View Full Version : The 'USE' of main character stats

26 June 2002, 10:55 AM
Whats the point in having Obi-Wan (or any other film chars) stats if
you' re not going to be him, has anyone played a game using these characters????

When is Darth Sidious ever gonna be used as an opponent in a game??

He just about invincible unless your a lvl 20 JG pc, but how is anyone gonna get within a mile of Sidious/Palpatine to fight him???

26 June 2002, 11:03 AM
Well, a couple or reasons. First of all, as a source of comparison. You can see how powerful those characters are, and compare them to NPCs of your own devising. It helps the GM get a sense of how the rules relate to the Star Wars universe.

Second, you can use NPCs without having them go straight into battle with the heroes. For example, in one of my campaigns, the PCs are going to run into Darth Vader. They won't be dumb enough to fight him, and having the stats there allows me to run him more effectively as an NPC. It gives me an idea of what skills he likes to use and what he's specialized in.

26 June 2002, 11:41 AM
plus having the character stats gives us some 'concrete' feeling in using those stats for Han Solo. If left alone to devise my own stats for solo or the others in Ep 4-6... i'd be tempted to make Solo 12th level, Luke 9th, Leia 11th, etc.

having the lower level character gives us a sense that in an rpg sense, luke and han are not immortal. It helps GMs to realize that we can throw huge storylines at our pcs without being afraid that they will be crushed. If Han and Luke can do all that by 8th level... imagine what a PC can do at the same time!

Plus, it fills more pages in the RCR. And besides, who hasn't played "Palpatine Sniping" for fun? Just to see what happens in the game... or "Jawa Bagging" or whatever you want to do? Plus it helps players decide how evil or good they are.

GM: Are you sure that's in character? I mean, using Force Grip on a little girl's dog is pretty mean...
Player: Hah! I've got 40 DSPs! I'm more evil than Palpatine. Of course I'm gonna do it.