View Full Version : What are players tired of in SWRPGs...and what do they want to see more of?

GM Meck
28 June 2002, 09:05 AM
OK, I've been trying on and off for 2 years to get a SWRPG group, but it never worked. Real life issues would come up when I only had one player so I would give up, or no one would reply to my posts if they were interested or not...so I guess they weren't interested. So I'm asking all players out there, what plots and campaigns interest you? Which types seem mundane and redundant? I really could use some help. Thanks.

5 July 2002, 08:53 PM
There is very little that players "like or dislike" as a blanket rule.

Make sure that you can vary it enough to keep their intrest and to stop the game going stagnant.

Keep it exciting. If they wanted something dull and boring, they'd get a job in accounting.

Immerse them in Star Wars, or they might as well be playing D&D for all the difference it would make. (not a dig at D&D)

Troy Henist
8 July 2002, 12:44 AM
I agree with what Kingnat said.

There has to be variety in a campiagn. It keeps the players intrested and they want to keep coming back for more. Spice the games up, do things that they wouldn't normally expect to happen, either through plot twists, or use of NPC's and even through other PC's.

On another topic

GM Meck any plans to start back up your Yavin's Own ezboard campaign, as it was quite good.

Dragon Fox 3
10 July 2002, 01:02 PM
Well, as a player and GM of two Play By E-Mail games, I really have no real like/dislike. My GM recently asked us players what we liked, what we would change, and I simply had to say, I like everything, chang nothing. I as a GM however have a style called "Free Style" as in, I don't use an outline, I don't use notes. Everything is based on what my players choose to do. Yes, I do have a story they are playing out, but it's done in a way that they have control of what happens. As an example, and I can't go into too much detail as I don't know if my players still come to the holonet or not, but, an example: Quite a few of my players are Jedi, so I've been tempting them with the Dark Side, via my two Sith Lords (oh, my campaign takes place four years before the Rebellion), just when I thought none of my nice Jedi would fall to the darkness, one does. Since then, he has been working agaisnt the other players, how this will play out, I don't know, but am myself, excited to find out. Now, I know many people might have a grief with this set up, but I find it quite easy to do, and so far, my players havn't complained. If they do however want a change in how things are done, I am more then willing to change it. Again, this just my thoughts....