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30 June 2002, 09:40 PM
Ok ladies and gents, here's the sitch: I've got a group of 6th level PCs. 75% of 'em are ex-Imperials, the other 25% is a Jedi Guardian. They have already pissed off a crimelord by getting to some 'booty' before him, causing him to think he was cheated out of it. Then, they collected a bounty on one of the his henchmen, and 'stole' (salvage rights) one of his ships. Needless to say, this CL has decided to send an enforcer of sorts to...pacify...the situation. Amid the treasure that was supposedly cheated away from the CL, they found a Sith Holocron (with the spirit of the 'main' teacher still having a tenuous hold on it). The JG seems very reluctant to monkey with it, although he has used it a few times, just to get a basic background on the Sith War, and the race in general. I'm having a little difficulty trying to figure out a good way to tempt the JG towards the Dark Side. I know as the GM it's my job to act as the DS, telling him stuff like, "y'know, killing those pirates that are in your way won't bother anyone, and in fact will probably make more people like you for ridding them of the spaceways". My story is kind of Han Solo-esque, in that the group is mainly out looking for smuggling-type work, but is slowly getting embroiled in galactic politics/warfare. The home planet of the smuggler was firebombed by the Imperials because the New Republic Senator from that planet (who happens to be the smuggler's father) resisted occupation of the planet. Now, the commander of the SSD that was responsible for the firebombing (has been sacked...no, wait) is the father of the JG (unbeknownst to him, of course...the Jedi's story is that he was the nephew of Admiral Piett, and was being taken to the Emperor to be trained as a Dark Jedi..he never made it). Still with me? Good. This seems to have the possiblity for some good conflict within the Jedi. Now, I've gotta have the requisite Dark Jedi for the PC to face. I was thinking of a sort of Mara Jade-Luke Skywalker thing: confronted by a Dark Jedi, PC tries to redeem her, they end up getting their swerve on, and make little Force babies. Now, I know that the upper part of this post seems completely disconnected from the bottom, but if you look at it they're all related. How would you go about tempting a PC towards the Dark Side and/or redeeming someone from the Dark Side? I appreciate all your feedback, and if you've stuck with this post this long, you should pat yourself on the back. ;)

P.S. I apologize if some of this isn't clear. It's late, and I don't have enough sense to go to bed when I should. If anyone'd like any clarification on any point, please feel free to ask. :D

1 July 2002, 12:58 AM
yeah I'm patting myself on the back but mainly because of the skeeters.

Tempt by makeing the other choice not available. I've said it before I think what they did to Callista is a really good way to drive someone to the darkside. Deny access to the light and make the darkside availible and anyone who depends on the force will most likely buck in an emergancy. Or take a hint from real life, go under cover. Infiltrate a gang of robbers and murderers and it'll be a pinch not to be an obvious plant if you don't rob and at least shoot. And in a gang war it would become easier to go into the whole they're bad it's okay or at the very least let them wipe each other out. Undercover also makes it easy for freinds to be formed with the wrong type of people which means you'll protect your freind because you think it's right even if they are the cause of the problem.

now redemption is harder. You could go for the Angry person on the side of evil is really dangerous because s/he seems to have no reguard for own life. And S/he doesn't s/he fights like that because s/hes afraid to stop and think about it, just do it. They are also hoping to find that person who will give them what they think they deserve.
Hard to understand? Think guy is defending village from thugs, fighting thugs he beats them all but unknowingly kills a villager. He acts tough and shrugs it off say well he shouldn't have gotten in the way. But it haunts him so every time he's in a fight he fears that he could hurt some one, but he knows that self doubt can mean the end of his freinds and himself so he adopts a 'every person for themself attitude' to avoid blameing any mistakes on himself. Soon he just wades in to battle in a berserker rage. Stay away or die. He doesn't think or feel about it. eventually he is considered to be a force to be reconed with but he's doing it because he doesn't want to think about the bad and when he's fighting there is no bad just survival. But soon he's seeking those that can give him a real fight one that will last, one he could very well lose but he'll fight till his death.
He's seeking his death at the hands of another. To redeem him, you just have to get him to admit that he's punishing himself. Get him to stop fighting and admit his feelings and thoughts.
Or the villian can be bent on revenge and it consumes him, he's killed anyone in his way to get it and he gets it and is left with a now what and realisation that he's as bad or worse as his target.

1 July 2002, 05:01 AM
Some one posted a link to a web site by the chaos crew on there there a very nice little adventure plot about a young girl who is being pimped out byt her father. Using this adventure my pc somehow acumalted 4 darkside points in 2 hours play.

The first was acting with haste:
He lashed out and smaked the guy (fair enough i wouold do it but a force user and wannabe jedi shoud'nt)

2nd acting with anger + torture
He kicked off with the girls father (used a vibro dagger on the mans genatils)

3rd be rash
the young girl was held a gun point when numpty brains decides to use move object to pull the blaster out her dads hand

4th greed
From the beginging of the adventure he has wanted a ship. Hes playing a herglic so i enocurage gambling and after he started to learn the force he found a better way to gamble.

As for attoning I'd let the charcter go to the tainted stage cause when a pc starts losing stat points well they have to act or lose move. At this point i'd let them know that the darkside is starting to eat them the a will save od somesort to make them realise what they have been doing is evil and not right after that its a matter of redemption and temptation to go back to the old easy way of killing the baddies(heh heh my pcs hate force grip)