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3 July 2002, 08:12 PM
I have some Heroes that are working indercover in a crimnal orginization in order to bring it down. One of my Jedi is going to meet with a man and will mostlikely (knowing how he plays his character) might expose his true purpose.
What I can see happening is the guy tries to blackmail him into acting in a way with the other heroes that would be counter productive to stopping this orginization and maybe even helping it.

OR, he may decide to take the guy out

If he does decide to take the guy out would this restlt in a DSP? I could tie it in with actin out of some kind of fear or desperation.
Or if he decides to help this guy would a DSP or a warning or something be given after the heroes find out that HE has been hindering them?

I don't really want to be mean to the guy but at times he tends to let his player self slip too much into his character. He tries to be a little too pure at times and tends to see situations as either bad or good. I am hopeing that something like this will help him develop his character and maybe his PRG skills.

Sugestions? Thoughts? Insults?

obi-wan joshobi
3 July 2002, 09:49 PM
YOU ARE STUIPD...Hey, you asked for the insult so i gave it to you...Just Kidding

If he does decide to take the guy out would this restlt in a DSP?
Yeah, I'd give him a DS point for that defianatly. Unless the guy has a blaster out and is about to shoot the PC. if then he cut him in two i'd probably warn him that he could have found a peaceful end to it, but i wouldn't give him a DS point.

Or if he decides to help this guy would a DSP or a warning or something be given after the heroes find out that HE has been hindering them?
No, i dont think that warrents a DS point because he A: found a non-violent solution to the problem, and B: He tried to stay undercover so he would have another chance to take the orginization down.

Well thats my two cents i hope that helps

shadow master
3 July 2002, 11:05 PM
Killing the dude, unless he is physically threatening the Jedi, always awards a DSP.

Well, the Jedi could do a few things that would keep him and his companions our of actually helping the organization because Jedi (usually) have one definate advantage. Telepathy. He could tip off the Jedi telepacly (sp?) and try to come up with some kind of way to round aboutly help the organization but ultimately bringing it down. Kind of like weed killer, it will accelerate the growth process, but that will kill it. If you catch my meaning.

Or, he could just fein to submit to the Blackmail and find someway to non aggressively pacify the situation, possibly by knocking the guy out and tying him up and placing him in a secret location... I don't know, I think on the Dark Side anyway...:D

evan hansen
4 July 2002, 06:14 AM
Hmm. The oldest thread of discussions in the history of online SW-RPG discussions is pretty much "When do I give someone a DSP?"

(And I find it interesting that you're pre-emptively asking if the guy should get a DSP... but more on that at the end)

The problem with -- and advantage in -- asking people when they think someone should get a DSP is that you'll get 100 replies from people who think they know the answer. And they all DO know -- for *their* games.

In Person A's game, a DSP is always given to people who commit an act of aggression against someone.

In Person B's game, a DSP is awarded in the player would appear to act out of anger.

In Person C's game, a DSP is rarely awarded.

Why the differences? Because there is no set formula for this. All we know about DSPs is that fear, anger, and aggression lead to the dark side. We also know that lots of Jedi seem to show those characteristics at various points in their careers, as we see in the movies, et cetera. What we don't know is how close you have to get to get a DSP or if the number of DSPs before you fall to the dark side is really indicative of Lucas' brain. You get the idea.

My solution has always been that if there's really any doubt, give the player the benefit of said doubt. If he appears to have THOUGHT that it was the only solution, even if it wasn't, just be a nice GM and give him a warning. Most role-players don't like getting them when they don't think they deserve them. So I oblige that wish just because it's not worth the hassle to argue over something that I'm not all that confident in anyhow. So I go with the easier decision. On the other hand, if you're with a very good group of RPGers, they won't mind much, and you can use that DSP as a plot point for your character to make strides back towards the light.

Now, as I said earlier, I'm interested that you're asking ahead of time. If I were you, I would be careful to not let these posts influence me too much. Why? Well, situations have a way of evolving into something that you couldn't possibly plan for as a GM. What if he manages to turn this into a completely different situation? The question about the DSP might not apply the same anymore, but everyone answered, "give him a DSP." I'm not saying that GMs can't adapt. I'm just saying that I might be influenced by these posts, so it's possible that others could be too.

Just a thought.