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12 July 2002, 07:56 PM
Alright this is 8o ALOT 8o of reading...I know...but I'm just looking for any suggestion on any of it. If you don't want to read much then just take a peek at the "SIDE STORY" bits...those are the parts I need the most help on. For anyone that wants to know the second side story is almost an exact lift from Beneath The Planet Of The Apes...the second movie in the original series. Heh...thought it was a cool story to throw my PC's into. Basically what I got below is just a brief outline of what I'm planning, no NPC work yet, no city structure...not much of anything aside from whats happening and where they are going. The Side Stories will take place before the heroes go to Dantooine btw.

Start on Yavin IV, training...

They will also meet a more advanced student who occasionally instructs them. A beautiful girl named Octa Ramis. Perhaps she'll casually flirt with one of the jedi's...perhaps with just praise. That one hero will be warned by another student that he shouldn't get his hopes up. She's Miko Reglia's girl..who? Kyp Durron's apprentice...who will later die on Helska IV...maybe one of them will go back later?

here they will see Corran Horn's son being ridiculed for not being able to force move objects...get into a dispute with a small group of other jedi and end up with Luke angry at them...destroy a wall of the jedi temple or something...perhaps harm another student. Luke sends them away to do some menial work and redeem themselves. After awhile of menial crap Luke begins to learn of a growing hate towards Jedi and decides to send the heroes on a new mission. They are to simply gather information on planets in the outer core regarding a growing discontent towards Jedi. They are not to travel as jedi nor cause any trouble, lay low, gather your information. They are to remain in the outer rim until they hear otherwise.

Borsk Fey'la will eventually cite, along with many other examples, the conflict on Yavin between Jedi...the trouble the heroes raised. This will happen just before the invasion as the Jedi resentment continues to grow.

On that planet, lets say Dantooine. There they will befriend a small city and much of its inhabitants (The same city, I might add that we see utterly destroyed in Dark Tide...talk about pissing off the players as they see some beloved NPC's bite the dust at the hand of the enemy)...spending several non-combative sessions here. Encountering both a love for jedi, and much help, and also alot of resentment, especially from politically active non-humans who side with Fey'la. Often stating Kyp Durron's suncrusher incident. Alot of smugglers are also angry with jedi's especially Kyp who continually tries to shut them down with his damned Dozen and Two Avengers.

The heroes will eventually make their way towards Lando's Folly and Dubrillion...they've been hearing smugglers talking about the operation for awhile, and Lando is somewhat of an icon in the galaxy. They will see one of their teachers, Kyp Durron, do a run through the belt and breaking his record, placing himself at first. The heroes can then try. They will also see the Solo children do the same thing later...after they do other , like try to discover the jedi sentiment on Dubrillion. Perhaps speaking with Lando.

SIDE STORY - Planet In The Dark
On some random planet...

Jedi's show up at the request of the planet leaders. The jedi's will be the first offworlders to visit the planet in nearly 200 years as the planet has before banned this. Even placing heavily armed satellites in space around their planet to keep offworlders away. Destroying nearly all ships with hyperdrives or sublight engines on the planet the leaders hoped for a new found love and appreciation for the "homeland". On top of that they wanted to see the tools their people used to be made and developed from their own hands. Thus the inhabitants of the planet have no Holonet, no outside communications...the Jedi's are welcomed through other means (not sure exactly how yet:?). The planet has invited them to bear witness to the initial launch of their very own developed hyperdrive equipped transport. A sect on the planet however strongly disagrees with the actions taken by the planets current ruling body. In the last 200 years the sect has garnered more followers than in previous centuries and has no intentions of allowing the planets rulers to "corrupt the faith of the people". The heroes will encounter devout supporters of the ruling government, people that condemn the idea, people that really don't give a either way, and leaders of the sect. This is a side mission thus little, if any, of the NPC's will move on outside of this adventure. The heroes will likely be present to stop assasination attempts, uncover plots of terrorism, and get into plenty of other trouble.:P

SIDE STORY - We Are Peaceful People...
Again on some random planet...

The New Republic has picked up large blasts from satellite transmissions over this planet. Explosions of near nuclear status. The heroes will be sent to investigate and once they enter the atmosphere they will pick up a beacon of sorts on their radar coming from planet. Upon investigation they will find no sign of any beacon and once they land the beacon will stop sending its signal. Once they step foot outside the ship the entire ground that they are standing on will sink into the ground...large gears. If they start towards their ship a large high pitched squeeling will emit. If they try to move fire will erupt around them and they will recieve damage (all mental). They will be approached by alienoids that speak to them through telepathy. The take the heroes into custody and interrogate them. They take their lightsabers, removing the powercells and giving the heroes back their weapons. "We are not theives. We are a peaceful people. We can restore your fatigue just as well as we can drain it." At which point they heal the heroes. If the heroes try to use any mindtricks they automatically fail. Force pushes will work but immediate usage is met with a barrage of pain. The jedi are asked whether or not they are with the other invaders whom they will learn to be the Yuzzhan Vong. Upon answering they are said to be liars...after awhile the heroes will come to learn that the former explosions were massive bombs aimed at destroying some of the invaders. The alienoids try to make the Vong kill each other but their mind control has seemingly no effect on them...since the Vong are untouchable through the force. After much deliberation they have decided to deploy a massive bomb, "The Bringer of Peace". They pray to the bomb, a relic of an older civilization. The current planet is a wasteland, destroyed by massive warfare centuries ago. Old records that the new civilization follow state that the weapon is a gift from Char and is a means of eradicating an enemy and a means of bringing peace to the planet. The heroes will hopefully try to investigate the bomb upon which they will realize it has enough goods to destroy much of the planet, and at the least make it inhabitable. If the heroes try to bargain with the Charese they will be met with lines like, "You are simply wrong. Char states that it is a tool to bring peace."..."You do not understand. We do not kill our enemies. We are a peaceful people. We make our enemies kill each other."..."You might not be the enemy but then again you just might be. Do not worry, after the Bringer of Peace has completed its task you may go. But not before." ... If the heroes try to fight they are turned on one another and are forced to do battle.


So yeah...for those that actually read all that...or at least some of it...any thoughts? Perhaps now I'll go actually post something for someone else now...instead of just mooching everyone elses thoughts :rolleyes: