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10 July 2002, 10:52 AM
Just thought I would post the age-old question ALL SWRPG webmasters ask at some point. What brings you, the excellent viewer, to our humble little RaptorSquad.Net site?

I encourage everyone to respond..heck, even the Raptors. And of course, if I haven't listed a reason that fits, feel free to bring it to my attention.

I eagerly await the HUGE response that posts like these always seem to generate.


proxima centauri
10 July 2002, 11:05 AM
Game tidbits,
Game Ideas...

All that can make a lazy GM's day! ;)

10 July 2002, 11:48 AM
Bada@# artwork, all of the different submissions (from game ideas, to equipment, to NPC's, and back!), and most of all, the comoradery<SP>. What I mean by that, is everyone is friendly here, and always willing to help someone out. I think that this is probably the best SWRPG site I've visited.

Chris Curtis
10 July 2002, 01:23 PM
Aw, Bob, I'm disappointed: you didn't include an option about being tricked by misleading thread titles! Tsk, tsk.

Seriously, it's really a tough choice here, but I went with the Fragments section. After all, there's just so much good stuff in there!

I think you may be misunderstanding something here. This forum that you posted in is for the Raptor Squad website, not for the HoloNet (or SWRPGNetwork) itself. Just making sure you aren't confused! :D

10 July 2002, 02:56 PM
I'm mostly just here 'cause you'd kick my butt (or at least berate me on the board) if i didn't show, B! j/k
i had to go with the fragments section. Always something there i hadn't noticed last time i was on the site.

10 July 2002, 06:41 PM
Well Bob, as you know, I love the site, so picking something was difficult. The art is great, I enjoyed reading the game logs, and you guys have come up with some pretty interesting PCs and NPCs - all very entertaining! However, (after agonizing a bit), I picked the Fragments section. You have some stuff in there that's very entertaining, and provides some additional hooks for adventures. I really liked the 'Bounty Heads' idea! Also, from reading the game logs and character write-ups, I was thinking that there are plenty of events that have taken place in your adventures to provide material for expansion to the 'News' section.
I want to add that I thought 'Reflections' was well done, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I think what I like best about your site is the way it continues to grow out of your game, and the way it displays the depth of the Raptor Squad's creations and experiences. You guys have created a pretty rich gaming space for yourselves.

Anyway, there's much more about the site that I like, and I could go on for a while longer, but I'll leave it at that - for now. :D

10 July 2002, 08:45 PM
Aw heck Chris , why ya gotta rain on my parade? I was happy pretending Scottyboy's comments were all for us...


Well, Darklighters praise certainly made up for it. I'm glad people can tell that we have such a good time. I too, like the Fragments section...its a blast doing some of the write ups...I particularly had a fun time doing the Raptor Squad's video game history write up....I realize the importance of creating something people can use in games but there isnt any reason why we cant create something thats just entertaining to look at.

The up side is that there is SO much more that has happened in our adventures that we havent posted anything on yet. Regular visitors can tell, Im sure, that we are slightly(snicker) behind in the Gamelogs...well, trust me, you havent seen anything yet. I wont give too much away, but RS has a pretty important part in the fall of the Empire and other various adventures coming up. It's certainly going to be worth checking out to see what happens!

Again, we appreciate everyones support and input..even if it isn't meant for us. heh.

11 July 2002, 05:37 AM
Sorry about the misunderstanding. I did however just visit the Raptor Squad site, and I looked around a bit. It looks like a very good site. And the artwork statement I made earlier is still definitely true. I know that I don't know any of you from YOUR site, but on this site you've all been very outgoing and helpful. So that makes that statement true as well. As far as resources go, that statement is true as well. Some very good NPC resources and such. I like the site. Do you guys have a logo for the squad? If not, you should draw one up and have that as the main picture on the home page, and maybe some snazzy quote from one of the "members" of Raptor Squad (or even a squad moto). That's just my opinion, so please don't take it as anything other than that. I like it the way it is too!

11 July 2002, 06:08 AM
Scottyboy , you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to the other Raptors and keep sus on the right track.

Actually, the teams logo is on the front page and throughout the site..although it exists in it's clearest form as a watermark on the pages. Your idea is cool though, I can defintely see it having a more prominent place in the future.

Again, I'm thrilled you like the site, every time someone says something positive, I know that we are doing exactly what we set out to do.

11 July 2002, 06:24 AM
Hey, no problem BRogers I'm all about recognizing good work and giving people prop's!

11 July 2002, 05:13 PM
Well, Bob, I now have my sign-on name, so here I am. Of course, since I am a Raptor Squad member, I love everything about the site. But if I had to choose one particular part of the site, I would have to go with the Characters page, listing all the members of Raptor Squad. You can read about all the character's bios and see that we are a diverse group of people that have come together and beat up on the Empire. And as far as I am concerned, we will keep doing so! :D

12 July 2002, 12:31 PM
well B I had to go with the game logs on this one. you knwo my memroy is like teflon so they are my notebook so to speak.
I know im using a diff screen name i guess depending on how i get here to teh holonet is what my name will be.