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29 June 2002, 09:41 AM
Hey I have a lvl 3 Scoundral and I started a Campagn with a new GM but he isnt new to GMing. I asked if I could have a ship a freighter. Not even that good of one. He gave it to me then he gave me and the PCs one mission we got paid then it got stolen. Hes like well a ship is too much for a lvl 3 char.

what is all ur GM ideas on that

thanks a bunch peeps

29 June 2002, 10:07 AM
Well under the d6 system a smuggler started with a stock freighter....... and 25,000 credits of debt to a crime boss! The freighter was a used one and only had the basic set-up. The debt was used as a story arc. So I dont think a freighter is too much. But I guess it really depends upon the GM's story. It might be more beneficial to the story to have the characters rely on others for transport.B)

29 June 2002, 11:06 AM
Dude thats a good idea im gonna point this out to my GM and the more I hear about it the more I like the d6 system. I like using more then just the d20 but if only they could have some way change it. Cause the new company seems to have changed the rpg alot.

Nova Spice
29 June 2002, 11:22 AM
As a GM in the D20 system I always start my group out with some type of transportation whether its a family-owned freighter, a business provided ship, or what-not. However, your GM may not want your group to have a ship yet, which is entirely his decision. Although, what he said about it being too much isn't the case. A small freighter isn't "too much" in Star Wars.

But as I tell my PCs often, the GM is the final authority on the matter. Talk to him and ask if the real reason you don't have a ship is because it conflicts with his campaign. If he admits to that, just let it go. If he doesn't give you a definitive reason than just realize that he may not know how to cope with starships yet and isn't ready for that to enter the picture.

I hope that helps! Remember though, he is your GM and show him some respect. Deliver your case with humility. ;)

29 June 2002, 11:27 AM
My group will only get a ship when they need it. After that, their smuggler-boss will give it to someone else. Read 'when they need it' as when their boss is giving it to them for a job :D.

29 June 2002, 11:30 AM
I always start the group out with a ship, but it doesn't belong to them. It's basic transport on loan from the Republic. It's usually pretty cheap, and isn't well armed. Mainline courier fare.
It's crewed by Republic crews until the PCs establish themselves as trustworthy and capable, at which point, it's up to them to do their own piloting, gunning, etc. Usually I give them until 3rd level. This does two things for me. It makes sure that the entire game doesn't get destroyed all at once by incompetent pilots getting blown up in space (very easy to do at low levels), and it makes good RP as far as making contacts in the Republic (the crew).

Gray Area
29 June 2002, 01:34 PM
I personally feel that the GM has the vision for the setting, ship or not is his disicion. Personally as a GM making the characters trive to better themselves, financially as well as experience wise is good for them. Make them stuck on a planet for a while, or use "public" transport, then when they finally get their own slice of freedom, all be it a small and cheap one they are stoked. The universe has opened up and thet are ready to go there. I think 5th lvl is point at which characters have done their apprentiship and are now ready to leave the nest as journeymen, exciting times.
Don't feel you need a ship or a big weapon to define your characters, or allow you to get things done, where there is a group of scheming PCs there's a way. You always want to feel you earned your rite of passage, been given it just is not the same.

29 June 2002, 02:18 PM
I think it just depends on the GM and what he has planned for his game. Any frindge game I almost expect at least one smuggler in the party, and he will likely have a ship of his own. Then again, I make players come up with back grounds, and make certain stipulations that they can modify as they see fit. "Ok, you can have a ship and start out like this, but work in how you owe a debt to <insert organization>" the debt doesn't even have to be on the ship. I have one guy who was the protoge of a smuggler that owned his own shipping company and was rebel sympathetic. the imps found out, killed the mentor, and the PC ran off with his mentors ship while the rest of the company was impounded by the imps. He starts off as known to the imps, and sense he just helped rob an imperial Admiral, he now has a death mark (which he doesn't know about yet, tee hee)

For Rebel/Rebuplic/imperial troops, I definetly would not let them start with a ship. they may get a ship for certain assignments, might even get to know a ship pretty well (assuming I let them pilot it) but for the most part they will be chauffered to targets/assignments by other pilots.

If a game is ment to stay on a particular planet, or within a particular system, then giving the players a ship pretty much invites them to ruin your game as they try to find adventure else where, or use it as a quick escape from anyone hunting them.

Also have to consider the kinds of ships a party might want, and how it might affect your game. If you have everything well planned out in advance, and a player turns up witha snub fighter, you now have to go back over your plans to see how the fighter but affect it. I recently ran the pirates of prexiar game in the back of the D6 main book. It was based on the players having an old, rundown transport. My players had a slightly better transport and a Y-wing. They decided they needed a distraction, so they had the bounty hunter in his Y wing fly over the camp shooting a Torp at the far side of the camp, blowing half the camp up and scattering most of the surviving pirates. Fortunetly I had run this adventure before, with the previous group haveing even more firepower available, and already had an idea to keep the game going, especially sense this group stole the pirates ship. I simply through a larger, more powerful ship at them and made them deal with it (they opted to run like little whisperkits, which is fine, sense now I have a recurring villian. Muahahahahahahahaha!)

