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29 June 2002, 11:28 AM
I was recently thinking about some of the races I don't let players use, and I got to thinking. Are those races realy so bad? I mean, I recently got on a SotE craze (again) and have been itching to play a Falleen jedi (good or bad) then I realized that sense I don't allow Falleen as PC's in my games, how likely is it that my GM would let me play one?

So, I went back over all the races I usually don't allow: Falleen, Hapan near humans, Noghri, Star Dragons, Hutts, and I think there are a couple I am missing sense most people don't think to play them anyway.

I came to the conclusion that the only reason I should not allow Falleen and Hapans is storyline. Proly find more Falleen before the rise of the Empire and after its fall. Their pheromone control isn't really that powerful sense it requires preperation.

Hapans are not gonna be seen except after The courtship of Princess Leia, then they will likely spread out in the galaxy for whatever reason, but very hesitently. Their stats aren't entirely that bad. Have to let some races with higher attributes then others slip through from time to time, for variety.

Noghri are simply to powerful. All of them, except maybe those raised off Honghr and a few of their colonies, know their martial arts, and their racial bonuses are simply to much (for D6 anyway).

Star Dragons are just to BIG! and I think they have the most powerful attributes of any race.

Hutts are to lazy, greedy, selfcentered, and hated to make a good PC. I have only known one person who has wanted to play a Hutt, and I had to argue with him for hours why a hutt would not fit into the roll he was trying to fit into. Not to mention that any self respecting merchant (away from Hutt space) who sees a party with a Hutt is proly gonna try to squeeze as much money out of hte players as possible, or simply refuse to sell to them out of fear of future repricussions (either from hutts or other crime syndicates or local authorities). Some GM's may see that as an asset, I don't cause I wouldn't want that to happen to me in character, nor do I want the players to think I am out to get them (they already think that to some extent, sense I hold such strong and 'weird' views of SW that I have expreced on other boards).

Anyway, any thoughts on this and comments on other races I have missed?

29 June 2002, 11:31 AM
I refuse to let my players play Gungans, as a matter of principle. :D Unless, of course, it is the only one they have genned when they turn up, in which case they get a good kicking and we then continue normally. ;)

Nova Spice
29 June 2002, 11:42 AM
This is D20 specific, but I've set up a list racial restrictions and which heroic classes my PCs can start off as, just because it will be more campaign-friendly for me. This is part of my campaign guide for th New Jedi Order. Here it is:

Class Restrictions
Fringer: Human, Bothan, Ithorian, Mon Calamari, Quarren, Rodian, Sullustan, Twi値ek, Trandoshan, Wookie, Bith, Shistavanen, Talz, Barabel, Chadra-Fan, Devaronian, Kubaz, Squib, Sluissi, Ubese, Zabrak
Noble: Human, Bothan, Cerean, Caamasi, Ithorian, Sullustan, Bith, Bimm, Falleen, Farghul, Twi値ek, Hapan, Omwati, Chiss, Gran, Gotal, Iktotchi, Mrlssi, Verpine, Zabrak
Scoundrel: Human, Bothan, Quarren, Rodian, Sullustan, Twi値ek, Zabrak, Aqualish, Bith, Chadra-Fan, Devaronian, Duro, Falleen, Farghul, Gotal, Herglic, Gran, Gand, Shistavanen, Verpine, Ryn
Scout: Human, Bothan, Rodian, Mon Calamari, Sullustan, Twi値ek, Trandoshan, Wookie, Gand, Zabrak, Chiss, Gungan, Arcona, Barabel, Devaronian, Givin, Sluissi, Ryn, Squib, Ubese
Tech Specialist: Human, Duro, Mon Calamari, Sullustan, Twi値ek, Wookie, Zabrak, Ryn, Verpine, Squib, Sluissi, Chiss
Soldier: Human, Bothan, Duro, Rodian, Trandoshan, Twi値ek, Wookie, Shistavanen, Zabrak, Chiss, Mon Calamari, Ubese, Aqualish, Coynite
Force Adept:Human, Cerean, Kel Dor, Ithorian, Rodian, Twi値ek, Wookie, Chadra-Fan, Gand, Mrlssi, Bith, Barabel, Gran, Elomin
Jedi Guardian:Human, Kel Dor, Quarren, Rodian, Twi値ek, Iktotchi, Zabrak, Coynite, Gotal, Bothan, Gran, Balinaka
Jedi Consular:Human, Bothan, Cerean, Ithorian, Mon Calamari, Twi値ek, Zabrak, Kel Dor, Bith, Bimm, Duro, Hapan, Caamasi

