View Full Version : Players wanted for Star Wars Online Game...

13 July 2002, 04:55 PM
I am going to be starting a new Star Wars D20 RPG on IRC. It's going to
be run over IRC. I will be using the revised corebook.

It is set during the rebellion era and a little after The Battle of Hoth.
It is a slightly altered setting in that there is a new Jedi Temple having
been formed aboard a captured ISD. By this point there would be a very
small amount of Jedi running around. At most there would be 10-12 1st or 2nd level Jedi. It was started by 2 Jedi who were frozen a little before the Phantom Meanace.

I only mention that as to be an option. Jedi characters are not required.
Pretty much anything is fine. Characters will be starting off at 3rd level.

The game is run Saturday evenings at 9PM EST. If this sounds interesting please drop me an email at bentleyml@taconic.net

Mike Bentley
ICQ: 132213597