*looks back over his post* well, I have been rambling again, but I think I got my point across. Grunt, I wouldn't worry to much about your GM taking your ship away, he may simply not want you doing something unexpected with it before his campaign hits a certain point. Besides, it could turn into a side adventure to get your ship back, see if he will go for that. Their area always witnesses to ship theft, you just have to figure out who and how much it will cost you to loosen their lips. ;)

29 June 2002, 05:45 PM
Your gamemaster may very well have a good STORY reason why you should not have a ship. Go with him/her on this. It may turn out far better for your group than it would with a ship. As also pointed out it may be that he/she is not ready to run starships in the campaign and wants to wait. Just enjoy the story and leave it up to the Gm. ;)

29 June 2002, 08:14 PM
I think him giving you a ship and then taking it back like that was a tad blatent. my guess. he realized the ship was a bit too much too early and needed a in game excuse to remove it. relax these things happen.. now your char has a motive "find the guy who stole my ship.. and kick his asss"

29 June 2002, 08:29 PM
The first plot in the game I run involved the PCs salvaging a ship that had crashed on Tatooine and was subsequently buried in sand 20 years previously. The ship contained a Jedi's journal and lightsaber (one of the PCs was FS and wanted to be a Jedi) and clues pointing to a 20-year-old mystery. Of course, they still had to recover the ship, put it into flying condition, deal with the (old) Imperial warrant on it, find out what happened to the previous occupants, etc. etc.

The short and skinny is: if there is a story need for it, then no beginning with a ship is not too much. However, it is too much if there is a story need for them not to begin with a ship. It really depends on the GM and the plot in question.

30 June 2002, 07:02 AM
Cool thanks peeps

shadow master
30 June 2002, 09:59 AM
I would just like to comment on the whole ship thing. I've been in many campaigns when I have started with a ship, and without one, Jedi and non-Jedi, Professional and Independant.
It might have just been the GM, but a ship really isn't a nessessity when you think about it. There are always star ports willing (for a price, usually not too high) to transport people off world to another planet, so they can get to their destination.
(Note for all of you GMs out there, you could use something like that in a campaign for a whole bunch of plot ideas. Perhaps they meet an important contact, the starship their on is high-jacked, they meet a the new PC who wants to play half-way through the campaign)
So there really isn't much need to begin with a starship. However, if you are a smuggler, blockade runner, pirate, ect... a starship is crusial, but not as much for Jedi. Look at Ep. 1, TPM, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are escorted places all over.
Of course, in D6, those Force users good enough can just transport themselves using lesser or greater teleportation. :D (note, that is a very powerful power and requires a really high level Force user)

30 June 2002, 06:15 PM
I think giving or not giving a ship, as everyone else has already said, depends on the particular GM and his campaign. Making players find their own way to places makes them focus less on the galaxy-wide places (ie. so much to do/explore) and follow your campaign more, but then that depends on the PCs too.

As for a smuggler usually having a ship, my last game had a smuggler in it, and his ship was destroyed while docked by a Hutt crime lord whom he apparantly crossed (he was set-up). Things like this allow smugglers in the game without their ships and also sets up hooks for adventures.

As others have already said, your GM likely had good reason for doing it. He/she will sort it out.

Redeemed Jedi
1 July 2002, 07:15 PM
whatever your DM says goes man just fly with that., but this does not mean that you can not make suggestions on this. i was in a similar state with a level 1 scoudrel and i wanted a ship to start the game. i told my DM this and he gave me one. heres the catch and i had to roleplay the holething out. i started as 2 mate on a ship. the captain "helped me out by introducing me to a ship seller when i said i wanted a ship if my own. i rolled a knowledge check to see if i recognized Blacksun co. i didnt so i ended up going into debt to prince Xixor for a very hefty amount of money. my DM made it very difficult for me to make cash at first making part of the plot me trying to scrounge up enough cash to make payments and not get killed when i was late with them. While i was low level the debt that i had incurred, the bounty hunters chasing me and finding out who i owed my money to made for an incredible game. in fact during the game there were a lot of times i would rather not have the ship then have the debt that went with it. a ship is only too much if you have not earned it or if you are not constatnly in danger because of it.

Grocery Bag
2 July 2002, 08:56 AM
I never give them a ship, if they buy (or steal :D ) one then I find they become more attached to it, and apreciate it more. After all, a ship gives a party a lot of power, but if its just handed to them for free, they may take it for granted.

Reverend Strone
2 July 2002, 10:00 PM
The first plot in the game I run involved the PCs salvaging a ship that had crashed on Tatooine and was subsequently buried in sand 20 years previously. The ship contained a Jedi's journal and lightsaber (one of the PCs was FS and wanted to be a Jedi) and clues pointing to a 20-year-old mystery. Of course, they still had to recover the ship, put it into flying condition, deal with the (old) Imperial warrant on it, find out what happened to the previous occupants, etc. etc.

OMG. Bombaatu it sounds like you wrote my campaign! That is exactly what I did to my guys, right down to the lightsaber and the twenty-year mystery, only they're in the middle of things at the moment and haven't yet salvaged the ship (though they plan too).