer's past and for 5 scenarios are searching the holonets, meeting criminal contacts and learning more and more about their old boss (who was promptly executed by the ISB after his 30 minute trial).

Well, all the codes that Elmer was protecting and the group is looking for (the old pirate treasure) were safely under their noses in EOR. They wondered why he suddenly seemed different- he talked less, but since EOR didn't have anything nice to say before, they were happier. In the end, EOR had been fragged in a fire fight and after trying to figure out why all these ISB operatives had been after them, they checked out the droid's memory. There were the codes that they, the ISB and criminals from the galaxy over were searching for. They had them for about 10 scenarios all the time. :D

7 June 2002, 10:00 AM
The last module I did was probablyt the biggest curve I threw at my PC's.

The rebellion told them about a small planet that was believed to be the HQ of the empire's black ops (the PC's had been chasing this stuff down for a long time). So the PC's go and land and try and make friends with the local natives. These primitive lizard people are very impressed by the starship and blasters and stuff, and start worshiping the PC's (like the ewoks did to 3PO). They have several HUGE banquets in the PC's honor and then invite them on a hunting party. Everyone goes hunting (and uses the ceremonial bow and arrow given to them by the tribe) and kills a pile of these animals (called "brogans"). Well to make a long story short, the PC's are shocked to discover that this is a planet of the ape's type of situation and they have all been hunting (and eating) primitive people! Well to make matters worse, the jedi in training in the group made a critical hit and dropped one of the grogans in one shot, so the whole trib thinks he's really great and sits him at the head of the table for the feast that evening. Then they serve him the choice cuts (brains and stuff). He acts all nice, but does everything he can not to eat it. The problem is that the tribe knows where the base is (supposedly it is guarded by demons) and will show them the next morning (after the feast). So he eats the brains! Then they go find out that the "demons" are just stormtroopers and AT-ST's.

BUt that's not all! AFter much sneaking around the PC's make their way to the base and are ambushed. Some TIE fighters even come down to threaten them, and one of the PC's tries to flee on a speeder bike. Well the TIE blasts the heck out of the bike (I let the PC live) and all the PC's are rounded up and escorted to the base. There the admiral of the black ops fleet come out and GIVES THEM A TOUR of the base. He gives them some soveniers (holograms of the death star) and even lets them clean up and offers them some food. After a while he leads them all around the base, answers all their questions and then leads them to the landing pad, where he so graciously moved their starship! So they all pile in their ship and head out. On the way out, I even had TIE fighters give them an escort to the hyper point!

Needless to say, they were all quite a bit pissed and VERY confused...

7 June 2002, 11:30 AM
The scene is the Tapani Sector, and events has transpired where House Pelagia is now the power and is on the verge of full scale war with the Empire. An alien fleet of ships arrive and take over a small farming moon ruled by House Reena. The aliens are Draygons (see my web site), nasty dragon like meat eaters. Lady Savant (PC), High Lady of the Sector, is called on to negatiate. At first the Draygons want the moon all the population as food. They get talked down to releasing first half, then all of the population. The Draygons eventually negotiate with the PCs to be incorporated into a new sector House agreeing to stop their killing ways, with the offer of adding their own warships to the Pelagia fleet. House Pelagia agree and House Tapani is formed.

Only later in the adventure it turns out that Draygons had been invited into the sector in the first place and had made an alliance with a Mercetti Lord who was also head of the secret Sith Order known as the Mecrosa.

And the players and welcomed them in.

11 June 2002, 10:58 PM
It was a small thing, and I didn't plan it ahead of time, but I'm still rather pleased with it: when one of my Jedi PCs was teetering on the brink (physically and spiritually), not knowing what to do... the Dark Side's final gambit was to 'speak' to her in the guise of her former master, urging her to do the wrong thing for a seemingly good reason.

She didn't fall, but the player DID call me a cheat. :)