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14 June 2002, 08:03 PM
I'm wondering what you all do in regards to mission briefings when your characters are aligned with either the Alliance or the Empire?

Last time what I did was write up the briefing in advance, and just read it all out, which meant that I didn't cover any details, and it appeared as a scene like in a movie or book, with everything being covered, and trying to add in bits from each characters that represent what they are really like, etc, to make it realistic.

How do you all do it?


15 June 2002, 04:50 AM
I often use the US Army's five paragraph operations order format. Now of course, I don't tell them everything that they cover in the operations order, because horse we didn't even use it all in the Army:D However, it gives a nice feel to it as most of my players are familiar with it, and it covers anything you can think of just about. I usually roll play the briefing with a senior, usually cannon (even if it is obscure) officer delivering it. I give them a chance to ask questions in character and request supplies. I even usually write down specific parts and put it in a slide presentation for really long missions so that my players can have it available for a reference.

Of course, I usually have WAY to much time on my hands! :D

15 June 2002, 11:19 AM
I had some friends in the military, so I also gleened some ideas off of them in order to give briefings.

Basically, I normally write down appropriate information into two categories: one is what I consider the "Good guys" (whichever side you're playing) knows, and the second is what is ACTUALLY there.

I then go about telling the players(characters) the following (been a while, so bear with me):

Goal of mission (kill who, blow what up, capture such and such, etc)
Location (where the mission will be)
Situation (defenses, people, equipment in use, etc)
Insertion (how will the "good guys" get there)
Extraction (how they will leave)
Re-state goal of mission
Take questions
Allow characters preparation (let them get equipment they will need)

Basically, though, as a briefing officer, I only tell them the first 6 parts, and then let they ask any and all questions they can think of in part 7. Hopefully, by that time, they know what to do in part 8.

Hope this helps.