29 June 2002, 11:44 AM
Excuse my ignorance, but where do all those races come from?

Nova Spice
29 June 2002, 11:48 AM
They come from the Revised Core Rulebook, Alien Anthology, New Jedi Order Sourcebook, and here at SWRPGNetwork. ;)

29 June 2002, 12:57 PM
I don't allow Falleen as PC's in my games
Ok, why not? And I'm not just talking Falleen here, but any of the races you don't allow. Some of them (Hutts) are almost a no-brainer. Others, I can't see a reason to disallow. What makes Falleen so powerful? Their whopping base +1 to Charisma checks? Yes, I know that if you decide to sit and meditate for 4 hours, you'll get a total of +4, but that's not that powerful all the time. They can hold their breath for 25 x (con score) rounds. Well, in an underwater setting that'd certainly be helpful. It might even be helpful in the vacuum of space. Doesn't seem to me to be too much, though. If they didn't need to breathe, period, that'd be a different story.
As to specific races for certain classes, that just seems to have the possibility of taking the individuality out of my character. "Oh look, another Zabrak Tech Specialist." Perhaps I don't care for any of the races that are 'allowed' to be certain classes.
but I've set up a list racial restrictions and which heroic classes my PCs can start off as, just because it will be more campaign-friendly for me.
What if, for some odd reason, I had an idea for an Ewok Medicine Man (Force Adept)? But Ewoks aren't allowed to be Force Adepts. Great, I can't be what I want to be, so I guess I'll just be another Wookiee Scout, or Rodian Soldier..again. However, if you decide to let my try my idea, and if you'll make an exception for me, why won't you just allow <insert race> to be <insert class>? Or better yet, why not allow all races to be all classes? That's (to me, at any rate) some of the fun of roleplaying. I get to be someone I'm not, doing something I could never do. Yes, I do agree that some race/class combinations are a little overwhelming, and some discussion needs to be had between the GM and player.

I refuse to let my players play Gungans, as a matter of principle
Amen, brother!

I can see disallowing certain races/classes if it's going to cause a problem within the group (like Jedi Master, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Guardian/Sith Lord, Scoundrel, and a Noble). That's, of course, going to cause problems. But to disallow something 'just because' seems wrong.

This is not meant to flame anyone at all. The quotes used were (hopefully) for demonstration purposes only. They were not direct attacks, as I have the utmost respect for those quoted. /bow

shadow master
29 June 2002, 01:08 PM
Here is my opinion on races. Each race has it's advantages and disadvantages. Humans for example are considered 'Jack-of-all-Trades', therefore, they aren't usually really good at any one thing. They excel at a few things, but not much. I agree that I would be hesitant to let a player be a Hutt, but that is only hesitation. If they wanted the notoriety of a Hutt, so be it. Also, the greed and what not is the average Hutt. Like in all races and species there are different attitudes. Plus, usually Hutts are too large to move quickly without a repulsorlift platform.
Also, is every Hapan overly conscious about their looks, probably not. Also, Jar Jar was the exeption not the rule when it came to Gungans. Look at Captian Tarpals, he was a great warrior. Jar Jar was just an idiot.
So, I would have to say no to racial restrictions to anything. Like now, I have a player wanting to be Trandoshan Jedi Guardian. I mean, their usually overly aggressive, but if he can act like a Trandoshan who has been slightly influenced by the Jedi Order, than experience bonuses to him my friend. But if he can't, sux to be him.

29 June 2002, 02:01 PM
wow, didn't expect so many responses so quickly.

Ok, about the Falleen, in the D6 system, they get an extra Attribute dice (13D instead of 12D which is standard) as do Hapans. Then take into account racial benifits. Falleen in D6 can breeth water for 12 hours straight, without any modifiers from attributes or any rolls and add 1D to swimming. Hapans are NATURALY attractive, they dont even need to try to breech the curve. But their disadvantage is their night vision. They are from a world that had several moons, so they always had quit a bit of light at all times of day. Anyway, it was the Extra attribute die that made me initially hesitant to allow them, but one D doesn't allways make a munchkin, it can still get lost in the "what is more important" decision for attributes. The reason I started this thread was to get other peoples thoughts on this, which I am quit pleased to say there is quit a bit already here. I tried to keep the comments as general as possible for the spirit of this board. I didn't know Falleen in D20 didn't have the same bonuses that they do in D6. Anyway, currently the only thing restricting Falleen and Hapans in my games are story factors. The empire has the Falleen blockaded and the Hapans are isolationists for centuries, before which they where nothing but captives of pirates.

