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24 June 2002, 08:15 AM
Could anyone give me some ideas for my four-person all Jedi campaign?

I want to weave the following elements together. Its just before NJO era. They are all currently level 2. (They will want lots of violence I'm sure, but I donít want to make it simply hack and slash) What I guess Iím looking for is any ideas in the form of a paragraph of general overview. Iím having trouble looking beyond the elements and tying them together with a backstory that only I will know and slowly reveal. I wanted to call it Rising Shadows or some such.

Things I want to include in my campaign (but I'm not exclusively holding onto):


Whateverís left of the ďForce WitchĒ sect

A discovered holocron for the Jedi.(light or dark)

Reanna Ta the Dark Apprentice of Bad guy <no name yet> (Who is likely from Dathomir)

Bad guy is a dark Force user who found Darth Maulís Citadel and a Sith Holocron, slowly learned a bit of the Sith way.

A good deal of NPC interaction. Smugglers, military, civilians.

Eventually, they'll get started on the Vong, but for now...?

25 June 2002, 06:55 AM
your time frame indicates the time when the Imperial Remnant made their brief surges for power again. is this before or after thrawn?

i might suggest your jedi are part of skywalker's academy. as such, they could be part of an outer rim research group to look for more force users or perhaps investigate ancient worlds (ones that 'should' be safe according to New Republic field reports).

maybe your jedi could be part of a search/rescue team.

Maybe your jedi are rogue force users who flunked out the academy.

Whatever you end up doing... that dark force user will have minions. Maybe they are looking for the same artifact as the characters.. or a string of artifacts that will bring them in collision with the characters. Or maybe the characters will foil an assassination plot... or a kidnapping plot... or shoplifting plot... whatever works.

from experience, it is tough to provide adequate menaces for a group of force users... until one decides upon the force magnet idea.

the more force users in an area, the more 'pull' they have on epic history of the galaxy. Also, force users will be drawn together, subconciously or using Farseeing. that can bring adequate rivals (ie, if the force user is a sith practitioner, he would want apprentices, which you can throw against them every once in a while).

good luck... you're going to need it (watch out for that affect mind on the GM!)

25 June 2002, 07:12 AM
Thanks! That and some stuff I discussed with a friend are going to help a bunch. I'm already starting on the outline. :D

28 June 2002, 09:00 PM
I know I am submitting after the fact but still, here is an idea that might suprise your PCs.

I don't know how experienced your PC's are but if they are semi decent at role playing, try this. They probablely know what to expect so give them a misssion or two that completely ignores the Jedi's primary assets (the force and combat skills) Do a mission or two that has them using technology or ships that they are not familier with before you begin into the "darkside" portions of the adventure. Forcing the PC's to play their characters in roles that they aren't specificaly suited for just might allow them to gain an interesting perspective on roleplaying.

I don't know if you are the kind of GM who would try some devious little misdirection on your players but it might be worth a try.


shadow master
29 June 2002, 01:33 PM
In a campaign (a Dark Sider campaign), the group (a Dark Jedi, me, a Shadow Dragon, a Sith Warrior, and a Force Witch) were sent together in search of an artifact called a Null Sphere. We encountered many Jedi and other Dark Siders looking for it as well. (Problems arose when we found it and some started using it for their power, and attacking the other members in the group). Perhaps you have your Jedi looking for it, and encounter many Dark Siders, and perhaps having them narrowly missing their chance to grab it and must go after the people (and the real kicker, non force users who just like the way it looks, pirates perhaps) who took it.
Of course normal treasure hunter would never willingly give it up without a fight, verbally or otherwise. And a Jedi is not to attack someone unless provoked...
What the Null Sphere does is simple. Like a Ysalmari, it cuts the Force user, well, from the Force. Giving drastic penalties, or just no possible way to use force powers, to the Jedi, so Affect mind will not work on the treasure hunter or whatever.
Be sneaky and make them use skills they wouldn't otherwise think of using, Diplomacy, and whatnot, and if they didn't take it...too bad for them. :D

30 June 2002, 12:42 AM
You could send them as a 'diplomatic' team to try and get the remnants of the Force Witch sect to come and be trained as Jedi. However, a Sith or two have also got this idea and they conflict once or twice (or 10 times). When they manage to get rid of the Sith, they then have to sweet-talk the Witches. Ensure that you can find a reason for Affect Mind not to have any chance of working. I can't think of any at the moment.

30 June 2002, 07:54 AM
affect mind only works on the weak minded, load em up with skills that give a bonus to their will save and no level 2 PC will be effecting any level 10 NPCs mind anythime soon.

sides using affect mijnd like that WOULD be a DSP

1 July 2002, 06:00 AM
Thanks guys. Some great stuff!
I am quite interested in getting them to use the talents that don't involve the Force. On their way to Dathomir, they have ship trouble and have to put down on a remote, lightly populated planet. A local crimelord declares the planet under his dominion and siezes the sole large city on the planet including its spaceport. After talking to the New Republic Embassy people, they will have to find a way to either stop him or get off planet. This will require breaking in and out of places and plenty of help from NPC interaction I think.

When they finally get to Dathomir, they will find that Kirana Ti, Jedi Knight and currently a teacher of the really young Force Witches, is waiting to help them figure out if there is a way that someone could be hiding out on Dathomir. (Which there is) She will mention that she has felt a dark presence several times but after traveling into the wilderness she was unable to locate it. They will *hopefully* decide to try and locate it themselves. They will find the Sith Apprentice in a volcanic cave who is using this as a base of operation. The heroes will have to ride animals (rancors?) to get their, but when they do locate the cave through various clues and direction/misdirection in the Force, they will encounter a Lava Monster that the Sith Apprentice uses to guard the cave. During the battle or retreat, the Apprentice is made aware and will attack them for a bit before trying to escape. They will locate more clues in the cave after things settle.

Does this sound ok? I've got a week to get the stats and material together.