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5 June 2002, 01:57 PM
I am a Newbie who wants to find a game no one in my area does any Roleplaying games so i am looking for a game preferably over an instant messanger.
Email me at drew_k1 @yahoo.com.
AOL sn: drew_k78
Email me or instant messang me or just reply to this thread plz

5 June 2002, 02:23 PM
Hey there i got 3 of them for ya that i play in. Unforchunatly none of them are an "in chat" game, two are play by e-mail (bothe full starwars games), and the 3rd is a play by post (it is a star wars/Robotech crossover but it is really fun, and knowledge in one of the subjects is all you really need to get started with them)

1) Rebelion Era: One is a play by email set during the rebelion era with about 4-5 PC's and about an equal # of NPC's. Very fun.

2) NJO Era: This one is vert very cool, you have a bunch of jedi and Jenssarai and a few smugglers curently stuck in the middle of a bunch of Vong sympethisors and group of homless refugese. This one rocks as well.

3) Robotech/Star Wars cross over: In this one a fleet from the "RoboTech" serise has some how warped into the SW universe. The one is about how this masive fleet is trying to survive in the SW universe with the help of some smugglers, an ancient Jedi, and some REALLY big guns. This one may sound VERY strange, but it rocks, it is, it... you gota play it to understand how great it comes out, it really "makes sense"

If your interested in any of these, drop me an e-mail and i'll get you in contact with the people running them


Welcome to the addiction B)

5 June 2002, 04:34 PM
Hey I am in Two and three with Striker I would Suggest 2 others though

1) A Play by Post in the Rebel era many games going It is a good time.


And A game I am getting ready to run we are basing off this site


5 June 2002, 06:45 PM
Hey THorin i signed up to ur site im not sure what to do next but i just thought id tell ya i dont have the second edition core rulebooks and i havent read over the core rulebook fora while so i might need a bit of help when we actually play

5 June 2002, 06:48 PM
HEY! Whats Wrong With MY Three!? ;)

5 June 2002, 07:00 PM
i dont understand how u would play a game over email thats all id like to join mybe ill take a look at one of ur sites

5 June 2002, 07:17 PM
You have the GM send an e-mail to all the plaers at once with the situation and description of suroundings, the players respond to all with an answer of what they do, the GM writes back with the results of dice roled by him (or her) and so on.

exaple: (IC: = in charactor, OOC: = Out Of Charactor)

From GM to Smith and Gimp:

IC: The room is dark, at one end is a large door that leads farther into the complex, behind you is the hanger door you entered through. There is also one Tie fighter hanging in its harness to the right

What do you do?

Gimp's response (reply to all):

OOC: Gimp performs a listen check to see if any one is there

IC: Gimp stops for a moment and listens carfully, then heads over to the tie fighter and crouches behind it. "Smith, go open the door, i'll cover you."

Smiths response (reply to all):

OOC: Smith makes a listen check, so what are you going to do GM? have a grouop of battle droids behind the door try and kill us ;) na you wouldn't do that "that wouldn't be fair" :D

IC: "Sure thing" replys Smith as he runs up to the door and flips the switch to the great doors.

GM's response to Smith and Gimp

OOC: ok Gimp heard the storm trooper on the other side because he got a 19 on his listen check, but Smith only got a 6

IC: As Smith flips the switch the doors open to reveal a storm trooper with his blaster levled at the two of you.

what do you do now?


at this point they are in a combat situation, everything would work the same but with actions happening in the order of initiative instead of order e-mails are recived in ;)

its really quite fun

6 June 2002, 05:40 AM
As i said earlier thorin ive signed up for ur yahoo site and striker KC i dont have the websites for ur games