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30 June 2002, 11:55 AM
Hi my group had an argument about this last gaming session.

how much dmg would a force user take if they used force speed(burst, knight and master) and then tripped. The source doesnt matter or have any implications on the trip, the force user just trips. :?

30 June 2002, 12:51 PM
The question you have to ask is whether a Force-user would even trip in the first place?
You could have 'em roll a Danger Sense check.
In answer to your question, it would depend on how far they were planning on running.

Nova Spice
30 June 2002, 05:53 PM
First I believe a Reflex saving throw is needed to avoid tripping. (DC 5 +base speed multiple). In other words with Burst of Speed it would be DC 5 + 10 or DC 15, since 10 is the multiple of your base speed. With Knight Speed it would be DC 5 + 20 (DC 25) and with Master Speed it would be DC 5 +30 (DC 35).
I would say that the damage would be based on failure:

Fail by 1-4: 2d6 damage
Fail by 5-9: 3d6 damage
Fail by 10 or more: 4d6 damage

I hope that helps! ;)

Wedge in Red2
30 June 2002, 08:43 PM
[Apologies, this might be better off in the D20 forum, but seeing as it's here...]

I don't have my copy of the RCR with me, but I would have thought you could use the collision rules in Chapter 10: Vehicles. You use the Jedi's speed (based on their movement rate for the round) and their size (most likely medium) to calculate a collision damage (as in collision with the floor). As already mentioned, I'd give them a reflex save.

I'll have a look at my rulebook tonight and see how this would play out...will let you know.


1 July 2002, 03:22 AM
Using burst of speed is a Full round action, should he/she run through a threatened area for someone to trip them, normal rules would apply.
Any damage actually suffered is not real damage, remember its Vitality, the raw ability to avoid true damage (wounds) of which a Jedi is a master of regardless of speed :)
Just my opinion.

1 July 2002, 06:52 AM
ty for all the help everyone. :p

Wedge in Red2
1 July 2002, 01:19 PM
Okay, unfortunately I don't think my system works. I had a read of the vehicle collision rules last night, and it amounts to this:

If your object (Jedi, in this case) was moving 10-100m in a round:
The damage dice is a d8. As a medium sized creature, the number of dice is 4, so you'd be taking 4d8 damage (average of 18).

However, if we look at this from the perspective of the everyday man:
The damage dice is a d4. As a medium sized creature, the number of dice is 4, so you'd be taking 4d4 damage (average 10). That seems pretty harsh for a trip, an NPC with no vitality would lose a bunch of wounds!

Now I must confess, I haven't fully read the combat chapter of the RCR. I don't know if it includes trips, but I know D&D does. Perhaps there is a need to incorporate this mechanic? Perhaps I'll have a look at how D&D handles it tonight (and also fully read the combat chapter ;) ).


Wedge in Red2
2 July 2002, 02:12 PM
Chapter 8 of the RCR does indeed deal with tripping as a form of attack. It deals no damage, but renders the character prone. So it's not a lot of help for this situation.

I would leave it to the GM's discretion. Perhaps you just say the Jedi falls but stops their fall with their arms, thereby taking no damage. Or perhaps you deal out some arbirtary damage (1d6, 2d4).

Sorry, it appears there's no hard and fast rule concerning this!