View Full Version : Savot Part 1: A Falling Falleen

27 June 2002, 11:40 PM
The ship was shaking uncontrolably. I paced around waiting to discuss with Master Dumas what are plans were in surviving this mess. The freighter could not take much more of this abuse. The Tie Fighters were closing in fast and the shields would not last much longer. All he did was meditate. I will not lie I tried it myself a few times like he showed me in my training but it was hard to consentrate when you knew you were going die
I had been Friks Dumas's Padwan learner for 6 years now. I was only 8 years old when he came to my home planet.
My parents and my people stayed away from all other galactic affairs to them, Falleen were beyond all the galactic politics. Most even believed that when all the bickering was complete that they would step in and rebuild the destroyed galaxy.
I was surprised when my mother decided to sneak me out and let me go with Master Dumas and follow my destiny as she put it. She knew that I was differant then the other children of my species. At a very early age my leadership skills began showing. That in itself was not all that uncommen but mixed with the fact that other children and even adults followed blindley what I told them even if it was uncharacteristic of them, let her know that something was differant about me.
The lasers cannons hit again and Master Dumas still did not respond would we all die with our mouth shuts. I headed to the escape pod. I could not die yet I was to young, to much to learn to much to do.
As I entered the Pod both master and the pilot yelled no! It was to late I was already in and I hit the button. I shot out of the ship with blinding speed and moments later all I saw was the blinding light of the exploding space transport I was on. I felt pain in my heart losing my master who would teach me from this day forth. Only time would tell. I felt I had not done the right thing but then quickly went over the explosion in my head over and over.
I did the right thing and in the future people would hear about Savot the Falleen Jedi. But for now it was just a matter of landing, a matter of surving. Now I was nothing but a falling Falleen!!

29 June 2002, 09:59 PM
Many thoughts went through my mind as I was floating there in space. It appeard that they had let me escape. They had to have picked up the launching of the pod on there sensors. Why is all I kept asking myself. The Empire had been hunting master Dumas and the others for months now. I found it hard to believe that they had risked it all in letting an escape pod get away. Could Master Dumas have known what I was going to do. Could he have some how cloaked me in the pod in his last breath? I did not know all I knew is that I was not in the best of positions right now. There was no planet in range on the Pods sensors. A tear ran down my cheek when I realised I had lost the closest thing to a father that I had. With the quickly rising number of dead Jedi I wondered to my self how long I my self would last. If I ever made it to land some how. The life support on this thing could not possibly las to long so I decided to make myself one with the force as Master Dumas had tought me. I would be able to go weeks with out air food or water. That would be a skill that would definitly keep me alive in this perdicament. 2 weeks later I woke and scavenged the pods for some rations. I needed water and food. The thirst and hunger was far to great for me to continue my trance. I checked the sensors again for a close by planet but all was for naught there was nothing. If this continued I would not survive something needed to be done and quick. I decided after I ate to activate the trance again. All I could do was wait for the best.

1 July 2002, 07:00 PM
I felt the presents of something nearing. I came out of my trance and saw a small freighter. It had obviously seen me too. Now the question was if he was friendly or not. Why did that even bother me? I knew I had the inate power to shift peoples feelings for me. Powers that had become stronger with my training in the force. I remember when I had trained with other jedi. The females especialy I had become a problem. The female jedi could not resist my powerful pheromones. Many times the question had been raised wheather my kind would make good Jedi. Master Dumas was reprmanded more then once for me distracting the female padwans. I had nothing to do with it I always said, but deep inside I knew that I had caused it. After a while it became a little game. Till one day my Master was told that he had to continue my training elsewhere. I felt really bad. I wondered myself if I was jedi material. I did not know if when the time pesented itself if I could hold back my feelings towards females. I would have to try tho.
The com on the shuttle began beeping and I responded. I called in a distress signal and within minutes the ship came closer to my pod.
The pilot began to speak. "It appears you are in need of help! I am Con Lavaris and I can only begin to wonder what would be in it for me. Do you have any credits?"
What a scoundral I thought to myself and the responded to his question.
"Yes I do have credits. Although I doubt that it is any were near the amount that you seek. But I am willing to do whatever it takes to be saved. So Please take me in."
There was a period of silence but then he responded.
"Well some credits is better then none. Well find some use for you yet."
The freighter came closer and in a short time I had entered. He escorted me down a corridor and into the bathing area.
He laughed and the began to speak in distaste. "For starters If your on my ship you will certainly need to be rid of that foul stench." He laughed uncontrolably and left the room.
I turned on the shower and began to bath I then realized his reasons for the comments.

2 July 2002, 10:41 PM
I could not even begin to remember the last time I had a good shower. It was very comforting not to mention the fact that the smell was now completley gone. I walked into the room and he had some cloths laying on the bed. When I grabbed them and looked I knew at that instance that there was no way they were going to fit me. I was over 2 meters in height and they were far from hitting the mark. I called on the room com. A little later I had my response. It was a females voice a very cocky one I could tell right away. She hesitently spoke. "Yeah what is it? Make it quick we dont have all day there is work for you to do." For some reason I did not find that to surprising. I knew these people would not let me get away with a free ride. I responded to her. "Uh I was just wondering if ther was some sort of a laundry droid on board the ship?" I cleared my throat and waited for the response. Minutes later my blast door opened I did not even have a chance to cover my nude body. But it was of no importance this may have been the chance I needed to sway things in my favor. She looked down and then up in amazment trying to hide her blushing features. I instantly called upon my pheromones. I know it wasent the real jedi thing to do and Master Dumas would have been very upset but he wasent here and I needed an upper hand. Her blush quickly turned to a look of lust and admeration.
I found it hard to hold those feelings back myself. She was an outstanding specament herself. She was a Twilek and had A leather Bandanna rapped around her lekku. She had an athlethic frame and was showing every inch of it with her black leather body suit. It had a slit at the chest area revealing her cleavege and the back was tied around her neck and exposed her back. She sportyed a huge heavy blaster at her hip that would let anyone know instantly she meant buissness. Not this time tho it looked as if tho she had never seen one of my kind. The tell tale signs were ther tho, she definatly liked what she was seeing. I brung my hands down in a makeshift way of covering myself. She began to speak. "I am Alhana." She out streched her hand and I grabbed it and gave her a noble peck. Once again baring it all. I quickly placed it back. We both began to laugh uncontollably and I introduced myself. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Savot"

24 July 2005, 11:25 AM
After the meeting I was taken to the bridge and given the grand tour of the ship. It wasent a large ship. It was a corellian made YT-2400. In very good shape and by the look of the turrets and the controls on the bridge it had been heavily modified. When I was shown the cargo hold I knew I had just gotten into deeper trouble. Although the crates were all closed I knew the distinct smell of the spice right away. My saviors were spice smugglers. There was no doubt of that now. Allhana saw the look on my face change and knew of the bat that something was wrong. I changed my reaction and said "wow this ship holds alot!" She responded yes the more it holds the more we make and smiled. She pulled me by the arm and led me back to the bridge.