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Matt Richard
21 June 2002, 09:32 PM
(please read my other thread, part one: Alternate Universe: Operation Emperor's Vengance, it clarifies a lot)

-- What Im about to do will be confusing, Im going to start this by writing a prolog to my other thread, then starting after my other thread. just bear with me --

(Before thread: Alteranate universe Operation Emperor's Vengance)
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode VII: Emperor's Vengance

It is a chaotic time in the galaxy. The SECOND DEATH STAR has been destroyed by REBEL FORCES on the forest moon of endor. People are now starting to turn their backs on the Empire. In an attempt to restore order, the Empire has created the IMPERIAL EMERGENCY COUNCIL.

The Rebel Alliance has declared that all Alliance lands are free, and have renamed themselves THE CONFEDERATION. It is the IEC's job to crush the Confederation, and bring back order to the galaxy.

The Confederation has based their operations on Endor, and the IEC has made several attempts to sabatoge to the base, but have failled. They, however, have one more trick, a DRUG that will disorient the Confederation while Imperial troops invade and destroy the base. They have picked a great military soilder, DA'LL, to hopefully drug the base, and brign down the Confederation, and restore order to the galaxy...

(now, after reading my other thread, we continue here....)

Da'll was amazed how beautiful space was. He had flown thousands of times in space, but everytime, he became more fascinated with the nothing that held everything.

His thoughts were interupted by the pilot of the shuttle. They were coming out of hyperspace, and approaching a distant moon, far enough not to be detected by the Confederate forces.

Da'll looked around, he had been told that he would be assisted by a group of three to infiltrate the base, drug the confederates, give the signal, and leave. Jen, the weapon's specialist, was a stern, yet attractive blonde, who probably never experience "fun" in her entire life. Then there was IMP-27, the standard protocol droid for the empire. Da'll didn't like droids, and having a protocol droid made it worse. Darik, the pilot, and ex-rebel knew Confederate bases like the back of his hand.

The shuttle landed at an abandon warehouse on the distant moon. Da'll figured that the dark rusty place used to be a construction yard for the Republic when the Outer Rim Construction Project was still going strong.

Da'll noticed that this place made him tired. Possibly it was because it was so dark. He couldnt figure out why he was always so tired, but never could get any rest.

They were in the warehouse to make sure they had everything before going in. Da'll, not having anything to do, decided to explore. He saw a door, and was about to open it. That was when he heard IMP-27's anoying voice say: "Im afraid that place is restricted." He decided not to test fate, but there was something strange about that door.

The crew left on the shuttle, and entered Endor with relative ease, giving the excuse they were mercenaries that had stolen an imperial shuttle. Da'll couldnt believe how easy this was.

A few hours later, in the forest. The sun was high but could barely be seen due to the tall towering trees. Da'll knew he needed to hurry up. Tiredness was setting in, and he was falling asleep as he was walking. He didnt want to sleep, because his sleep was always filled with nightmares. He could never rest, he didnt like night time.

But all that was un-important, it was time to destroy the Confederate Scum.

To be continued...