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Reverend Strone
24 June 2002, 05:33 PM
Just wondering, does anyone happen to know or have any interesting theories as to why the Aqualish in Ep II for some reason seem to have an extra set of eyes when compared to the Aqualish from all the other films?

I did see an entry in the Visual Dictionary mentioning that it was a genetic mutation caused by radiation in at least one case, a street-urchin type character, but even Po Nudo and the other senatorial staff seem to have four eyes.

Any theories, even those as to what practical considerations may have prompted the change by the Ep II creature crew, would be welcome.

25 June 2002, 10:31 AM
Actually if you go to starwars.com and go to the database and aqua race or the naes of one of the characters, then go to behind the scenes it should tell you the story. If I got it right, Lucas originally had in mind a slightly more spider like character, god knows why we got a walrus man. They came up with two races of them to explain why one has hands and the other flippers. Then Ep2 comes out and he changes what always looked like fleshy pouches to me into boney fang like protrusions, and four eyes for a spider like feel. He or another designer tried to explain it away in the under city as a mutant. But it looks like either the same mask or the same mask mold was used for the senator and so was not explain as easily. The aide is actually a changeling acording to her blurb (Shi'do) a shape shifter. I'd guess in her case she just went for feminization of his racial features. Now why the senator looks different or the reason for the differences in apparent species type in on species is unclear to me. From walrus to spider is a huge inconsistancy. Maybe it's a clan or family anamoly like the bird people of africa; who believe marrying outside of the village is bad so they breed within a closed gene pool. The majority of the poulace have feet with only 2 toes that look like fingers that curve intoward eachother but have little to no movement. Much like yoda feet. Those that don't have mishapen feet are unusual but they carry the genes for them so their kids will most likely have them. or maybe he's not elected but lives on the lower levels of Courascant with his family all their live and inherited the position but looks that way because he is a lower level mutant. I really can only guess.

Reverend Strone
26 June 2002, 12:45 AM
Good answer Jaggard. I'm left pondering in much the same way as you are on this one.

How I loathe inconsistancies, but I guess they just give us Gamers an excuse to try and come up with interesting explanations.

Thanks Guy.