Oh, another race I thought of. Gands. I dont' know about D20, but for D6 this race is incredibly powerful, even if they can only choose one or two special abilites, the fact that they have enough abilities to choose from is bad enough, some of the inate powers they have (not needing to breeth at all!) makes it all the worse. Another reason to not allow them is just how hard it is to properly role play a Gand. If your player wants to give a name to his Gand character, he better have a darn good reason in his history, sense Gands only get names when the accomplish something. First maybe pass a trial or something semi-mild to get the surname, then to get their own name, then the right to use personal pronounes. Any Gand that doesn't follow this is likely to be hunted by other Gands. I have yet to meet a Player that could pull this off at a table top game. I barely did it on an online RPG site once, but that was only cause I didn't have a chance to use the char much, and there was quit a bit of contraversy over allowing the char in the first place. Anyway, what are Gands like in D20?

Hutts I might be willing to allow some leeway on, but only for a young hutt who can still move under its own power. I would make them keep track of food though, just so they have a proper feel of what it is like to travel with a hutt.

The idea of having a set racial standards for classes is interesting, but rather limiting in my mind. I am sure it works well for your campaign, sense I don't know what sort of campaign you are running, but I have players that like finding the really off the wall races, and finding a proper job for them tends to be rather strenuous (A Trianii mechanic/smuggler who wanted bounty hunting skills. I still get greef for not letting him have the bounty hunting skills.)

Excuse my ignorance, but where do all those races come from?

For D6 there is the Alien Encounters Book, Galaxy Guide 4 and GG 12 for pretty much all the alien races (including a large number mentioned in other books) And, of coarse, this site :)

Anyway, great comments all around, can't wait to see what others have to say on this.

Nova Spice
29 June 2002, 02:42 PM
What if, for some odd reason, I had an idea for an Ewok Medicine Man (Force Adept)? But Ewoks aren't allowed to be Force Adepts. Great, I can't be what I want to be, so I guess I'll just be another Wookiee Scout, or Rodian Soldier..again. However, if you decide to let my try my idea, and if you'll make an exception for me, why won't you just allow <insert race> to be <insert class>? Or better yet, why not allow all races to be all classes? That's (to me, at any rate) some of the fun of roleplaying. I get to be someone I'm not, doing something I could never do.

Well mainly because I am the GM and I don't think an Ewok Force Adept would work real well (wouldn't work period) in the New Jedi Order campaign. He'd die off the first time the little teddy bear came up against the Yuuzhan Vong and I would say: "I told you so, that's why I gave you this little list."

And speaking of the list man, my list is incredibly versatile and if you cannot find a character from that then well, what can I say?

I have the entire campaign planned out and I know which aliens would work and which ones would not. I've defined these species to certain classes beause a Herglic Jedi Guardian isn't going to work in my campaign and neither is a Caamasi Soldier. This list is just a portion of the campaign guide I've created for my PCs so they know what they can be, how the campaign is planned to flow, and general background history on the time period.

I understand what you're saying and I wouldn't want a PC to feel they were being forced into a character, but I don't think I'm forcing anyone into anything with that list. If you're interested, here is what my PCs have chosen so far, we haven't started this campaign yet:

-Coynite Jedi Guardian

-Kel Dor Jedi Guardian

-Givin Scout

-Chadra-Fan Fringer

It should be an interesting campaign and I look forward to it!

Gray Area
29 June 2002, 02:45 PM
This is a good debate, obviously the GM of the game has final say on what races are available and why. Nova Spice's break down is excellent, but I don't think it is meant as a hard and fast set of rules, it breaks down the huge varity of races into good partitions and createsw order out of the chaos, to say that any particular race has no scouts would be exreme, but to say they are more likely to been seen as soldiers is good.
I play Star Wars d20 and GM d&d d20, removing some races from the player possible list means I can give them stats that reflect their true spirit and power, trying to balance all the races so they hang nicely around the average, being humans, waters some of the races down. Why no ttake out Gamoreans and give them huge physical stat bonuses, that is why make great beecake guards, your players will soon find out how tough a well trained Gamroean can be when not ham strung byt conforming to the law of player race averages.
Give Falleen pheromones a penalty against some races, thet can't stand the smell of them. Don't tell your players before hand let them find out who reacts badly.
There are so many potential races and classes players are spoilt for choice, feel free to make restrictions and use some of the races in a way that makes them special, and above alll else entertaining and challanging for the players.

