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8 July 2002, 08:13 PM
I just read the report talking about how Star Wars gamer is going to be discontinued and the content of it will be put into Star Wars Insider as well as one of the surviving WotC publications and this just gets on my nerves to no end. For one thing I saw nothing about any actual game material, no new characters, no new ship stats, nothing like that. Also I can't believe that they took one magazine that struck me as overpriced to begin with and rolled the content into magazines that will run people around twice as much, hardly worth it unless you like the other two magazines anyway which is gettin pretty specific in your interests. You now have to get a magazine that follows everything Star Wars (which you may not be able to effectively follow) as well as a general D&D magazine (which assumes you like more than just Star Wars D20 content).

I short I am completely unimpressed and have no real reason to get the two or seven or however many magazines they're gonna spread the stuff out through.

8 July 2002, 10:54 PM
Star Wars Insider never struck me as anything more than a merchandising tool. Sure, you can say the same thing about any other magazine, for the most part, but whenever I picked up a copy of Insider, it was packed with action-figure ads, TCG ads, SW Fan Club ads, and a bunch of promotional stuff for the upcoming movie / DVD / video game / whatever. I never saw anything that made me want to buy it -- unlike Gamer, which I got a lot of utility out of.

I'm sure the people at Insider will have no problem leaving RPG players out to dry. This is a clear case of follow the money.

If I seem bitter -- I am.

9 July 2002, 10:07 AM
well, one can take a look at the RCR and the supplements to understand this turn in Gamer.

The RCR actively advises we change rules as we see fit. Add equipment, etc. etc. SotG gives us rules on how to make ships. Creatures Anthology gives us rules on how to make creatures. All well and good, stuff i'd want regardless.

but by giving us their rules/conventions, it effectively eliminates their responsibility to continue to support the product.

I'm all for "don't hold my hand, i don't want canned adventures thankyou very much" but I'm still bummed at Gamer's demise. I sincerely liked that product. I don't say that about anything. At any rate, i'll use my refund for bar money.