View Full Version : D20 Gm Needed!!! Please Help!!!!

7 June 2002, 05:15 AM
I have, in the works, a D20/D6 campaign in the works. Yes, I intend to run the campaign with both systems. I have a site on which I'm still coding the HTML(I should have the barebones of it done over the weekend), a forum for which I can post news until then, and a program to play the game with (OpenRPG).

This is not a PBP campaign. This isn't a PBeM game. This is live-action, through OpenRPG. I have a feeling that this will work, on all fronts.

Please, if you are a D20 GM interested in assisting me with this ambitious project, feel free to email me at here. (empireof1@sdgames.com), or visit my site.


The sooner we can start planning the campaign system out, with stats and characters, the sooner we can begin playing.

Thank you for your time,
Daniel Stull
GM, The Star Wars Role Play Home

evan hansen
7 June 2002, 05:32 AM
I don't know if you've posted in the d20 system board with this same request, but you might consider doing so. That forum gets more traffic than the other three SW-RPG forums, I believe. Or if you're on any SW-RPG mailing lists, you could post to a list -- especially the Wizards list. Lots of d20 folks there as well.

Just a thought!