29 June 2002, 04:45 PM
I think the biggest tool a GM has to contain 'powerful' alien races is the cultural and behavioural traits of those races.

The players should conform to the particular racial outlook/beliefs/behaviours of the alien species they are playing - otherwise you're just playing "humans in funny suits".

Cut off XPs or CPs if the player is just a human in a funny suit.

Puck :)

29 June 2002, 09:17 PM
And speaking of the list man, my list is incredibly versatile and if you cannot find a character from that then well, what can I say?
Oh, I'm not saying I couldn't find a race/class combo I liked. In fact, it is a very well thought out list. However, I too am involved with a group that likes a bit more esoteric make-up. My players have a tendency to like to be the 'odd-man out' of their race.

Well mainly because I am the GM and I don't think an Ewok Force Adept would work real well (wouldn't work period) in the New Jedi Order campaign
Aah, well as I've not read any of the NJO stuff, and were not aware that this is when your campaign was set, I didn't realize that that was a consideration in your reluctance to allow that race/class. I'm pickin' up what you're layin' down now, though. ;)

Also, you'll notice that I have a tendency to exaggerate in a (sometimes) vain attempt to make a point. Givin the list, I'm sure I could find something that appealed to me...sometimes I just like to be difficult though. :)

29 June 2002, 10:23 PM
Restricting the Falleen?!!!!! Why?

Thats my fvorite race of all. I Always play Falleen Im glad any one that restricts them is not my GM. HEEHHEE :D

The Admiral
30 June 2002, 02:39 AM
Personally my guidelines are relatively simple;
If they cannot speak basic, they don't get used. Wookiees, Gamorreans are out.
Having players constantly translating slows gameplay down too much for my liking, and having the Chewie / Solo sitch going on has always limited the alien player.

There are a few species that I disallow on the basis of their innate abilities. Noghri, Filar-Nizan, Kadri'Ra, Duinoguin, all of the Hive creatures (Kari, Fefze etc) Charon (obviously)

Some species are barred on the 'extreme oddness' front, Sljee, Pulras, Shi'Ido for example. Their perspective on the universe is, IMHO, so far out there only a very good player could work it, and even then they'd be concentrating on that probably at the expense of any actual game.

Finally, no Ewoks. There's only one Ewok who IMO wouldn't be better off boiled in poisoned oil, name of Alfred.

All that said, in a party of ten characters, we have no humans.
Kamarian, Trianni, Pho'Phenean, Vaathkree, Yagai, Kinotknid, Filvian, Pacithip, Shard, and a droid, but no humans.

2 July 2002, 08:48 AM
Admiral, no offense meant, but you ban a Shi'ido on grounds of weirdness, and allow a Shard? Maye there's something about Shi'ido i don't know, but it seems to me that the mentality of a Shard is going to be mighty different even from them.

Then again, i'm fairly broad-minded and allow anything other than Star Dragons as PCs, provided the player comes up with a fitting background (or, as my brother calls it, an excuse :rolleyes: ). After all, there is always a disadvantage to be found... such simple things as size, reputation or physical aspect can make things surprisingly difficult for an... 'overambitious'... player.
I've never been in this situation, but if a good player asked me for a Charon or a Noghri, and came up with a valid and interesting justification, i would probably allow that too...
Okay, you can lock me up now :D .

The Admiral
2 July 2002, 08:57 AM
Well, yes, ordinarily I wouldn't allow Shards either, but Steve worked up such a good character concept for him I couldn't say no.
The character also fulfilled a niche as an effective counterfoil to EB-GB, an early experiment in droid modifications that resulted in a psychotic organophobe with an interesting array of gadgets and dreams of galactic conquest. Having a 'droid' PC wandering around completely immune to even the most protracted and inventive slicing has proven already to be very handy.

