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19 June 2002, 04:59 AM
With the advent of a horrendous job, I have been falling a bit behind with my work on the game. No worries, I'm still doing it, but things have changed a bit.

I still have a page up and running. I'll throw up an address soon. I also have a forum running. I still do not have a D20 GM, and I need a small team to run conversions, both from D6 to D20, and from D20 to D6. Please email me with all questions/ideas/volunteering time issues, please...I don't get as much time to check this page anymore.

And, with the job, there will be a bind on when I will be available to run the D6 game. It will probably be held on Sunday afternoons or Sunday evenings, not too late.

Again, the project has NOT been stopped...only slowed.

I need players! D20 and D6! If you know anyone, pass it on!
I need a D20 GM! Know one? Pass him/her my email!

Oh, and the Jedi slot on the D6 game HAS been taken. Sorry, unless you're interested in playing an apprentice, no more Jedi.

Thank you,
Daniel Stull
GM, The Star Wars Roleplay Home