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10 June 2002, 07:17 AM
Situoation: Akasha is flying a x-wing with a R7 astromech, she is trying to get out as fast as possible and orders her astromech to plot an astrogation and get them out of the fight.
Does Akasha has to roll piloting and astrogation or only piloting and the R7 an astrogation?
If you order an Astromech to divert the shields do you get a multi action penalty or not?

Our gamemaster told us that Akasha had to input the coords into the navcomp and that the R7 would start calculating from there,(so akasha does 2 actions so a multi action penalty occurs) I thought that an R7 Unit in an x-wing doesnt need to be mannually inputted because its allready locked in ships computer and therefor knows there coords.
so Akasha only does the piloting 1 action so no Multi action penalty

10 June 2002, 08:43 AM
First off what is a R7 doing on a X-wing??? They are specilized for E-wings :D

Anyway I would say that She rolls piloting and the droid computes the jump to lightspeed - one action each. For the shields, again I would say that is one action each. This is one of the bennifits of having an astromech onboard.

The Admiral
10 June 2002, 11:26 AM
Moving to D6,,,

Akasha only rolls piloting, the R7 would roll the astrogation. You'd be taking the risk of an R7's astrogation roll being 'dodgy' but you save making the roll yourself.

As for making an order, any statement of ten words or less is counted as a free action. A particularly nasty GM could rule that Commanding an astromech to do anything requires a Command roll, and therefore IS an action, but personally, I'd never do such a mean thing.

I'd also suggest that an Astromech would know where it is, it's part of what they're designed to do. If the droid DIDN'T know where it was, then things might get complicated, but KISS, if a droid is doing the astrogating, it makes an astrogation roll, no-one else should have to.

I'd say working out where you are is part and parcel of the Astrogation skill.