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11 June 2002, 11:01 AM
Hello there peoples. I had a question regarding crime syndicates. Have any of you (and I'm sure many of you have) or your players had a character that became head of a crime family? I have a player that's a smuggler (Scoundrel) that has his sights set on becoming the next Jabba the Hutt (albeit with much less slime). How might I go about incorporating his meteoric rise to power? I've already got them on bad terms with a crime lord (a Falleen, unknown nephew of Xizor), and I'm planning on using him as a constant thorn in the sides of my group. Any suggestions how I might get the players to initiate a sort of hostile takover of this syndicate? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

11 June 2002, 11:54 AM
I'd go with a fairly standard business model (albeit, illegal in the States) here.
Just encourage your players to start courting the opposition's customers with prices just above (if not at) cost. The customers will start coming over to your players. As you take more and more of the opposition's customers, the enemy will be forced to either sell their product well below cost to try to regain the customer, raise prices to balance, or make an agressive move against the players, all of which could make good RP.
My suggestion would actually be to have the enemy raise prices and launch an assault on your players fairly simultaneously, making raids on the player's stockpiles. This will force the players to think defensively with such concepts as increased escort, outsourcing of personell, etc.

But all this depends on exactly how in depth you want to get with the commerce side of this. If you want to use it as a conflict / solution type of scenario, just have the enemy start an increasingly hostile effort to destroy the holdings of the players.

Hope I've helped out with a few ideas. Good luck!:D

Jak Knife
11 June 2002, 12:06 PM
This is somewhat related, I have a player who is a Sector Ranger. He is trying to infiltrate a crime family and bring it down from within. Surrounding him is a crew of scum and villiany he is using as a cover. Now through some manuvering, the group has gotten involved with a Hutt. This Hutt (Jartung Dar) sent them on a mission to clean part of his operation that was skimming off the the top. Once they had taken care of it, the Hutt put them in charge of the operation. This is where is gets real interesting, a rival crimelord is trying to move in on the Hutt which is why there was a problem with the operation to begin with. They end up going out and taking care of the upsurper and winning the favor of the Hutt. The Hutt in turns make the undercover Sector Ranger a "Made Man" and gives him the directive to grow his meager holdings. Now the group has to go out and come in direct conflict with other crime families.

So what I'm suggestion is if this player want to be a crimelord, it is easier to recruit him into a crime family and direct him there then for him to start his own. This solves a lot of problems with direction, it makes it more like a military campaign where you can throw out orders. Plus it gives the players two front to work on. The opposition and how to move up in the family to take it over. You can also throw out rivals with in the family and for you can mix in the cops, namely the Sector Rangers. The more fronts you build for the players, the more you create a storytelling web.

But that is just my suggestion, I hope it helps.

The Admiral
11 June 2002, 03:23 PM
There a very good thread on this subject RIGHT HERE (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?threadid=6559&highlight=how+to+be+a+crimelord)

Nova Spice
11 June 2002, 05:17 PM
Since the thread Admiral placed above deals directly with my PC, allow me to add a few thoughts.

1.If your PC wants to become a powerful crime lord, start him off in whatever syndicate he's involved with (i.e. Black Sun, Hutt Clan, etc.) and allow him to perform assignments for the crime boss as a low-level underling. As he accomplishes more and more assignments, eventually he gets promoted to a fairly high-level position (such as the chief of security, personal pilot, or even majordomo). When he attains this position, he will likely tick others in the syndicate off......that means war. If he becomes majordomo, you can bet the former majordomo (who is now deceased... :D ) will have followers that will want to take the hero down. After the hero quells this threat through whatever means you deem necessary, he has earned the crimelord's trust.
2.After the PC has earned his boss's trust, the coup d'etat is on! Slowly, your PC will have members of the crimelord's court approach him, offering their services to him. They do this because they figure that the PC will eventually become the head honcho once the current one "retires."
3.At just the right time and when the PC has become a valuable ally, perhaps even a good friend, the crimelord becomes complacent and begins allowing the PC access to all sorts of records and information. When the timing is right and when the crimelord has his guard down, your PC can have the opportunity to strike the crimelord down, or hire someone to do it for him/her.

Although my PC was (and still is) a self-made crimelord. He started from the bottom and climbed all the way to the top of a successful droid business (to look legitimate). On the side Oora runs standard spice and smuggles guns and illegal weapons. He also has a respected shipping corporation that expands his influence all the way from Hutt Space to the Corporate Sector. I hope that helps....its just one scenario, but I hope it is what you were looking for..........

P.S. And no Admiral, the PCs are anything but uber-powerful. ;) Oora is now 11th level and has a whopping 41 Vitality. The PC with the most vitality is Barden, who is also level 11 with a modest 70 (he is a soldier too). I know this is D20 specific,but I thought I'd let you know. :p

11 June 2002, 06:06 PM
Although my PC was (and still is) a self-made crimelord.
Actually, this is more along the lines of what I was looking for. The group makeup isn't sufficient to allow a (totally) criminally oriented campaign, however. I know, I know..that makes it difficult for one to become a crimelord, doesn't it? What sorts of ventures would be necessary to start this ball rolling? For example, let's assume I'm the PC. I want to begin a "crime family" (for lack of a better term). I have a ship, I have people to help defend the aforementioned ship. What I don't have is stuff to sell, anyone from whom to buy it, and nobody to sell it to, assuming I can find someone to buy from.

On the side Oora runs standard spice and smuggles guns and illegal weapons
This is exactly what I'm looking for. However, as I'm not really a criminal, I have no idea how this whole process realistically would work. You can't just go somewhere, hope to find a bunch of contraband that someone's selling, fill up an entire cargo bay (or smuggler compartments; C'mon, every smuggler worth his Ryll will have these) with it, fly somewhere else, and just hope there's a line at your landing bay waiting to buy it. It would seem to me that the PC's gonna have to do some serious legwork before he can even begin hauling anything: he'll have to make contacts with people selling, then make contacts with people buying, do a little recon into how heavily patrolled the potential shipping lanes are, find out who's in charge of Customs/Port Authority/etc, 'grease the servos' a ton, and hope he didn't just try to bribe a narc. Am I on the right track here?

These suggestions are great, by the way...gives me some good ideas for some NPCs, assuming the PC can actually get far enough along in his quest. :)

Nova Spice
11 June 2002, 06:22 PM
Sure thing man, let me just go though what Oora did (my PC). He wanted to do the same thing that your PC wants to do. He wanted to live like a Crimelord and BE a Crimelord. First off, he realized that he needed credits...and lots of it. So he journeyed into the Core Worlds (Contruum) and sought out a CEO of Industial Automaton. He borrowed a loan and set up a droid factory on Etti IV (a world in the Corporate Sector). Once he collected enough credits from selling droids, he payed off his debt and began hiring people to do small-time jobs for him. He'd pay smugglers to run spice or smuggle guns. After doing this, my group started up Tempest Feud and one of the favors they received from Popara was another droid factory on Nal Hutta, thus Oora's legit business doubled and his illegal business doubled as he hired more smugglers and such.
This is just one scenario.....I hope it helps. ;)

11 June 2002, 06:59 PM
Good Idea Nova Spice if you email (Rouge8@msn.com) the stats for that char I will usde it in the campaign I am GMing.