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19 June 2002, 09:36 AM
What kind of tricks do you like to mess with your players minds with, I had an idea, to have a chest the heroes discover with two items,a blaster and a vibroblade, roll 1d6 and if it is 1-3 the blaster explodes when fired for 2d6 damage, the same if the roll is 4-6 for the vibroblade, but if you roll a 5 and the heroes pick up the blaster, it works and deals 3d6+1 damage. post with your ideas!8o

19 June 2002, 10:33 AM
Sounds a little too much like D&D to me... was there an orc guarding that chest? :)

If I'm going to mess with my player's heads, it's going to be plot-driven... the harmless-looking dolt that's been following them around is actually a Sith working undercover; those raggedy-looking smugglers are actually Rebel operatives, etc. And if I put traps into the game, it's going to be something more like "this routine smuggling operation just got quite a bit more complicated when an Imperial Interdictor drops out of hyperspace right in front of you."

That kind of stuff is much more interesting to me than booby-trapped items. But, a variety of opinions is what makes this place so exciting :)

19 June 2002, 10:49 AM
my favorite mind bender was this...

the group was hot on the trail of criminal underworld types... they had blasted a club to smithereens when they fell into a trap... paranoid as taco-bell doggies, their next clue in the information trail leads to a quaint house in the suburbs on a run of the mill planet... picket fence, petunias, rocking chair...

you get the picture. red herring... or is it?

Knock on the door, little old granny peeps out- "Why hello sonny? Are you here to mow my yard?" Diplomacy Check (sorry D20 specific, Granny is 12th level diplomat)

all of a sudden, the characters are facing an extreme challenge- the grandmother who gets you to do everything....

i had so much fun becuase the characters kept digging at her past- you know how grandparents are, lovable but a little loopy... plus you can't say no!

Lord Diggori
19 June 2002, 11:00 AM
I prefer the plot-wise tricks myself also. Mysterious nightmares that fortell doom for the PC unless they develope a certain way.

Using random chance to harm PC's isnt very fair IMHO. I try to always give players alternatives, though these may be equally unattractive.

19 June 2002, 11:25 AM
my PC's due to their maffing up a diplomatic mission nearly started a war between Kaut and Corellia

shadow master
21 June 2002, 01:29 PM
Have one of the character's best friends the antagonist. I mean would he/she suspect their own best friend of trying to kill them? Would Luke expect Dack to fire at him in the X-Wing? Would the Emperor expect Darth Vader to throw him into that large hole? (Granted the emperor and vader weren't friends...) You could have someone chasing them when they are going to mean his friend. When the danger subside, they go see the friend who is very caring and sympathetic. Why wouldn't he? ;)
Another thing you could do is ripped from the 8-bit theater. The 'heroes' (one is evil, one greedy, one stupid, one is a munchkin) are supposed to find this kidnapped princess, Sara. The arch-fiend Garland's most evil thing planned for them is locking them in the guest dungeon and offering them cookies. The 'heroes' were all like "Oh my god, this guy must be encredibly evil if he can offer us cookies before he kills us." It is classic. But no one suspected that Princess Sara is actually more evil than Garland... use it how you will.

Mad Tech
24 June 2002, 08:47 AM
I've been running my campaign for a while now and the characters are operating out of a Jedi Academy during the RotE era, just prior to AotC. The headmaster of the academy was assassinated a few months back (orchestrated by Sith and Dark Jedi) and the replacement headmaster who stepped in is actually a Dark Jedi. The Jedi in the group have no idea that he is planning their destruction although one of the non-Jedi is very suspicious, but no one really believes him. The Dark Jedi headmaster has began to turn one of the non-Jedi characters to the Dark Side. I'm not quite sure how all of this will end, but most of the Jedi at the Academy will be killed when the evil headmaster's plans are complete.

Mad Tech

evan hansen
25 June 2002, 04:36 PM
Well, the only possible problem generated from random chance is created by my use of the WEG crazy die. You'd lose dice *and* something terrible could happen to you in addition. It was awful. We generated a table so that it could be another from, "your hangnail irritates you and your shot misfires" to "you slip on some bantha dung and shoot yourself in the stomach. out for a turn." You get the idea. :-)

More often than not, though, my players would create their own problems. (Heh.)

Players sometimes have a tendancy to get a little greedy -- everyone does it now and again -- and then they're busted. I do *not* punish players for stupid things. I *do* make certain that they face realistic repercussions. If you kill someone, an authority or a family member *will* hunt you down. It's that simple. The reason I posted it here is that players see it as evil. I see it as realistic gaming. *chuckle* Will I let things slide on occasion to let players out of a jam? Sure. But most of the time, they pay the price for silly things that they do themselves.

The Admiral
30 June 2002, 03:01 AM
I think possibly the most mind-bendy thing I've throw at my group was the Guild of Marianadinaires.
A Secret Society of ninja soup and sauce makers with agents throughout the galaxy.
The first encounter was when the G of M collected a cargo of shellfish from the party, by dropping four Guild Agents down on bungee cords from a black unmarked airspeeder right into the docking bay, grabbing onto the crate, and bungeeing straight up again, resulting is a stunned WTF? response from players and characters alike.
They subsequently found themselves trapped on a star destroyer, and despite their lunch being brought to them by a guy who kept winking, and explaining that their sausage meal was MARINADED, proceeded to make their own escape (dragging a freshly drugged Pho'Phenean with them), in the process detonating a hyperspatial weapon in the Star Destroyers hold,,,

The G of M;
All the combat skills of the Mistryl.
All the maniacal mannerisms of Kueller.
All the gizmoes of Batman.
All the espionage capabilities of the Bothans.

They JUST make soups and sauces.

30 June 2002, 11:17 AM
Originally posted by The Admiral
The G of M;
All the combat skills of the Mistryl.
All the maniacal mannerisms of Kueller.
All the gizmoes of Batman.
All the espionage capabilities of the Bothans.

They JUST make soups and sauces.

LMFAO. Okay, I've never messed with my players heads like that, but I have gotten them pretty good before.
When we were playing Tempest Feud, I had an agent of a rival Hutt plant a homing device on their ship. Well, in the break between Acts 1 and 2, I had the group go on a well deserved vacation on Alderaan. Rest, relaxation, peace.
When they docked, the homing device was found by a sensor sweep (a courtesy of the dockmaster). The players start to get paranoid.
They start noticing clandestine meetings every night at a certain upscale resturant between different female human nobles and a male human fringer. Always the same fringer. They always exchange something at the end of the night.
On the last night, they follow the fringer, but lose him. The fringer ends up sneaking up behind them with a party of rodian hunters, stuns them all, brings them to the security police. Turns out, the "fringer" was actually Bail Organa, and he was just trying to get some action. All he was giving them was his comm designation on a datacard.
It was worth all the leadup just to see the look on their faces when they realized that they almost accused a Galactic Senator of following and spying on them.:)