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17 June 2002, 11:25 AM
Does anyone know where discriptions or pictures of symbols might be found. I mean not only the Republic, imperial, and rebellion but also something like the SW version of red cross, The symbol for the hutts region, The Black sun, Bounty hunters guild, in general a source for organisations emblems, badges and icons.

If there isn't a source maybe someone could make one.

12 July 2002, 01:54 PM
well should I take this as a no.
All I wanted was to know if perhaps there were symbols like the red cross or common symbols in our world should have counterparts in theirs as well as things we don't have yet. Xenopsych and droid repair. Power cell recharge companies (gas companies)
Heck a police badge is an example of a recognised symbol. How would a soldier know not to shoot a a medic if s/he didn't have an identifying symbol. How do people recognise a hutts representative to avoid making an enemy of a hutt by braining them in a bar fight. If I worked for a hutt I'd flaunt it the make sure I was never intentionally a target of attacks without them knowing pain and vengence would follow any harm done to me.

12 July 2002, 08:16 PM
Star Wars is a big galaxy. It isn't really appropriate, in my oppinion, to try and come up with counterparts to the red cross or other organizations for SW. I believe some of the old WEG books had symbols for some of the companies, or you can other peoples ideas for them online. I seriously doubt the Hutts ahd a symbol to represent them all. they kinda are their own symbol. Plus there would probably be alot of infighting on one symbol, since more then likely one clan or another would want to have some prominent feature on the symbol to make them seem more dominant then the others.

Black sun does have a symbol, do a search on them at Starwars.com. should show up there, if not, proly online or, again, in old WEG books.

Bounty hunter guilds might, but for mid rebellion era on there are ALOT of hunter guilds, so you can make whatever you want for those.

Oh, equivalent Red cross. as the hunters there would more then likely be hundres of smaller organizations, all with some specific purpose or overly broad purpose. big galaxy, doubt one organization can watch over everything. but they might work with each other or concentrate on one thing or another (save the Ubese or that other race destroyed by the Bothans)

For badges and such, take a page from the Third Reich. they literally had THOUSANDS of different ID badges and marks. I have a book that has a selection of these, and there are alot in this one book (I am a big history buff, not a nazi or anything) I am willing to bet the Empire, CSA and Rebellion (or even NR) have something like this out of necessity, cause of all the worlds under their rule and different races.

Hope this helps. Starwars.com and old WEG books are your best bet for finding some of these, with the net being next.