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Neb Nova
19 June 2002, 09:50 AM
The current story arc of my SWRPG campaign (set in the months following AOTC) focuses on the resurgence of an obscure dark side sect whose purpose is to destroy all other Force users, sith included.
This sect was defeated only once, centuries ago, by a sith lord. The sith lord died in the hyperspace wars and never told how he defeated the sect.
Now, the sect is back through a fallen jedi and in our next game, my players (2 jedis and 2 "light side" mercenaries) have to go on a forgotten sith graveyard moon to discover the secret the sith lord used to defeat the sect centuries ago.

I have not worked out yet what this "secret" is? I do not wish to use a super weapon. Any idea (even the wildest)?


19 June 2002, 10:21 AM
how is this sect any more powerful than a regular group of force users? just their intent? do they have a special power to nullify one's presence to the force (like ysalamiri)?

once you know what makes this new sect of dark users (like nihilists, they'll eventually destroy themselves) so dangerous (aside from being high level).

if they have some special new ability like the above mentioned, then and only then would they need a 'secret' weakness.

however, one could tailor viruses or use certain dark side skills against them- perhaps an alchemy check to create a special crystal for one's lightsaber to nullify the sect's special ability... or how about a dark side bacteria bomb that disrupts their connection to the force when using their special ability.

again, to find the weakness, we need to know the strength of this group. without strength, there is no weakness. just bland oatmeal (hmmm... i like oatmeal).

Lord Diggori
19 June 2002, 10:38 AM
First of all nice story hook.

If a Sith beat them whatever he used is certainly darkside. This sets up a cool conflict in that the Jedi may have to use the darkside for a good cause.

I think a new Force skill maybe the best option. Something powerful and darkside in the extreme. How about a power that specifically targets Force-Sensitives and effects a large area?

Off the top of my head something called Force Rend or Rend the Force. Something like Force Strike or Telekinetic Injury/Kill but less physically disruptive and more soul shaking. Something like an Anti-Force force power that damages those more closely tied to the Force, even the user (though perhaps to a lesser degree). If the Force ripples when it's touched this would be an reflective interference wave directly proportional to the strength of it's trigger.

It would do even more damage to higher level masters than lower level adepts. Regular folks might just feel a brief dizziness, novice padawans are hurt and knocked down, while Jedi Council members are flung like rag dolls and take d6 attribute or d20 ability damage.

It awards 1 DSP + 1 per Force-sensitive target effected, including the user. High numbers of DSPs would make it easy and more potent, subtract from the difficulty and add to the damage.

It could be a d6 Force Power or d20 Force Feat. No matter which it should need lots of requirements and be very difficult to execute to balance it's power.

19 June 2002, 11:48 AM
It could be a d6 Force Power or d20 Force Feat
But if these obscure dark siders aren't going to be a continual problem for the PCs (meaning, you find the secret, you destroy them, then move on to the next galaxy-oppressing enemy), making them waste a Feat (D20 specific, sorry. No mention was made in the original post as to which system you're using) on a power they may only use 1 or 2 times seems a little much. P'raps (assuming you're going with the 'new power' route) make it an untrained check based off of Wisdom, with bonuses based on the character's Wis modifier, level, and FP total, with a penalty of -1 per DSP? Very similar to the DSSB's rules for possibly destroying a Dark Side Spirit, but I don't see why the rules can't be adapted for this.

19 June 2002, 12:09 PM
Diggori, I like your idea, but I'd put another hook into it.
The Power does reciporical damage (you spend vitality and wound points. everybody effected takes the same damage), but there is a way out of it. You see, the power only does damage to force users that aren't completely "Black & White". If a "Dark Jedi" has ANY light side / regular FP, the damage is applied with no save. Likewise to any Light Jedi with ANY DSPs.
Area effect. Can be used by either side (Light/Dark), but they must be "pure".
Perhaps call it Force Purge?

Just an idea for balancing a spell like that a bit.
Oh, yeah. A spell like this is probably going to be WAY beyond any of your players, so I'd suggest the spell to be contained in an ancient Sith Amulet, and the force user must channel the power through the amulet, and thus the soul of the ancient Sith (we don't need no steeeking holocron!)

Lord Diggori
19 June 2002, 01:25 PM
Kenpo, I see what you're saying about the Feat investment and agree for the most part. The power level I originally envisioned seemed more feat-like.

Ird, I really like your Sith amulet idea. It takes out the question of spending a feat, PC capability, even the need to detail how the power works! The Sith spirit could just invoke the power using a force point from the wielder and giving a darkside point. Plus it could taunt the character into other acts that add to the story.

I am puzzled about the damage you suggest though. If this is a Sith spawned ability why would it be easier on light-siders? Sith have enemies that run the gamut light, neutral, and dark (including fellow Sith).

Neb Nova
21 June 2002, 07:30 AM
waoooh... I'm impressed by the quality of your suggestions guys. Thanks a lot. Let me print it all and think it over this week-end...

(and yes, i'm using the d20 system)

shadow master
21 June 2002, 01:18 PM
Another way of doing things is using a faction that was evil at one time, turned to light side when defeated (perhaps some perverted code of the Aiki Order or the Monks of Shimura) but then some of the students found the ancient dark text and began to secret study the dark arts. Then you could possibly have the players learn about the ancient Sith victory from some of the factions scholars as means of finding some way of defeating them.

However you could always go with classic Krath way of doing things. One can only be a member of the sect if they are possessed by the spirit of the dark side entity called "Krath". Very wicked stuff. Their weakness could be the fact that the possession is very dangerous and many many die trying to get through the initation of possession.