Besides, the Shard (when installed in droid chassis) aren't all that odd, soon as they can percieve in the 'normal' spectrum, they're not overly different to any other species. Admittedly, 'nude' Shard are going to have problems, and sessile Shards would just be so far off kilter as to beyond belief.

evan hansen
2 July 2002, 01:42 PM
I have a bit of a different take (shocking!) on this problem.

I would let players be whatever they want. :-) Now, this does not even remotely hold up if you're in a group where everyone will clamor to be a Noghri or a Star Dragon or something. If the *only* focus is power, it won't work.

If, however, the players have interesting characters and they're willing to accept the oddness that comes with some of these races, I say let them do it.

If some people want to be 20m long space dragons, then why not let them? They'll be a huge advantage to their group -- and to themselves --in some situations. Of course, when they have to crawl through a cave to rescue some small part off of an exploded shuttlecraft, they're screwed. BUT... that can make for some interesting scenarios given the right gaming group.

The language barrier is an interesting one. I once played a mute character -- not precisely an easy task. But it worked. Playing a Wookie is even easier. With people that know you well and have experience translating, you just speak English to each other IRL and say that everyone can understand the language. When dealing with someone who can't translate, make some humorous or very serious or very confusing scenes up for those interactions. They can be very interesting to play out!

Just a few ideas that aren't quite on line with the idea of restricting races. I prefer to not restrict players when I can avoid it. And, as I said, if you have the right group, there's not really any need to restrict races.

2 July 2002, 09:32 PM
funny language was mentioned. For D6 games, if we have a Wookie, or other speech 'impared' race, we all roll at the start of the game to see if we can understand Wook speech. No, not every session, just the first time the wook joins us, and when we get a pip in the languages skill. if we all fail, then the GM usually gives the wook a translator datapad with microphone. coarse, for the current game, we have a lot of fun mimicing chewie while the player playing the wookie says his part. Realy quit fun.


3 July 2002, 06:25 AM
Originally posted by The Admiral
EB-GB, an early experiment in droid modifications that resulted in a psychotic organophobe.

Teal Tan Mudds
11 October 2002, 03:56 PM
Well i`m afraid there`s no great use in tellin it to the gungan haters amongst you - but...

i think it is not very farseeing if you judge the whole gungan race by the example of this one Binks. There are so many clans and a lot of real good warriors amongst them - so i do not agree in banning gungan chars.

It depends strongly from how you let them appear as a GM. It`s fully up to you wether they look clumsy or not. Even if they do not speak plain basic they got some great talents.. as there are low light vision and superior abilities in swimming or diving, not to mention a good constitution in general.

Their army is fully mobilized within 36 hours by any of the bosses, their shield technology as well as the underwater cities and submaries (the manta shaped bongo) are on a high technological level and the specialized weapons (e.g. the Cesta) can be used both on land and below the surface, whereas a lightsaber would be ineffective within 12 seconds.
And last but not least - the gungan security, founded by Yurdel after the battle of Naboo is an apreciated service all over the galaxy..

It might be a great.. maybe deathly failure to judge a whole people by one individual...

Just imagine you had to disable a thermal detonator 90 Meter below surface.. you`d be lucky having a gungan in your submarine for the standard human would not be able to leave the ship without special equipment.

So far, have a nice evening and.. remember the great gungan warriors ;)

Lord Diggori
12 October 2002, 11:01 AM
This maybe an old topic but I'll put in my two creds anyway.

I decide on races on a case by case basis in my d20 campaign set 90 years before Ep. I The party includes a Falleen Jedi guardian/ Jedi Master/ Weapon master and she's not a problem. She's only used her pheromones once in the interst of the plot so I see no fault in it.

We have a Coynite guardian/ scoundral/ force adept too (I liked these quasi-klingon's so much I had to convert them :D ). He's an NPC now but the player that made him played him well.

Not to champion d20 over d6, but one of the things I like about the new system is the attention paid to balance. It's true that not all the aliens are balanced and those are the only ones would disallow, if anyone wanted to play them in the first place.

12 October 2002, 04:20 PM
has anyone mentioned the duigionawans?>.. (i nkow i didnt spell that one right) also known as Star Dragons?.. i dont think anyone would alow their players to play one.....but an experiement would be interesting:rolleyes: :D i may just try it :)

12 October 2002, 07:54 PM
Restrictions eh? On PC choice of races? Well, shucks, shouldn't have need to. I divert unskilled roleplayers of course as a matter of preventing serious difficulties naturally.

