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Consul Vido
11 July 2002, 02:03 PM
I am working on a campaign for a single player in which he will play a Force-sensitive Kaminoan Bounty Hunter ( I know they are rare, but am allowing it as his background idea was interesting to me). The game will take place before the happenings of Episode 1 by about a decade or so. But I need some help with some ideas.

Firstly, I want to have a Bounty Hunting Guild. I intend to have it as a loose organization in which the Guild itself overlooks several independent bounty hunter "Houses" which will consist of anywhere from a handful to dozens of hunters. The Houses will provide mostly backup and support in the way of information, legal services, merchant contacts and things of that nature, and exact a small fee for their services. Is there anything else they should be doing or any other costs/advantages for being a member? I intend to have membership in a House on a voluntary basis.

Secondly, I intend on having my character become involved in a struggle between two of these Bounty hunter Houses. One will be mostly cutthroats and thugs with a Hutt overlord. The other is a new House, formed by a former Republic Sector Ranger. I need any ideas on ways this conflict could take place. I plan on having both covert and overt attacks involved. They will attack each others supply lines and also hire others to hinder the other House's activities. Also, at what point would the Republic step in? Would they wait until actual fighting had ocurred, or step in when they sensed the conflict could grow out of hand? And what legal or military actions do you think they would take?

Also, any ideas related to Bounty Hunters and possible missions to send them on would be helpful. Basically, I am just strapped for brain power right now and could use any help anyone can give me.

Thanks in advance for any tips, ideas, etcetera. I really need them. On a sidenote, I just have to say I love this site and am practically addicted to it.

11 July 2002, 04:29 PM
Conflicts occur anytime competition for resources occurs.

Therefore. The two houses could be:

1- compteting for the same contracts

2- slow on cash and cash in on the others contracts (not like 1 - because you let the other house do the dirty work, you just steal the prize after they have caught it.)

3- the guild is capable of bestowing limited resources, and the resources are bestowed according to number of bounties gained. (ie like most gained, or most money netted, that kind of stuff.)

4- a senior member of one house is killed by a member of the other house (possibly while doing 1 2 or 3.)

As for the Republic. They would probably, as all political institutions, step in when THEY were in danger of loosing something. So they might take on the guild that does lots of business for the Seperatists or others at odds with the Republics ideals of the moment.

As for missions. They will probably be the same old same old unless you add twists. I mean a bounty hunter collects bounties. But add some twists like:

1- the person they end up going after is a relative or friend. (moral decision)

2- the person offers them MORE money to get them farther away (economical and prestige decision (no one wants to hire a bounty hunter that switches bounties))

3- the person is actually a bounty hunter AFTER them

4 - im out of ideas. hope this all helps.


11 July 2002, 05:55 PM
The BH Guild might provide some sort of mediation in conflicts between Houses. As far as services rendered, that would vary from house to house, depending upon their financial and political status. A few examples:

Discounts on training, equipment, weapons.
Staff instructors for newbie hunters.
An apprenticeship program.
Travel accomodations.
Arrangements with authorities (Imperial & Local) to obtain permits, licenses, get-out-of-jail free cards, etc.
Central d-base on targets, to facilitate capture.
Access to official and "unofficial" sources of information (Moffs, tipsters, Squeaky the Jawa, etc.)

Just to name a few ;)

A couple of excellent resources for this sort of thing are GG9: Fragments from the Rim, and No Disintegrations, both by the artists formerly known (and loved) as WEG.

Moff Neomen
12 July 2002, 06:14 AM
Sure, the Bounty Hunter's Guild would mediate disputes between the Houses...but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't happen. Might add a nice level of danger to the happenings...

For example, the character's house is being attacked by another house...the characters could run into this as mysterious people try to assassinate them (in creative ways), and when they investigate they find evidence of this rival house. However, this House has recently gained favor among the Guild, favor which the character's boss believes is bought. This rival house is trying to gain the resources of the character's house in a bid to become the largest house (and maybe some ulterior motives there...perhaps the rival house could be controlled by another criminal power, who's trying to gain control over the Guild by becoming the largest house, and therefore be able to contract bounty hunters against his enemies and away from his organization...the Hutts or Black Sun might be good for this). The characters therefore have to defend themselves / stop the plans of this house, while still keeping their profile low so that the Guild doesn't come down hard on their own house. And of course, they'd slowly find out the contacts between that house and the larger criminal organization, and then they'd have to deal with THEM....

A nice example of underworld intrigue...they'd be fighting against a House that's trying to take over the Guild, the Guild as it tries to "mediate" a dispute (which would inevitably favor the rival house), and stop the larger criminal power from taking over the Guild at the same time.

I love complex plots :D.

Consul Vido
12 July 2002, 07:43 AM
Ooooh, I like the way yall think. :D These ideas have certainly given some things to think about. Thanks.

Keep 'em coming people, I'm still open to new ideas.

12 July 2002, 07:57 AM
Why is membership in one of the Houses not mandatory? I would think that they have a great interest in building their membership, getting a "cut" of all bounties claimed, etc. Anyone operating independantly and not affiliated with a House would find jobs drying up, as word circulated that "if you need a bounty hunter, contact House X" and that clients who dealt with Unaffiliated Hunters might find themsleves having unfortunate accidents.

And the Guild would be sure to get a regular cut from the Houses, but may not be able to guarantee it will "collect" from independent operatives. So the Guild themselves has an interest in everyone belonging to Houses, and having no rogue agents. The last job I had, we weren't required to join the Union, but if we didn't we had to may a monthly "opt-out" fee that was actually more than the monthly union dues.

And this of course reminds me of Dan Ackroyd's attempts to unionize professional killers in Gross Pointe Blank: "Workers of the World, Unite!"

Also, which of the Houses (if not the entire Guild) is manipulated behind the scenes by Darth Sidious? You know he's got his mitts in there!


Consul Vido
12 July 2002, 08:25 AM
Why is membership in one of the Houses not mandatory?
Well, I was thinking that membership would be voluntary because it would be too much of a drain on the Guild's resources to go out and find every independent who called themself a bounty hunter and make them join. Plus, some Hunters would already be connected to criminal organizations or the like. It is true that an independent Hunter would have less opportunities for work, which would cause many of them to seek membership in a House or some form of connections. But if the Hunter had a good enough reputation and was well known, he/she might not need the help.