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proxima centauri
25 June 2002, 08:32 PM

I'm GMing a campaing set up 7 years after Ep. 1.
Less than 10 systems have seceeded from the republic and my players were on a diplomatic/consular mission to a possible next secessionist system when they were attacked by pirates... The party (all 1st level) has: 2 Jedi padawans, 1 scout(pilot), 2 thug/expert NPCs with broken legs/arms (hey, my players were nice enough to save these poor buddies from a certain death!).

big fight... uneven fight, they decide to leave the ship with escape pods. They end up on a outer rim planet, very Endor/Naboo like with trees and swamps. This is not a planet on any map. I haven't decided anything about it aside from the vegetation and animal life hehe. They are stranded. Whoo hoo!

Basically, I want the players/characters to level up and improve "the hard way", and earn their pride, heorism and their space ship, everything. I want to build on fresh ground, from the very bottom of a swamp, to a pantheon of heroes.... ahem... ok, let's see if they can survive first! :D

Now, can you help me with plot ideas, creatures or encounters ideas? Anything?


25 June 2002, 10:22 PM
well these jedi are going to need an instructor.. how about an old hermit who is.. teetering right oin the brink of the dark side who was exiled to the world years ago.. he seems like a nice kindly old jedi who has repented his past sins.. in reality he has become twisted devious consumed by the darkside and is willing to play them for fools.. don't have him be a problem while on the planet, wait till they get OFF before he becomes an actual villan. let em have a "what have we unleashed upon the glaaxy" moment.

ohh the odd dark force witch and evil primitive culture works too..

Neb Nova
26 June 2002, 12:10 AM
To tie in with AOTC, your PCs could discover a hidden droid factory on this swamp world. They would then become preys for the local factory boss. Of course, the factory will have the time to be deserted and destroyed should the PCs be able to leave the planet (after weeks of hide-and-seek in the forests) and warn Coruscant...

26 June 2002, 07:05 AM
I'm going to go with the "fight for survival" theme, at least for a level or two.
Plan hunting adventures. Have predators attack in the middle of the night. They'll have to learn how to use primative weapons, and I'd bet that none are proficient in them! :D
I'd say that if you EVER give them a ship (don't do it for at least 3 levels or so...let the desperation set in really good), make sure it's OLD and hardly able to maintain atmospheric flight. Give them a level's worth of time to fix it up. Give it a hyperspace modifier of X48 or something.
No shields, no weapons, no communications.
Just an engine, nav. computer, hull and controls.
Then, once they get back to civilization, have it turn out that the ore they've been using for primative weapons and tools is ULTRA rare and expensive. Let them sell it for enough to get a mid-level light frieghter, weapons, and luxury accomadations for about a month or so. Like Vegas. Then hit them with a Hutt storyline! B)
Hope there's something in there you can use.
Keep us updated!

26 June 2002, 07:09 AM
You could also...

do the Conan thing! Primitive kingdoms and monstrous denizons. Perhaps they will be able to divine some legend about the Chariot of the Gods (a starship) deep in enemy territory- ie, the only way off planet is to infiltrate the twisted and evil land of Mordor (or whatever).

I did something similar to my players as what you have done to yours. Except in mine they wanted to go to the planet, and the planet's intercontinental ballistic missile system locked onto their ship... and their ship got wasted on the way down. It was great. It was a Robinson Crusoe setting for nearly 5 scenarios before they were able to cobble enough parts from their ship to get their hyperspace transciever to work.

I feel your glee. :D

Jak Knife
26 June 2002, 11:50 AM
I would have the typical primative world beasties for 1 or 2 episodes, followed by finding an iron age settlement which is fallen under a darkness. 2-3 episodes of them working through growing number of people disappearing from the settlement and growing tension between different factions. The darkness is traced back to a group of evil force users who are controlling everything. After defeating the badies, by driving them off (not killed), the characters are still stranded and looking for a way off. The badie's regroup and call in the group of slavers they had been selling people to and desposing of rivals with. After the slavers have been defeated, the characters can use the slavers ship to escape the planet.

Just an idea.

26 June 2002, 01:33 PM
I've done something similiar to my group. My group are all Young Jedi, currently all Level 2. So people don't worry that I haven't followed 1 padawan to a master, the time period is 3,000 BBY. Their master sent them on a field trip to a archeological site (Jedi tombs) while he had to settle other business with his three older Jedi Knights.

