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12 July 2002, 08:18 PM
But I do got some good ways for you to come up with some good ideas yourself. I watch alot of the Discovery and History channels. Discovery works great for strange and interesting alien creatures, just change the look and keep some of the real live animal behaviours and you have yourself a unique, yet real life feeling creature for your heroes to encounter. Even if they just hear about creatures from an NPC, knowing something obscure and unrelated just steeps players into the world more deeply I find.

So say one PC talks to a local about the scars that they've been noticing on alot of the captured sea creatures. The PC's happen to be on some planet seaport or something and I feed them a detail that alot of the carcasses of the catches have large scars and tears in their hides. If the PC's are inquisitive they will get to learn that during the winter seasons some of the sea creatures that don't make it south in time get trapped in the ice up north. In order to stay alive the sea creatures are forced to find small sections where the ice hasn't frozen. They continually go up for air in that one spot until the ice melts. Now while they do this another local creature, something wampa like, sits at the holes in the ice, waiting for the creatures to come up, at which point it tries to claw and kill the sea creatures. The sea creatures, trapped, are forced to go to the air hole continually and as a result they end up have chunks of their flesh torn out by the wampa like creatures. After which the heroes might encounter one of these creatures on an excursion.

Now thats just something I learned a few days ago on the Discovery channel about Whales in the Artic and the Polar Bears that try to kill them as they go to the surface. Something as simple as this will help your PC's believe more in the creature thats attacking them...no longer is it just Enemy Fodder that you're throwing at them but a real identifiable threat. Watch out for those claws. ;)

Not specific to your campaign, I know, but I figured I'd try posting something.

12 July 2002, 08:23 PM
That whole post was meant for Consul Vido's thread on campaign ideas. I couldn't delete my post, and thus the thread however...kept telling me I didn't have the permissions to do it. So I guess here it will sit unless a mod wants to move it and delete this here lil note.