But other wise all I do is warn players who want to choose a unique "difficult" race (i.e. hutts, star dargons, ewoks etc.). I go into intricate detail of all the difficulties, the hassles, and how the collective galaxy (and group members) may not appreciate this PC-type, etc.

If they are willing & they then develop a good enough back story to suit, the PC is played. And then I go to town thinking of how galacitc citizens (NPCs) will react. I'm pretty sure most, GMs do this.:)

Nova Spice has built a very nice list as a general guideline for his players! I've copied it in fact, hope ya don't mind buddy but I might use it when I run a NJO campaign someitme. :)

14 October 2002, 01:36 PM
Well, I don't always restrict races. As a GM, you must be able to allow flexibility for your PCs. For instance, If my PC had worked up a detailed, complex, and generaly cool character idea that could help the roleplaying atmosphere in the campaign, of COURSE I would let him play that character. You cannot have to strict of guidlines for characters in the roleplaying game, because of the GM's golden rule: Allow flexibility. I would not ever let a chart, no matter how well planned, ruin a well thought out character idea.

I am not in total disagreement though. I usually only restrict character species for roleplaying, not stat purposes. If a player is unbalanced, the fact of the matter is that there are alot of species out there that are more advanced than Humans. Extremley rare species I don't usually allow. Hutts I don't allow, unless the campaign was one of those very in-depth roleplaying experiences. Besides, I like the the strange character/class combos the most anyways. :)

Nova Spice
14 October 2002, 04:34 PM
Nova Spice has built a very nice list as a general guideline for his players! I've copied it in fact, hope ya don't mind buddy but I might use it when I run a NJO campaign someitme.

Awesome, glad I could help Saber! :D I'm flattered you found it useful and of course I don't mind! :p

Its nice to know you've helped someone else out every now and then! ;)

16 October 2002, 08:32 AM
I got into that situation with my PC's. I had a list of something like 30-40 playable races that would be fairly common.

Some races I ruled out because I thought they just might be a little unbalancing.

Others I ruled out because, some cultural differnces just would not have been feasable to work that. If someone saw a race they really wanted to play if the could give me a good reason for them to leave that races cultural differnces behind (like dens for example) I would have allowed it. No one gave me any good reasons or didn't want to work on any so those races were still forbidden.

Also, how easy is it to work a bloody Ewok into a campaign of people who are all soldiers and what not. What reason would I have to put someone on Endor, other than Ewok hunting?

Gungans, well the Empire enacted their Final Solution to the "Gungan Question".

As it turns out everyone is human, which could become interesting since it is a NJO campaign.

I figure that of a list of 30-40 playable races you should be able to pick something.

16 October 2002, 08:32 AM
Now this is just veering slightly from race restrictions but I find that some races are just plain restricting. I have a pc who plays a Kel Dor Jedi Guardian...everytime he goes to say something like, "I smile..." or anything at all to do with facial emotions everyone else in the group responds with something along the lines of, "behind his breath mask."

Now I realize its not much of a limitation but this was one of the things I first noted when he was going to select the species. They simply just seem so personality-less because of the static facial emotes.

16 October 2002, 02:07 PM
I don not limit Species choices, but I do limit players who always play the same species. I think it makes for more fun to have them varry it a bit.

16 October 2002, 03:16 PM
I don't restrict race, I restrict players. I've had players will interesting character ideas, but not a clue how to play them, so its easier to say "well, you keep that idea for your next character, and lets see how you do with this standard one first."

The fact is, the best character to show up in any of my campaigns was from my first - an R2 unit. He could not speak, had no weaponary to speak off, yet still got the most done and created a distinct persona (different from Artoo Detoo as well.) I ignore the language barrier for the most part, because Star Wars does, only bringing it up with a newly found or xenophobic race, or if it's a plot point.

And while I would restrict some races on Force ability (a Jedi or Sith Hutt would be, well, stupid,) I would wait to here the player out first before casting judgement. But as always, at the end of the day, it the GM's call, so just go with instinct.