Their ship crashed on a mostly deserted planet. I used the movie Pitch Black as a starting point for the ideas for the adventure. Several NPCs who's primary mission is to die to help create a scary feeling are along (about one-half of them are left.) :D

I've got scary beasts that keep showing up in the middle of the night. Since my object is not to keep them there for several levels, the characters found an old mining ship that has lost all power. They have to figure out how to get power to it without getting themselves killed by the pack hunting beasties.

To fit this into your campaign, the initial idea of being hunted works as well. Jedi can keep getting sensations (especially if any of them have Sense as a feat) that they are being watched/followed. Attack while they are sleeping and keep them running.

I like the idea of a Dark Side Adept running around who can become a teacher. You have great opportunities to test their meddle. I would recommend that you don't give them easy to see opportunities off planet, but instead rely on their ingenuity to give you ideas. Use their ideas as they come along. I enjoy that... not sure the players do, since one recently mentioned that the beasties that have been hunting them do so in packs, so their natural prey must be large and mean. And now the PCs just found the natural prey. :D

I hope that helps some.

proxima centauri
26 June 2002, 06:51 PM
Thanks for the great response!

Great plot ideas there...

Now, do you have ideas for good encounters (beasts and monsters) for 5 level 1 PCs?

I find that there are lots of good challenging creatures for level 5 and up, but few for low level characters... any ideas?

Thanks again!

Chris Curtis
26 June 2002, 07:06 PM
We had a bit of a "stranded" thing going in our campaign recently. Maybe you can get some ideas from it.

During an escape in our freighter, our hull and hyperdrive were damaged. We made the jump, but it ended up being off-course. Leaking atmosphere, we had to land on an uncharted planet. Turns out the planet was inhabited by humans (which was strange) who were in a feudal Japan sort of stage.

Anyway, with only very limited supplies with which to perform repairs, we had to trek around the various villages and towns in an attempt to find large quantities of extremely high-quality metal with which to repair the hull. Not the easiest thing to do.

What made the entire situation difficult was that we were trying to refrain from sccidentally giving them technology of knowledge they shoudn't have. Or at least limit this as much as possible. That meant we couldn't walk around with blasters or other high-tech weapons (what would happen if someone stole it from us?).

Also, what could we use for money? Certainly not cred-sticks, cred-chips, or anything like that. And really, how many people actually carry things around with them that are 1) valuable on a primative planet and 2) also non-technical?

In our case, the locals were actually extremely interested in our boots. Yep, that's right, ordinary workboots. The workmanship and materials were simply far superior to what they had, even if they were of only mediocre quality to the rest of the galaxy.

Anyway, the point here is that there are a lot of other interesting things to consider when you get stranded on a planet/location/whatever. Even if you do possess superior technology, you may not be able to use it. Maybe the locals are distrustful of strangers and won't help you or even hunt you. How do you buy things if you don't have money or anything you can trade?

Hope that gives you something to chew on!

27 June 2002, 02:58 AM
Another thing to think of, is diseases.

Say the party has a communicable disease that has been dormant, for what ever reaseon. THey then start to interact with the locals, and pass it on, starting an epidemic. Jedi in the group will most definatly feel responsible for helping them out. Or reverse it, and the party gets sick from the locals....

27 June 2002, 01:23 PM
I find this type of adventure really fun and have run them before. One of the best encounters I ever did was with creatures modled after Veloceraptors.

The first attack was an accident... the character stubled upon them and a fight ensued. Most of them ran away. The next one was a Feeler attack that gave the creatures (and me as the GM) a notion of how the characters would fight. The worst one was the chase. The creatures had a definate camoflage advantage in the jungle, and would melt in to the forest only to dart out and do flanking attacks. The party was made up of a humnoid droid (very h to h capable), a Wookie with only a Ryyk Blade, and Scout. Even the flight to the trees was frought wiht peril, as the Raptors were excellent jumpers and ganged up on the climber to pull them off.

Now these may be a bit tough for your leve 1 PC's, but if they are only in a small pack (3-4) then it might be doable. I used a pack of 12, though they sort of tagteamed as not all of them could attack at once.

I only have the D6 stats for them... but they were so fun to play as smart as I could.

