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Reverend Strone
24 June 2002, 10:24 PM
Okay, first off, a whopping disclaimer- I'm pretty much green on the EU beyond Tim Zahn's books, so please tell me if I'm talking complete rubbish. I was just wondering, after reading some of the threads concerning the Corporate Sector, such as Irishman's query about them and Moridin's intriguing campaign set after Ep II, could the Corporate Alliance of the EU be the same, or grow out of the Corporate Alliance mentioned in Ep II?

To recap on some info, on the Corporate Alliance, these guys were represented among the Separatists in Dooku's pocket by Koorivar Senator Passel Argente.

Is it possible that the Argente's Alliance could be considered one and the same as the Corporate Sector? Or perhaps the Corporate Sector grew from the ashes of the alien Separatist megacorporations destroyed by the Republic military in the Clone Wars (some big Ep III assumptions there)?

Just some thoughts. I'd love to hear what other folks think.

24 June 2002, 10:39 PM
I'm a little fuzzy on this material myself, but I think the Corporate Sector was around at the time of the movies and probably well before. Plus, I don't think they would join a seperatists movement because they are so tucked away that they aren't even members of the Republic to begin with.

proxima centauri
25 June 2002, 06:20 AM
The way I see it, the corporate sector existed prior to Episode 1 and consisted mainly of system occupied and exploited by big corporations from many republic based systems. The corporate alliance could well be one and the same or part of what we know from the Han Solo trilogy's Corporate Authority.

I think you can pretty much extrapolate your own idea on the matter and I don't think that any of your guess will even be challenged in Episode 3. I think the Corporate sector will be left alone in the prequel trilogy.

Talonne Hauk
25 June 2002, 06:46 AM
I think Proxima Centauri hit the nail square on the head. Lucas probably doesn't care much about the Corporate Sector Authority, and won't make that connection in Episode III. But in terms of gaming, we're all free to make any extrapolations that we wish. Here's mine; the Corporate Alliance is simply an economic consortium of corporations, many of whom are located in the Corporate Sector, and Passel Argente is their representative. Those corporations that stay with the Republic, like Sienar, KDY, and others are rewarded with lucrative contracts by Palpatine. Of which he skims off the top, of course.

proxima centauri
25 June 2002, 07:06 AM

What is your idea on the Corporate Sector Authority, the Prex, Vice-Prex and the Espos? Was it there before the Empire? In what form? What was different or similar?

Talonne Hauk
26 June 2002, 07:13 AM
Wow, those are good questions. I lent my WEG sourcebook, Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Authority, to one of my players, because we're going to be adventuring in there, and he wanted a working knowledge of the area. Let me see what I can piece together from memory.
The Prex and Vice-Prex are the President and Vice of the Direx, or Board of Directors, of the Corporate sector Authority. They are elected by a 50 member panel. These members represent the top 50 corporations, earnings wise, or in rare instances, political influence. (The latter was important during the Imperial times.) The Corporate sector Authority was granted its charter hundreds of years before the Empire by the Republic. Its initial mission was to exploit a non-populated area of space for its natural resources, because what happened in the colonies region was corporations would come in, strip a planet bare, and leave the population with a valueless planet. Although there were abuses of power, for the most part the Republic held the CSA in check. When Palpatine rose to power, he needed powerful corporations to build his war machine, so any and all abuses were swept under the rug, or at the very most, met with a wink and a slap of the wrist. The CSA expanded, engulfing planets with pre-existing native life and civilizations, reducing them to slavery. The Espos were initially simply a law-enforcement group, but during the Empire, they became a somewhat organized military group.
Sorry about the length. I hope this answered your questions. If you want a feel for the CSA, read Brian Daley's Han Solo trilogy. A non Star Wars book that would be good to pick up is Venus, Inc. Unfortunately, I can't remember the authors for that one.

proxima centauri
26 June 2002, 07:39 AM
As a matter of fact, I have read two of Daley's books :D

Han Solo at Star's End
Han Solo's Revenge

I also have the HS and CS Sourcebook.

And what you said is true, but from the novels/sourcebook, we have a feel this is like a totalitarian state, and the Prex is elected but corrupted to the bones, because if he doesn't do what the main corporations want, he's going to be replaced, pronto! Also their policy regarding human rights is less than average, next to no civil liberties and the money you earn from working with the CSA must be spent through the CSA as their "credits" are not widely accepted... I see it as the vouchers or coupons from the 1930's.... work for us, w'ell give you bread! hehe

I'm sure the "old" republic would not tolerate this kind of behaviour. I understand they are remote, they are money driven, but I was wondering to what extent the Empire changed the CSA to what we know in the novels.

Anyway, any answer is a good answer, because the bottom line is: We won't know.. it's all up to us to use our imagination!

8 July 2002, 09:29 AM
I ran a scenario where one of the objectives was located in the CSA- I leeched them dry of credits from the 'fluctuating exchange rates'. I loved that. My players hated that... it was a good session.

here's something more to think about- see where WotC placed the CSA? It's near Korriban, ancient tomb/homeworld of the Sith. Maybe those "devoid" planets were originally part of the Sith Empire? Could be a good reason they were devoid to begin with. Their populations were massacred to the glory of Sith Lords! :D

11 July 2002, 06:56 PM
Where did WotC place the CSA? (as in which publication) I'd be quite interested in seeing their setup.

12 July 2002, 01:12 PM
WotC had the CSA in the upper right hand corner of the galactic map, near the outer edges. Korriban is the closest planet next to the CSA text. They don't say anything about it. Same with the Hapes Cluster- don't say anything. All your information is going to be from other sources- like the guide to planets and moons. i disliked the pictures in that book, reminded me of bad comic book art. the art in Guide to Species is much more aesthetic.

12 July 2002, 01:50 PM
I thought my wording might cause a problem. I meant which publication is the WotC Galactic map in?

proxima centauri
12 July 2002, 01:54 PM
Core Rulebook
Revised Core Rulebook