View Full Version : Star Wars Gamer issue 10: Jedi's Legacy solo adventure

25 June 2002, 08:47 PM
Does anyone know where I can find more solo D20 adventures like this one? I've lost all my players this summer (they went off to school for summer classes, I didn't drive 'em off :raised: ), and I'm super bored. I need something to do at work as well and this hits the spot. Please tell me there's a website somewhere with a slew of these single player adventures. Thanks!

Lord Byss
26 June 2002, 01:27 AM
I'm afraid there isn't. However there a few single text based adventures for a program called Adrift. Do a search for Adrift and download it. Find a few text adventures and off you go.

26 June 2002, 08:57 AM
another member and I have each posted similar thoughts but so far nothing. I had the idea of maybe making a location for people to wright and distribute them. But that seemed to be of little intrest to most as the creation process is probably fairly restrictive (there have to be only a few choices for each, so there are no rewards for creativity) and the stories seem very linear. (in that adventure you had to subdue the droid or die, kill the sith or die, save your master and kill the monster or die. It was follow the story with a few side tracks and it's an all out win or ditto but die in the middle.) What if I wanted to disable and interrogate the girl? What if I'm intrested in redeeming her? What if during the fight the vial broke and my master dies?

I realise that it was a short adventure, and we could expand ours more but that is essentially writing N different stories with bits that correspond to other story lines. The tricky part is dealing with the whole butterfly trick in the whole thing and still be belieavable. Butterfly flaps it's wings and on the other side of the world a tornado is caused by the change in location of wind currents. This and the intended players are never met so you can't predict anything and/or react.

It's a huge investment in time and effort, so it's hard for many to squeeze in.

I might try to do one but It will be a while.