Reel 2/Dialogue 2
18 October 2002, 01:27 AM
When restricting races (or classes), I always take two things into account before character creation:

1. The campaign
2. The players' experience in RPing

In the case of #1, it's a serial Rebellion campaign, therefore no races discovered only after that era (no Yuuzhan Vong, maybe a Hiromi or a Toff). In case #2, my players are as of yet inexperienced, so I can't willingly trust them to play a Star Dragon or Hutt unless they've shown what skill they have with other commonplace ones. But in any case, I'll allow, even encourage, quirky choices (Sqiub soldiers, Bimm scouts... or even a fringer :p ).

In cases of non-Basic speaking species or droids, I just allow "subtitle" notes passed to any player who can understand them, and if the player is experienced enough, he could play a talkative R5 unit or Tusken Raider (EeeeUuuurrrrAaaahhhEeerrr!)

But there are currently three races I cannot allow in any campaign:

1. Anzati - blood-sucking aliens do not bode well for group sessions. The player would have to roll a BUNCH of Fortitude saves, or be carried around like a carbon-frozen Hannibal Lecter.
2. EeTee (or as they're generally known as E.T.) - simply because I haven't made stats for them... yet.
3. Whill - "allegedly" Yoda's species, which I wish to limit due to their prescence in the galaxy thus far... and I haven't made stats for them... yet.

Still, one day, it would be grand to see a PC group composed individuals like... oh...

Gungan Jedi Guradian/Sith Lord
Star Dragon Scout/Bounty Hunter
Hutt Fringer/Starfigher Ace (what starfighter would fit it??8o)
Whill Tech Spec/Sector Ranger
EeTee Jedi Consular/Jedi Weapon Master
Ewok Noble/Officer (New Republican Senator, perhaps)
Hoojib Force Adept/Slicer
Human Chuba Cook/Cashier :D

18 October 2002, 05:43 AM
The only races I didn't allow was Ewoks (the game is shortly after A New Hope) and Hutts - I don't like their d20 stats. I might come up with my own version of them, tho.

As for Gunguns, I personally like the race itself. Unfortunately there is the "Jar-Jar stigma" associated with it - all Gunguns are annoying because Jar-Jar was annoying. That's tantamount to saying all Humans are annoying because Gilbert Godfried or Carrottop are annoying. (Personally, I found Boss Nass to be far more annoying than Jar-Jar - that whole jowl-shaking thing was just goofy).

evan hansen
19 October 2002, 05:38 AM
Originally posted by blemelisk
has anyone mentioned the duigionawans?>.. (i nkow i didnt spell that one right) also known as Star Dragons?.. i dont think anyone would alow their players to play one.....but an experiement would be interesting:rolleyes: :D i may just try it :)

I played a Star Dragon once. It was pretty funny. I was fairly young for one of that species, so I was able to at least move about without too much difficulty. But it was really funny when I couldn't follow other PCs into certain buildings and had to go do other things when they were in certain areas. And I'd often get very strange looks or little response from people.

But I like to think that I played it reasonably well and my GM did a fairly good job of making it realistic (though he had this obsession with sending Tremayne after me that I was none too fond of. Heh.)

As I said earlier in this thread -- anything goes! With a good group of players, any set of characters can be fun. :)

19 October 2002, 12:24 PM
I agree whole hearthedly Evan (with your other post as well), but I think it is the job of the GM to make it clear how tough things could be. If all of the players agree (and I mean all), then something like that can work. If not, and the players really do not know what they are getting in for it can be a dissaster. Look at Nova's thread about a character who is really tired of playing a Wookie for a good example. Though in that case even with the GM being clear what the limitations are it went askew anyhow.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
19 October 2002, 05:30 PM
Species Restrictions? I see it this way...

Every species has advantages & disadvantages...

For one, its up to the player to find reason enough to select that certain species...

And also it's up to the gm to see just how much potential the player's selection can benifit the party, often in unique ways...

Both the player and the gm need to keep their scopes wide open to see the possibilities... Such species like hutts, jawas, gungans, droids, or ewoks may be uncomon for a party that is true... But... there is none better than a hack or mechanic than a droid sometimes, or an imposing personality & keen mind of a hutt for negotiating... An ewok is a crafty little furball that can make a dead end an opertunity, or a jawa when ya need a little critter to sneak into small spaces to grab ya key items...

Still thinking those examples are a little far out? Well,

Remember when: A green in the knees farmboy got strapped into a fighter, was given a squadron and fired a proton torpedo that blew up the deathstar. A corellian and a wookie saved a princess and escaped from that very deathstar in their rickity frieghter...

Remember folks, this is StarWars after all :)