View Full Version : HardTek Line Delay

Steven Snyder
12 June 2002, 01:08 PM
To those who are enjoying my submissions....

The HardTek series will take a short hiatus while I throw away some time on the Wizards campaign contest. Never fear, I have more submissions on the way as soon as my rejection letter arrives.

Dan Kyrinov
17 June 2002, 05:17 PM
Sorry to hear that, Steven. I'm sure you'll not do as bad as you think in the contest. It's good to know more are coming soon. By the way, in our campaign I introduced your line of products at a fine arms store in the Core, and one picked up a PB-9S with a CATS1. My Twi'lek GM character picked up one of the 'lightning guns' as we affectionately call it and strapped it onto a rifle. As soon as our creditbooks rebound from the purchases, we'll probably stop by for more!

Steven Snyder
2 July 2002, 07:33 AM
Thanks Dan

We here at HardTek really appreciate when customers show their enthusiasm about our products.

My little excursion into the world submission is over and I am working on a few more additions to the HardTek line. Perhaps the next thing is going to be the start of the line of HardTek armor and medical gear. A good weapon is great and all but very useless if the character was struck dead in the 1st round by a lucky shot.