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Matt Richard
24 June 2002, 10:31 PM
I think that Yaeger Sector is one of those: "Could Be Great" sites, if only it could be recognized. Updates are so scarce there, that people dont realize that there really are that many files to upload, and so many people dont even know how to access the old site. There is a lot of potential, and I want everyone to realize that Yaeger Sector is not only a good site, but it could be a great site, if updates would start coming. Here is the URL for the old site. Check it out, and youll see what I mean.

Old Yaeger Sector Site (http://www.geocities.com/Area51/2129)

1 July 2002, 08:12 AM
Well, seems to me the Yeagar Sector falls into the same category as a million other sites these days. The "It has potential but no one seems to be manning the ship" category. In fact, you can look at several Starwars-RPG.Net hosted sites and see that they suffer from this same problem.

If the webmasters arent going to update or have just gotten tired of the site they should at least put up some sort of disclaimer. Is the Yaegar Sector Webmaster even still involved with the site?

5 July 2002, 04:37 PM
Alter S Reiss was always one of those guys I admired, the sheer quality and volume of material he spewed forth in the old days left me speechless. I tried a couple times, but I don't think I ever came close to reading even half of it.

Yaeger always stood out (to me at least) as one of the centerpiece websites of its day, along with Chaos Crew, Pegasus Base (long gone I believe), Moonswing and a couple others I cannot remember at this time. Keep in mind that I'm talking about a time so long ago that the Supplement Resource Center, IDN, starwars-rpg.net, swrpg.net, swrpgnetwork.com and pretty much all the other sites in the spotlight now did NOT exist.

I'm just glad the material is still available, despite the lack or scarcity of updates. The sad truth is that it will probably fade into oblivion sooner or later because much of the gaming community is d20 these days - there's only a few of us old d6ers still loyal to the system, and there's a lot of people who have never seen or heard of d6 before now.

Alter and Yaeger were always somewhat of inspirations to me and I hope that the Yaeger material remains online for quite a while.

Matt Richard
6 July 2002, 01:26 AM
It appears as though there is a constant cycle of sites that hit the spotlight. It will be fun to see what newbie sites come out and take over the web.

Armage Bedar
8 July 2002, 05:12 PM
Alter Reiss was the man. So was Kevin Dole, Kevin Perrine, Hooly (who still kicks around -- go Moonswing Chronicles!), Urban Lundqvist (Wing Commander Luna), and a host of other pillars of the community who have since disappeared. They used to be frequent posters to *the* SW-RPG Mailing List, but that was years and years ago; sometimes it seems like no one even remembers when this whole SW-RPG thing got started.

'Scuse me. That was probably gibberish to most of you, but for those of you for whom it made a bit sad, I just have one word: <FZOOK!>

evan hansen
14 July 2002, 08:09 PM
Wow, Armage. I seriously just wanted to shed a tear! Well, until I read <FZOOK!>. Then I laughed my butt off.

Those are, in some ways, distant, distant, distant names now. But I remember when I could expect 115 emails a day, 20-30 of them from names like that. (And, just to toss in a few more names: Landon C. Darkwood -- victim of the loss of his internet connection now, Pablo Hidalgo, Erik Inge Bolso, Leszek Karlik.....)

Not that this is related to Yeager Sector, but has anyone spoken or emailed with Empress Jae at all lately? I'd imagine she'll be highly visible if anyone goes to GenCon (I know you're going Armage -- congrats on the Ennie nomination!). Just curious what she's up to these days.

Something on a bit of a more related note: Sometimes real life just gets in the way, you know? Nealos, when he joined this very same list Armage and I are referring to, became -- much like Armage and others -- one of the "elite" few whom you could always count on for sound advice or materials. But the man graduated and started his own company. You just have to have priorities, ya know?

My focus was often on the email list. For the past year, really, RL has kept me largely ignorant of the gold mine of information and conversation of this place. I'm "lucky" in the sense that I still get the 10 minutes at work and the 20 minutes at night to check up here, play a little bit with new supplement ideas, et cetera...

But such is the way of things. It's microcosm of real life -- as folks get older, they get more real responsibility and they lose time or interest in things like this. It's certainly not a bad thing. It just happens.

(And Armage, if you EVER call yourself and old fogie again, I'll smack you... with my walker. *wink* You just joined the list when you first learned to read. *chuckle*)

Heh. Well, that was a fun stroll down a bit of memory lane... May the Force be with you!