Dex: 4D
Brawling Parry: 6D
Dodge: 5D
Search: 6D
Hide/Sneak: 5D
Con (Mezmerize): 5D
Strength: 4D
Brawling: 6D
Jumping: 7D
Stamina: 5D

Mezmerize: this is used to get the attention of prey to distract them from a flanking attack. The Raptor makes a mezmerize check, and the target must make an opposed Perception or Willpower check. If the taget succeeds there is no effect. If the target fails they are mezmerized by the stare of the Raptor. Thet may make any action, but any actions automatically loose initiatve do hesitation. Also all perception checks are made at a -2D because of the attention that the Mezmerizer is commanding. The oppsed checks must be done each round, though the Raptor gains +5 to any attempts that follow a successfull Mezmerize attempt.
Pounce attack- A Raptor that makes a succesfull Jump check, Dif 5+range modifier, and a success full attack roll has pounced on the victom. The target may make an opposed Str roll against that of the Raptor. If the defender id succesful he rolls away, but is still on the ground, if they fail they are pinned under the raptor and is at a +10 to hit fo the Pinner, and +7 for all other attackers. Each round the pinned victem may make a strength check to get free, but his is considered an action not a reaction. Damage: Initail pounce 5D...further attacks depend on the Raptor.
Claws: Long foot claws add 1D+2 to all damage attacks made with the feet.
Teeth: +2D to damage, +5 to difficulty. Lock on- A raptor may choose to lock on instead of doing maximal damage. Often this is used to keep prey from running away or climbing in to the trees. The difficulty is 10. If successfull the opponent may make a Strength check to pull themseves free, but if successfull this deals 6D damage and +10 to disease potential ( see below ). All movement must be made as opposing strength/Climbing checks against the Strength of the raptor. 3 Raptors may combine (for Med sized creatures) in this action giving an additional 1D to the Raptors' resistance roll for each raptor combining
Armor: +1D to all Damage resistance checks.
Disease Potential: Raptors are carivors and scavengers and never brush their teeth. While Raptors are not in and of themselves poisonous, their mouths are Bacterial playgrounds. Every attack in which the GM determines the teeth break the skin, is subject to the potential for infection. It is not a high chance (beat a 5 or better on a stamina check) but it is there. This chance is increased by 5 for every hour the wound id open and untreated. The effects of the Illness are a Temporary loss of 1D of Str every 24hrs until Str is at zero. At this point the character must make difficulty 3 stamina checks (-loss of strength dice) to stay alive. This lasts for 4 days then the body begins to recover Str at a rate of +2 per day. Once infected this requires a Diffculty 12 first aid check (assuming you have the proper equipment) with a +3 added for each day infected.

27 June 2002, 04:50 PM
Just another idea.

After you let your players charactors run around for a bit, dodging swamp beasts and other primative yuk, have the original pirates who attacked them (presumably still alive?) come and track them down. There is your answer to finding a ship and you could have them discover that someone manipulated the pirates into following them and trying to eliminate them, which opens up a whole new road to travel.

Just a thought

Jak Knife
28 June 2002, 04:54 AM
I didn't use this in a stranded theme but an unexplored planet theme. A water based parasitic bug which would at first give limited force powers mainly centered around protecting the host (ie enhance senses, empathy freindship), later on developing force powers to take control (ie affect mind, drain knowledge)
You would get the chance to throw out little hints that will drive the PC crazy (a little voice in side your head says "He is lying" or all of a sudden being stronger.
The eventual outcome, unless they find a way out of it, the parasite will take over the body and migrate back to the orginal planet.
The time I used this little sucker, I never actually infected anybody but I sure scared the tar out of the party with an attempt and zombie like people trying to get them to drink the water.

29 June 2002, 11:42 AM
Here's an idea:

They discover that there is nothing to eat anywhere on the planet, barring on place. They have rations for one week. Have them discover a community of primitive nasties that they have to steal food and supplies off. It is a mystery where they come from. Make sure that the Force-users get a nice guilt thing going on.

It is eventually discovered that there is an underground (literally) Separatist base beneath the village. Voila, a ship and a nice thing to centre a campaign on.

Come to think of it, I might use this for my group of peeps. :D

shadow master
29 June 2002, 01:23 PM
After the massacre on Ruusan, the Sith went into pairs, master and student following the tradition of Darth Bane. Usually the masters would bring their students to planets with a high concentration of Dark Side energy, such as Sith temples.
After having the characters going through a couple of adventures of dodging and weaving predatorial monsters, conflicts with hostile natives, and the occasional stranded pirate, you could have them meet up with a Master/Student combination. They had to have arrived at the planet somehow. Maybe they have a ship, and the players need the ship to get off planet, also, the Jedi should feel that it is their duty (or something) to stop the Dark Siders from reaching the Sith Temples (or whatever you use).
After a long conflict (i mean maybe a few levels to take care of Student and maybe Master), they stop the Sith from reaching their destination and high-jack the ship. Of course, the Jedi shouldn't like the idea of stranding someone, regardless that they are Sith on a planet alone, but what can you do?