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11 July 2002, 09:01 AM
Hello All,

Just wanting to find a few players interested in Playing a game via www.playbyweb.com.

I am willing to consider anyone to play, but this is the type of player I really am looking for.

1 - Players that are willing to post AT LEAST once per day.
2- Players that don't have much time, yet still want to game (that's why you Play by Post)
3 - Players that REALLY want to play but number 2
4 - Players that are going to stick with the game and help it grow. Not just ditch if they get bored.

If thats you PM, EM, or MSN me.


12 July 2002, 03:27 AM
Is to have your characters follow the path of a true hero as indicated in all Mythological stories.

Therefore you would all start as 1st level professionals. Because all Mythological Heroes started as hard working nobodies in the Universe.

So write up your professional, email me him or her, and let's play!