View Full Version : Oregonians looking for group

19 June 2002, 12:06 PM
A frnd of mine who I roleplay with has become very obsessive about finding a new group to play with. The only people we have here is me, his roommate, and whoever the roommate can scrounge up. Prob is, we either end up with a drug addict or a young kid. And the roommate isn't very reliable.

So, I was curious if there was any groups/players in Portland OR that could use a couple more players? Between us we can play almost any of the more popular RPG's (although grudgingly in one or two cases, but begars can't be choosers :) ) and we are both GM's of some ability (my frnd is far more capable then me, but I have my moments).

2 July 2002, 02:28 PM
Well I am not a druggie and I am not a kid, and I do live in Portland. The downside is that I am a Married Father of two who is also a nursing student. Not sure if I could be as frequent a player as you want, but you can contact me anway.

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