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shadow master
17 June 2002, 10:24 PM
Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has a couple of good ways to temp a Jedi character to the Dark Side. I mean I have done a couple with some success, but that was because my players know how I will tempt them. So if anyone has any fresh Ideas, I would really appreciate it.

18 June 2002, 12:57 AM
How have you tempted them in the past? Just to save me posting ideas youve already used.
Personally my favourite is perhaps using close friends/relatives that have been other players or Npc's they have adventured with. Because they player is more sympathetic with long term party members that way in is the easiest. Perhaps they were murdered or they have a bounty on them. (Sometimes they deserve bounties for some crime they have done in the past, remember that Jedi are guardians of peace and justice not enforcers of it. If a Jedi strikes down a Bounty Hunter sent to capture their party member then that could mean he gains a darkside point for striking out of emotion)
I think the best way is to make them feel they are doing right. Suprise and capture them off guard so after the deed they think "Oh my god what did I do" but remember that depeding on the intelligence of the player and how much he knows about the force could also influence how you offer the dark side. Some players you may find argue against the dark side point constantly and find that the whole adventure stops.

Think on propoganda. they may have heard that a Criminal Mastermind has been sent to cause trouble in Sullust to maintain Imperial Support. If the Jedi immediately kill they guy no questions asked, he receives a dark side point....if you throw the encounter to a point that seems a heroic point in the adventure, ask if they want to use the force? (Therby granting them a dark side point, if they use it then theyrte going to get two).
They may argue, but I say Dont play a Jedi if you dont understand the costs, and the darkside is one of them. I dont think Luke got a warning that Force Choke on Gamorreans would give him a dark side point, do you? Also this Criminal Mastermind was a not a criminal, he was a Rebel Intelligence operative, hoping to recruit Sullust to the cause or some other such thing...Thereore A GOOD GUY :)

Hope that helps

18 June 2002, 06:17 AM
i've got a house rule on DSPs that could help- sorry, d20 specific

when a character is faced with a decision that is clear cut good vs. evil path, i may arbitrarily have them make a will saving throw DC 10+DSP total. if they fail, their character will take the evil path, if they save, they can make their own decision (which can still be evil, but at least they decided it conciously instead of being weak to the dark side).

otherwise i'd tempt jedi like most people do. throw some candy in a bunch and watch them fight over it like children. :D

18 June 2002, 06:48 AM
If memory serves(and it rarely does), I believe there's a whole featurette at the SWRPGNetwork about tempting Jedi. And really, the best way I've found to give darkside points is to make the players make judgement calls that really hurt... give them situations where use of the dark sie would make the mission far easier, while not giving in to temptation will cause a lot of pain. Like they see through the force that a man is going to commit a heinous crime, but he has not done it yet(farseeoing, future could reveal this if done well enough). Another way is the Force Skill Fear. No saving throw on it; eithier take a DSP or take the penalties. wicked. :shivers:

18 June 2002, 07:47 AM
In one of my games the players were listening to a darksider trying to mitigate his actions and bring the jedi to the dark side. He asked her to smash a crystal, (actually a life form) she recieved a rush of power and a DSP. Eventually she figures out his plan but she had a few DSP by then, and had enjoyed gaining them. Redemption followed.

18 June 2002, 10:46 AM
simple find a way to prevent them accessing the good side. Like Callista in the books, she has been denied access to the force but in a few cases she has been able to feel herself falling to the darkside.
Maybe a new darkside force weapon that causes the force to fizzle. A crystal that works as a dampener. Or you could deny them force skills of light or dark and watch them crack. I'm reminded of a forgotten realms story where a great wizard shook hands with a man he recognised as unable to touch magic. The man had a tatoo on his hand and when they shook hands the Wizard was without powers and the magicless man had all of his. Then the Wizard found the tatoo had been treansfered to the other man. Now without the use of magic he had grown dependant on he had to swap tatoo for power again before the change became perminant.

Reverend Strone
18 June 2002, 12:56 PM
One really effective way is to force them react out of desperation.

"Fear, Anger, Hate, the Dark Side are they," and this can be expressed very effectrively in game terms when you bring a character to a point of great peril. Notice how a large chunk of the Dark Side Point earning skills in the RCRB are usable untrained? Cunning game designers.

They realised that in a desperate situation, a well meaning character might just be so frighteneed or angry to reach within themselves and strike out in anger using powers they never knew they had.

Placing your Force-using PCs in situations which cut down their options can sometimes draw out these kinds of scenarios, but of course, the player has to either be prepared to explore that path with their character, or else be too dim to quite realise where they're being taken.

This has worked exceptionally well for me so far, though obviously it is only one method, and can't be used too often.

Good luck Shadow.

shadow master
18 June 2002, 01:37 PM
Hey thanks everyone. This will be a great help. All things that they would never suspect. You see I use the 'active' Dark Side, writing notes to them granting them temperary ungodly powers, for a price. They are kinda used to that.
Also, I found that acting out of 'bravery' like rushing into battle as not to show fear could lead to the dark side. (Muahahah)
Thanks again, but I am stil open to ideas.