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18 June 2002, 01:16 AM
Hi, one of my players is a deep space pilot and hes been currently exploring the unknown regions looking for his parents who went missing several months ago. (the era is Rebellion Era just after the battle of Yavin)
He has now found their ship having been crash landed on a strange planet. Having checking the astrogation computer and flight recorder he has discovered that his parents were shot down and captured by aliens far deeper into the unknown regions than anyone has ever thought possible. He is now travelling to the alien civilisation to reclaim his parents or exact his revenge if need be.
This sets the campaign of one mans war against the Yuuzhon Vong before the rest of the galaxy hears of it. I need some help however....
Plenty of information on the Yuuzhon Vong, but Im a bit sketchy on whether in the Yuuzhon vongs systems whether there are other alien races under the YV's boot heel, repressed, etc. Certainly one man and his droid aint going to get far without supplies etc and travelling to an d from the outer rim is costly as well as difficult everytime he needs to repair. What I need is an alien planet that will have some denizens that will aid him with rerpairs, supplies and possible information. (Repairs maybe difficult due to the technology types, but do non YV in their Home Systems use biotech or did some of them use at one point technology as we know it?
Ive already though of some sympathizers...he may find one of his parents and rescue him/her on her deathbed and if he chooses may rescue a fellow prisoner and friend of his father/mother, a T#Yuuzhon Vong who has lost his faith, and his way (think of Gavik from Deep Space 9 - more of "im out for myself but Ill help if it helps me" dort of attitude) Though I know languages maybe a problem at start, but Im sure he can pick them up later.
Any other ideas thoughts, help that could be useful will be very welcome :)

18 June 2002, 05:58 AM
unfortunatly the fact is that during the NJO , we still know very little about the Vong. there is a complex political order between the castes , and during the "edge of victory" series we get a bit of a highlight on that aspect. the fact of the matter is that all or most of the Vong we encounter in the book series have never seen their OWN homeworld , due to the fact that they had to travel for so long on the Worldships that they crossed the Galactic Barrier in. i believe that Generations of vong lived on the world ships , therefore the trip took a long long time from a galxy even further away.

now for some constructive if not totally made up GM aid. please forgive the line of thought and off the top of my head ramble ahead :)

how does this sound : Instead of the actuall YV home galaxy , your PC has actually landed in an advance planning system deep in Unknown Space. (perhaps this is the group of YV that the Chiss were always rumored to have encountered.) the system is deep enough that it is on the very furthest edge of Chiss war-recon so not much help is available. the system has a double star formation , which the vong need to grow a certain kind of biotech . the system can be set up to be any size but here is a suggestion for layout.

closest to the sun is a Vong controlled planet , with shaper compounds set up on it , the planet has a mineral rich core which they have mined into for matierials , and they have enslaved the ant like race that lives here for slave labor in the large tunnel system below . the entire polanet has been turned into a kiln -or oven if you will - to incubate a special yammosk that will allow the YV to cross into this galaxy much easier and faster.

a bit further away from the suns can be a planet with relatively the same atmosphere as earth. Id change it a bit though , make it teeming with life like a Pangea model , it could be a lost world type set up , with savages , and real big star wars style Dinosaurs , - think rancor , think aklay from ep 2 ... only bigger ?? ( and remember if it lives and its dangerous the vong will bioshape it into thier own needs... imagine a giant three story tall aklay - that spits acid , and acts like the queen alien from the movie aliens - a huge brood of really dangerous alie/aklay thingies - wheres my thermal detonator launcher ! :) game over !

then even further than that , i would have an asteroid field and a gas - giant planet with hidden technology within. a race of bird like aliens live here and have the technology you are looking for , in the abundance you need . secrecy will be needed her efor if the YV find out about them here on a seemingly worthless planet , it would prompt them to hunt down the infidels , and their dead technology.but i would make this the home base of operations ... hidden , asteroids , but still in danger.

Other Races :
i would assume that the Chazzrach(sp?) originally came from the Vongs home galaxy...- a small reptillian race humanoid in appearance (they always sounded like smaller trandoshans...), enslaved by the vong , and used as soldiers in the Invasion force.

the ant race , and the bird race , then a bunch of Star Wars Dinos. ill write more later if you like - but thats a start.

18 June 2002, 06:11 AM
a book by greg bear called "rogue planet" hint at the vong invasion at Zenoma Sekot- which was based in the Old Republic days between Ep 1 and 2. the planet had biotechnology which didn't totally protect them from the first Vong invasion and the Vong retreated mysteriously back to the stars after taking a jedi named Vergren (or something similar)

you could easily have the survivors of this first attack secretly investigating the Vong (they don't know who they are) and they might be able to offer some help for your player.

just a question of curiosity though- is it just you and 1 player doing this? What are others in your group doing? How is it working out?

19 June 2002, 07:06 AM
Thanks guys its a great help :)

As for the players its just myself and one other (he cant get to the groups roleplaying sessions, "Hes under the thumb" just where he wants to be. So Ive been running the odd solo adventure for him every blue moon. Hes starting to get to be more available (His wife has started shouting at him that shes not stopping him from "playing out" )
But well see :)