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24 June 2002, 04:27 PM
Sorry to ask for help again but how do you get a GM to stop from dictating what you char can and cant do. I'll be like ok I do this he gives me this real serious straight face with raised eye brows no you dont really no you dont. Im like im playing in character its what I would do. No you dont no you dont. GAAA. it is enough to drive a man crazy he does it all the time just to force us into his ideas and to make sure we follow his made up line and we cant stray from it it really bugs me how could i get around this I have tried beating him it doesnt work. what else is there?

24 June 2002, 07:10 PM
I'll be like ok I do this he gives me this real serious straight face with raised eye brows no you dont really no you dont
Have you asked him (note the quotations in the post) "Why can't I?" Does he give you a real answer, aside from "Because I want you to do something else"? If you have a GM that's dictating to you what your character can and can't do, it seems like he'd rather play than GM. Depending on your familiarity with the rules, you might decide to run for a while. Or, as was posted in the other thread, put out a call for other GMs in your area. I notice in my games that I'll try to maneuver the encounters so that they eventually head toward the goal I had planned, but if my players decide that they want to do something else for a while, I'm obliged to allow them that freedom. However, it seems in your case that your GM has a cool idea that he'd like to play in, and is forcing you towards the eventual goal, just to find out what it'll be like. I'd suggest a new GM for a while.

24 June 2002, 11:46 PM
I agree with MrKenpoJr in that you should ask the GM "Why can't I?" when he tells you that you can't do something. Roleplaying games are supposed to be games where your character can attempt the things that you decide. If the GM is taking that option away, it sounds like he either doesn't know how to GM very well, or doesn't know how to "wing it" when the group goes off on a tangent.

Make a point of mentioning that the GM overruling the stated actions of a character by a player is NOT fun, and you don't like it when he does it. GMs are supposed to take what is stated by the players, weigh the possibilities of such an action occuring, and then either relay the results to the player, or request a die roll from the player to see if the character can succeed in the stated action or not. The GM isn't supposed to go around superceding the actions of the characters on his own whim. Gamemasters that do that tend to find themselves running out of players very quickly.

I'd hate to say it, but it sounds to me like either you're growing up in roleplaying games faster than your GM, and you're not finding the way you used to "roleplay" fun anymore...OR... you've got a pretty poor GM who really needs to read through some of the Gamemaster Sections on the roleplaying games you all play. I suggest that if you check with some of the other players to see if they like the way the game is being played. If they do, perhaps you need to find another game group with more advanced players and GMs. If they don't like the way the current GM is running things, talk to your GM and explain some of the things that irritate you and your friends. If he doesn't change, you need to either get another GM or take over yourself.

25 June 2002, 06:46 AM
I don't this view has nothing to do with Lord_Grunt's assertions about his group... but i have noticed a point in a GM asserting what a character can and cannot do... follow me here for a sec please.

if you remember the "Metagame" mentality? That is something to watch out for in every game- when characters treat NPCs differently based on what they know about them outside of play. Take for instance a cameo in the game of a young Han Solo- it can make for a good game experience for characters to run into Solo; however, a metagamer might try to 'bag' solo for his bounty. The player knows Solo has a bounty... but his character may not.

also, that same player may decide to search the holonet for bounties and search out for Solo's name. Again, without prior suspicion that Solo would have a bounty, that character should not be able to look for a bounty because it is beyond the bounds of reasonable action based on what the character knows.

still, i think Lord_Grunt's group need a bit of rpg growing up- not voiced in a derogatory way. i've noticed that gamers do start out trying all the gadgets and getting the most 'stuff'. And as someone who witnessed many horrible Rifts Games, i sympathize with your plight. That game system doesn't lend much to Story- however, Palladium's other system, the PFRPG (1st edition) did 'bring me up right'.

D20 is a bit complicated. I might suggest your group starts out with base rules (basic combat, skill checks, etc.) and work your way up to the more advanced rules. get a solid base to start with. build on rock like the wise man, not on sifting sand. :)

25 June 2002, 11:40 AM
Yea like the kid has only played in games like rifts though it can be cool he was a Japenese Juicer. Anyone who knows what that is understands. Me im like week stuff a Gunslinger just cool to rp or scout or stuff him he is always the big nasty stuff. In Heroes Unlimited he was the giant robot with like 900 SDC when the next higher in the group was 300 so yea. He is a new Player also and being brough up on super power games doesnt help. Only two of us out of like 7 are experienced then three of us good at it. We have a munchkin majorly (guy who burned cd for Slave I and Jetpack then walked over GM to become Jedi). A guy who abuses rules cause GM doesnt know them which can be funny at times. Like a level two noble char convinving Chewbacca to fight on his side after one second and calling in 30 troops from his planet that he is a senetor for. He is also trying to convince the GM he can get a Death Star when he is level 25 but has brought it down to a Star Destroyer. All using Call a Favor. He isnt serious most of the time he is our comic realief. Then there is the PC who comes up with nasty ways of killing the other PCs and gives ideas to the GM and tatles on us and such. So its quite interesting, but thanks alot again guys im glad this msg board is so friendly and helpful.

oops forgot we say why not he says "Cause you can't, and your character wouldn't do that." Me-"Yes he would and you cant just say cause he cant." Then he thinks and says "Your hyperdrive wont work and there is a big fleat sitting there and they ask you if you could stay." Then he gets a big grin.

evan hansen
25 June 2002, 04:24 PM
How in depth is your character's background?

I ask because, if it's not too detailed, something you might want to consider for future characters is REALLY expanding on your background to the point where there is really very few interpretations of your character's personality. If your player would or wouldn't do something, it will be obvious.

When I say "expanding," I really mean expanding. Some of my better characters (now, very sadly, lost in some garbage pile somewhere) had backgrounds and write-ups of about 5 pages, single-spaced. If your character has that kind of detail, it's easy to say what he'll do because you'll have built-in experiences and past stories that will reflect your characters past actions and personality. Motivations and objectives will be clear.

Now, ideally, your GM wouldn't be an idiot. :-) But if he is being ridiculous, make a concerted effort to really make it hard for him to say that. And if all else fails, you can always try to sit down and talk with your GM. Or have him join the holonet and ask for GMing advice. ;-)

25 June 2002, 05:20 PM
I'll tell him to join or at least check it out